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Valekta (VOL 5) part 1/2

by Adrien Jackson 9 months ago in Series
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much love everyone <3

Valekta (VOL 5) part 1/2
Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

They all hear footsteps.

Snow crunching under the feet of their potential next foe.

They see a slender boy with fermented skin.

“Welcome to the W-Winter Estate, Home of K-Koegan member number 9 Winter Agyutsuki” He says.

The child lets the 13 inside the walls.

Inside they see a village of Slender sad people being forced to cannibalism to survive in this village.

As the 13 step into the Stone building the boy wishes them good luck as he climbs into a tree to avoid being hunted.

They slowly walk up the stairs.

“THIS IS TAKING FOREVER!” One of the Players yells.

The boy runs upstairs not only revealing his team's position but also forcing the Yeti Shard to freeze him in place.

The other 12 jump from the staircase.

One of the players swiftly rolls out of the way of Winter's attack and the 3 protagonists follow but the other 8 freeze to death.

“Hmph,” Winter scoffs.

He summons 25 of Ice clones with 5% of his total strength.

Candy runs straight into them and punches one.

Winter lets out a chilly sigh as he calls: “Gem beast activate! Frostbite.”

When Candy punches the clone a sort of glue-like creature with black eyes and a cute smile crawls and Candy’s hand.

“My whole body is so cold.” Candy thinks.

The other 3 sense Candy’s aura dropping as if it’s lowering his defense.

The 4th player says “Time for the Harukuru special! Rough Razor Roundhouse!”

He calls.

He summons a whirlwind shattering all of the Clones.

Tsoruka and Everest get mad at him

“The names Harukuru and no need for autographs” He says showing his blinding white teeth.

The creature on Candy’s fist grows and covers all of Candy’s body.

Then the creature roars like a lion with double Candy’s strength and runs towards Everest.

“Don’t worry girl! I Got this. Gem beast activate! True Haze Ninja!” Harukuru says

Harukuru summons 3 ninjas from thin air.

The three push Candy away from Everest before disappearing.

“No need to fear when Harukuru is h-”

Candy punches him knocking him unconscious yelling “SHUT UP” in a distorted voice.

Tsoruka charges up his energy “Flasher...FULL DASH TIMES 2!” Tsoruka shouts.

Tsoruka with a high amount of power strikes Winter in the chest while he is off guard.

Blood shoots out of Winter’s mouth as he stands.

The Castle explodes.

Candy turns normal and Tsoruka drags him out of the Tumbling building with him.

Everest tumbles and is about to hit a sharp stone head first.


Harukuru, who is falling partially unconscious, speaks.

“True Haze Nina: Soaring Heights” He mumbles.

He jumps off of a rock closest to his feet and catches Everest as he gracefully falls onto the ground.

He opens his eyes.

“Are you okay?” He says.

Everest doesn’t respond because she is furious at him now.

As the 4 leave, Candy gets his memories erased and doesn’t remember anything after the thing took full control over him.

“Men, Always thinking that someone needs help! I could’ve saved myself but that show off probably just wanted to hold me!” Everest thinks to herself.

Harukuru decides to leave and challenge the Serpent Shard.

Candy decided to go to Usopa island where the Phoenix Shard is.

Tsoruka goes with him and tells everyone in their network.

Genji of the 9 Angels decides to go with them since he is the only one who’s steered a ship in the whole network.

The 3 agree to go while everyone is asleep.

The 3 arrive at the Coast of Anakodomy.

Tsoruka and Candy step aboard the ship and Tsoruka immediately falls asleep in a cargo hold.

The boat set off.

As the night progresses and Candy and Genji chat something jumps onto the boat.

When Candy goes to check it out he sees someone with expensive clothes and real gold earrings smiling at Candy.

It’s The Siren Shard Niji.

“Hello there I see you’ve noticed me but I’m just visiting so don’t mind me haha” He says.

“Oh yes hello! I see you’re a Koegan?” Candy says, smiling back.

“Indeed!” Niji says happily.

Though the 2 are smiling they want to kill each other.

“I’m not like other shards though, oh no. I can read memories,See the future and even… Learn one’s deepest darkest secret, oh yes, deeper and darker than the ocean i tell you” Niji says informatively.

“Yours is just under that cloth on your forehead!”

“Be careful Candy! He’s a manipulator” Genji yells.

“I’m not normal either, my name’s Candy Vodilla! Yours?” Candy asks.

Niji seems stunned before saying “My Name is Niji”

Niji summons a wave.

