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The beginning of eternity

By C.B. VisionsPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Isaac Viglione on Unsplash

Amidst the serene beauty of a snow-covered forest, Krishan and Yasin embraced the winter chill as they embarked on a weekend getaway in a secluded cabin. The soft snowflakes danced around them, creating a magical atmosphere as they cuddled up by a crackling fireplace.

Wrapped in a warm blanket, they thought about their own dreams, which would soon become one. The crackling flames danced around the fireplace, casting a warm, golden glow that illuminated the cabin. The scent of burning wood filled the air, creating a cozy ambiance that invited relaxation and contemplation.

Outside, the forest transformed into a white wonderland, with snow-laden trees casting long shadows in the moonlight.

After a while, the last wood slowly burned down, the two men ventured into the snowy expanse, leaving a trail of footprints behind. They carved out a path, paused, exchanging affectionate glances and steal kissed beneath the twinkling stars. The deeper the frosty air penetrated their clothing, the more they sought solace in each other’s arms.

After finding enough logs, they returned to the cabin. The dim glow of fairy lights adorned the room, casting a soft glow on their faces; they knew their hearts would be inseparable in the future.

In the quiet stillness of the snowy night, the two men discovered a profound beauty in their love, akin to the untouched snow that covered the forest. Their journey through the winter wonderland became a tale of love written in the delicate flakes that adorned the world around them.


About the Creator

C.B. Visions

An author, who writes tales of human encounters with nature and wildlife. I dive into the depths of the human psyche, offering an insights into our connection with the world around us, inviting us on a journeys. (Christian Bass)

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