“He could be trouble, I need to kill him as quickly as possible I tell you” Thinks Niji.

The Wave strikes the boat tilting the boat.

Niji then creates a bubble on Candy’s head, drowning him.

Candy loses consciousness and Genji speeds up the boat.

Niji laughs sadistically “This is why I was born,To see others suffer makes me stronger” Niji says.


Candy is in a world of subconsciousness.

He is in some sort of empty void.

While he’s there his body turns completely purple and the only things that aren’t are his illuminated eyes and hanging open mouth.

His power was inflamed.

“That strength? Who’s here?” Niji thinks.

“No way! That strength...Rivals even the Virio Unit Elite.”

Niji starts drooling and blushing hard.

“I need It! I can’t wait to tear him down” Niji thinks.

“Come at me! Hit me with your best shot” yells Niji.

Candy jumps at Niji with a singular blow to the gut.

Before this though Niji turned himself into Water.

“He’s definitely unconscious still, He has no thoughts so I can’t read his attacks as fast, He’s pushing his limits” Niji thinks

Niji creates a giant wave throwing the boat off course and tilting it so that Candy falls off.

Niji changes the water so that it’s pushing down which not only keeps Candy underwater but stops the boat from moving.

Genji uses all of the speed he can get. If he leaves the boat could sink so he can’t stop Niji.

After about 2 hours the sun begins to rise.

Eventually Candy manages to jump out of the water.

Niji panics.

Candy dives into Niji, setting the boat free, jetting it forward with amazing speed but shooting a whole straight through it.

Niji turns into water and now has full control over the ocean.

With that, he turns into a giant.

Candy jumps toward the Shiny Giant with blistering speeds.

“Sweet Savior Slash...Pierce.” Candy whispers.

Candy then uses a claw attack so fast that the wind cuts Niji’s neck, decapitating him.

As the water falls from the sky like rain and the sun rises over the horizon a rainbow forms.

“This would be. The perfect portrait” Niji thinks.

Niji begins to cry.


Before Niji entered the game his mother was a painter and his father left for the army.

Niji tried to be perfect, He was Tidy,Smart and Obedient.

His Mother was wealthy but when Niji turned 9 years old his mother was struck with a deadly disease which forced Niji in to a Rage causing him to murder women who were ungrateful.

When he entered the game he did the same eventually becoming extremely powerful on the 1st day he joined.

The Co-Boss of Black Ruby gave him his rank and a scroll and he was able to be free. Seeing a perfect work of art made him think of his mother.

“I’ll finally see her again. Thank you...Candy.” Those were Niji’s final thoughts.

Eventually Candy turned normal and The three arrived though the boat was sunk on the shore so Genji had to deal with that leaving Tsoruka and Candy alone.


As the 2 scavenge the island for hours they see a lake of lava and Deru standing on a stone pillar going against the Phoenix Shard who is balancing on one foot while also on a stone pillar. Meanwhile let’s check on Berry.

Berry,Kiza,Kein,Shank,Opal, and Harukuru battle the Serpent Shard

Nicknamed The Real Medusa: Elaine.

Elaine has reptilian skin and no feet but a long tail like a snake.

The 6 are having trouble fighting “Medusa”.

Due to them being in a murky,bone infested swamp it’s harder to move.

Medusa squeezes them all with her long tail.

“Constrict.” She calls

“The first 6 of ussss are weak yet even the 2 strongesssst Angelssss can’t beat me.” Medusa says.

As she squeezes them their bones begin cracking.

“I...Will...just have to use…My secret technique!” Berry says

“Tidal Twister” She calls.

Medusa’s Tail is cut in half but the Chunky swamp water keeps Berry stuck.

“COMBUSTION” Kein calls while touching Medusa.

Medusa is on fire and dies and they all faint due to another part of her ability called drowsy putting the foe to sleep.


As soon as Deru hears them take one step toward them he yells “STAND BACK IT’S VERY DANGEROUS”

The two intimidated step back as they see the phoenix shard Samara, a young girl with blood red hair and beautiful chocolate skin.

She seems to be smiling a lot.

She summons a fireball

“Gem Beast: Summer Sun: Cremation” She says.

“Stay back! You’re in the presence of the Phoenix Shard Samara!” Deru yells.

Suddenly it gets hotter than Alex’s flames could ever get.

“My Flames WILL burn you, They’re the hottest in the game!” She exclaims.

She shoots a fireball at Deru with deadly heat just creating it made the 2 boys dizzy.

Deru creates a shield with his spellbook which stops the flame creating a strong heat wave.

Samara summons stone pillars from the lava lake as she jumps on each one swiftly to get closer to Deru.

In the blink of an eye Deru summons another shield just in time.

Any less than 1 half of a Millisecond later and Deru would’ve been burnt to a crisp.

Tsoruka gets angry and uses his full dash knocking Samara onto a lava pillar.

Tsoruka though is heading straight for the lava but Candy grabs him before he can touch the lava.

“Master Deruphanus...We’ll take it from here.” Candy and Tsoruka say in unison.

Candy and Tsoruka swiftly dash across the stone pillars as if they were running on a smooth plain.

Samara engulfs her fists in flames.

The 3 charge at each other.

In an instant, Candy trips Samara and Tsoruka kicks her head toward the lava and runs to the other side of the lake.

Samara’s hair catches fire making her head look like a bonfire.

“The only thing you did was make me stronger and angrier!” Samara says.

She completely jumps toward the 2 leaving no reaction time and strikes but Deru tanks the hit in the gut and is sent flying.

Deru grabs onto a pillar but his spellbook burns in the lava.

“Noooooo” Deru whines.

Tsoruka then is able to kick Samara with the force of thunder.

Samara then calls “Summer Sun: True Sun formation” Samara flips creating a wheel of fire.

Candy, who planned to attack from above, is heading straight toward her.

In a last resort he uses his sweet savior strike sending a gust of energy toward her, sending her toward the lava.

As she stops spinning she grabs onto a pillar.

Tsoruka is there first though and actually helps her up.

“I'm Sorry but that’s too cruel,” Tsoruka says.

Samara is flattered and gives Tsoruka a small kiss on the forehead.

“I owe life…” She says.

Candy jumps onto a nearby pillar.

Tsoruka gives her a tight hug so that she can’t escape.

Candy then chops her neck so fast Tsoruka couldn’t even see it.

Tsoruka grabs her and the 3 run out of the lava pool.

Tsoruka leaves her on the ground.

“Guys…” Deru says.

He opens his shirt revealing his stomach which has a fatal injury from when Samara punched him.

“Wow! She burned him with the fire and used her incredibly powerful punch to pulverize Deruphanus!” Candy thinks.

Deru doesn’t follow them and they arrive with Genji with a fixed boat.

“Where to next?”Genji asks

“The Banshee!” They say in unison.


In the Temptation Temple where Golem is located Everest,Alex and Harukuru are one the case.

Harukuru tells Everest to stay back, causing her to get angry at him.

“Looks like it’s just me and you Titan” Alex says to the giant stone Golem.

The Golem summons a beam of light at Alex but Alex dodges.

Alex Immediately goes into emperor mode but the Golem just steps on Alex.

Alex begins to think about how Myrin used to mentally abuse Alex.

Alex maximizes his power to stop him from being crushed just barely.

Titan then punches Alex, shattering his skull and obliterating his jaw.

Alex is sent flying.

He charges up a flamethrower which doesn’t even tickle Titan.

Titan kicks Alex over and over again but Alex can’t block because he isn’t strong enough.

Titan then grabs Alex and squeezes him, breaking all of his ribs and his spine.

He then slams him into the ground and repeatedly stomps on him like a bug.

“This is it, I don’t have much left...So I’ll...give it my all” Alex says to himself.

Alex shatters the Titan’s foot with his own before shooting himself up with his hands.

Alex twists in the air

“Gem Beast:Hades: Hell Flame Blitz!” Alex calls.

The two outside hear him and run to the temple.

Alex twists in the air with fire surrounding him.

This power explodes Titan’s arms off and greatly damages his upper body.

Titan falls to the ground and Alex explodes.

Everest is shocked and Harukuru calls him a show off.

The Titan notices Everest and stands up slowly growing back steel arms.


Harukuru attacks the Titan in his stomach to protect Everest.

Everest is angry at him again.

Harukuru jumps back with a broken hand.

The Golem begins to stomp on Everest but Harukuru pushes her out of the way.

Harukuru then pushes Titan to the ground.

He then grabs Everest’s hand and runs toward the creature.

Everest freezes his hand and creates an ice wall behind her to stop her shattering Harukuru’s arm.

Harukuru uses his other arm though and punches Titan with immense strength completely destroying his hand and not even scratching the Golem.

Golem squeezes Harukuru.

In a last resort he slams his face on the Titan’s steel wrist to make him let go.

“Who is this kid?” Everest thinks.

Harukuru’s face is completely demolished.

The Titan then grabs the boy’s face squeezing it like a soda can.

Harukuru faints and Everest is all alone.

Everest jumps toward Titan but he fires a laser forcing Everesst to twist out of the way.

Everest then freezes Titans feet as she hits the ground and she freezes Titan completely.


Everest falls to the ground and drags Harukuru out of the temple.

Meanwhile Tsoruka,Candy and Genji drink Mango Cream Soda as they sit under the sun with their sunglasses on.

The 3 set up their sails as they drift to the Mainland next to the Rutophian Dynasty in Anakodomy in the Erohasent Empire.

After 2 hours they arrive and Tsoruka and Candy say goodbye to their plus one Genji.

They see Babii there as well.

The 3 step into a wall of sand blocking the main hallway.

There they see 2 familiar faces.

Otto and Sadime both with serious faces.

Both of them this time are fully prepared to die protecting the Banshee Shard.

“Leave or suffer the wrath of the Koegan shards in waiting Sadime of the Spider and Otto of the Chimera.” they say in Unison.

Candy says “Well I could do this on my own, No biggie!” Babii and Tsoruka listen and sit down as Candy gets into his battle stance.

Sadime sets up a string barrier to sense where Candy is.

With this string barrier, When a string moves it helps Sadime figure out where the foe is moving and where they potentially will move.

Sadime then tells Otto where he is. Otto turns into an eagle when Otto gets close to Candy he chops his neck sending him to sleep and runs toward Sadime doing the same.

“Goodnight!” He says as the sand barrier opens.

Babii and Tsoruka stand up and follow Candy as they see the ghost girl herself, Hanna.

Hanna’s famous mile long hair covers up her entire body.

She walks toward Candy grabbing onto his head and pulling it to hers.


She then lets him go as he falls to sleep.

Suddenly her mouth extends to great lengths and she swallows him whole.

Babii, scared, hides behind Tsoruka in terror.

Tsoruka is petrified though he doesn’t know what happened.

“Babii, what's your power?” Tsoruka asks in a serious voice.

“I-I can create Flower Flames, anything they burn turns into fertiliser and a small tree grows their remains in a sign of respect.” Babii explains.

Before she finishes, Tsoruka creates a Thunder Whirlwind.

“Flasher: Storming Wheel of Lightning” Tsoruka calls.

The faster he speeds up the stronger the electricity.

After a while with amazing speed Tsoruka jumps off of the wall to kick Hanna but she disappears before he even gets close.

Tsoruka flies into a wall and runs down another hallway and Babii comes with him.

There they see Hanna at the end of the hallway.

Tsoruka charges at her but she disappears.

They go into another hallway and see her at the end of it.

This goes on for about 3 hours before the 2 get tired.

Tsoruka punches the wall over and over yelling at himself and crying.

“I lost 10...That’s it...I can’t protect anyone” Tsoruka sobs.

Babii pats his shoulder and sparks an idea.

Next time they see Hanna they tell her to come eat Babii.

Hanna screams like a Banshee as she devours Babii.

After a while Smoke starts to blow from her mouth.

Then she spits out Babii.

“She’s strong huh?” Tsoruka says.

“No, that’s a shell, Candy and Hanna are having a private conversation.”

Babii informs.

“About what?” Tsoruka asks.

“Dunno, but they both kicked me out while I was heating up,” Babii says.

After 10 minutes Candy crawls out of her mouth and Hanna comes with him.

The shell gets furious that their user: Hanna is abandoning him.

The Banshee screams and charges at them showing its rotating metal teeth.

None of them are strong enough and Hanna says “One of us will die 100%”

Babii steps in front of them walking into its mouth.

As blood pours from the beast's mouth Candy begins to cry.

Just then the beast explodes with a giant heatwave with pink flames.

After a while the flames disappear and a little sprout form in the crack of the Temple.

Candy makes a pot of chocolate and puts the dirt and the sprout in the pot.

He puts it on his back and they all leave.

Apparently Hanna was just a girl who liked being alone and anyone who opposed her would be eaten.

Hanna says goodbye and removes her Shard tattoo.

Sadime doesn’t let the others escape and Otto runs away leaving the Black Ruby Organization.

“You won’t be able to beat me, And this time I’m not running away.”

Sadime says.


About the author

Adrien Jackson

I really only wrote Valekta 👀

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