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Unseen World!

Story about a unseen world away from human eye.

By Noor harmainPublished about a year ago 4 min read
Unseen World!
Photo by Muhammadh Saamy on Unsplash

Deep in the heart of a dense forest, far away from the bustling cities and towns of the human world, there existed a hidden realm known as the Unseen World. It was a place of magic and mystery, a realm where the impossible became possible and the unimaginable came to life.

Few people knew of its existence, and even fewer had ever seen it. But for those who had, the Unseen World was a place of wonder and possibility, where the impossible became possible and the unimaginable came to life.

One such person was a young girl named Rose. Rose had always felt like there was something more to the world than what she could see with her own eyes. She had always been fascinated by the idea of magic and the unknown, and she often found herself lost in thought, wondering what might lie beyond the veil of the mundane world.

One day, as she was exploring the forest near her home, Rose stumbled upon an old book lying in a clearing. The book was bound in leather, with strange symbols etched into its cover. Intrigued, Rose picked it up and began to read.

As she read, she felt a strange energy coursing through her body, as if the book was calling out to her. And then, without warning, she was transported to another world entirely.

Rose found herself standing in a vast, open field, with rolling hills stretching out as far as the eye could see. The sky above was a deep shade of purple, and the air was thick with the scent of flowers and magic.

As she explored this new world, Rose encountered many strange creatures and beings. Some were friendly and curious, while others were hostile and dangerous. But through it all, Rose remained undaunted, driven by her insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

As she delved deeper into the Unseen World, Rose began to uncover its secrets. She learned of powerful spells and incantations, ancient artifacts and hidden relics. She discovered the true nature of the magic that flowed through everything in this world, and she realized that she had the power to shape it.

Over time, Rose became known as one of the most powerful beings in the Unseen World. She traveled far and wide, exploring the furthest reaches of this hidden realm, seeking out its hidden secrets and treasures.

But as she journeyed deeper into the Unseen World, Rose began to sense a darkness growing within it. A force of evil that sought to corrupt and destroy everything in its path. Rose knew that she could not stand by and watch as this evil consumed the Unseen World.

With a heavy heart, Rose made the decision to leave the Unseen World behind, returning to her own world to confront the evil that threatened to destroy everything she had come to love.

And though she had left the Unseen World behind, Rose knew that she would never forget the wonders she had experienced there. The lessons she had learned and the power she had gained would stay with her always, guiding her as she fought to protect both her own world and the Unseen World.

For Rose, the Unseen World had become more than just a place of magic and mystery. It had become a part of who she was, a part of her very soul. And though she could not see it with her own eyes, she knew that it was always there, just beyond her reach, waiting for her to return once more.

As Rose grew older, she continued to explore the boundaries of magic and the unknown, seeking out new worlds and new adventures. But no matter where her journey took her, she never forgot the lessons she had learned in the Unseen World, and the power of the magic that flowed through everything she touched.

And as she looked out at the world around her, Rose knew that there were still many secretsleft to uncover, and many more worlds to explore. But she also knew that wherever her journey took her, the Unseen World would always hold a special place in her heart.

Years passed, and Rose grew old and grey. But even in her final days, she remained as curious and adventurous as ever, always seeking out new knowledge and experiences.

And then, one day, she felt a familiar energy coursing through her body. It was the same energy she had felt all those years ago when she had first picked up the book that had transported her to the Unseen World.

With a smile on her lips, Rose closed her eyes and let the energy wash over her, transporting her once more to the magical realm that had captured her heart so many years before.

As she opened her eyes, Rose found herself standing once again in the vast, open field where her journey had begun. And though much had changed in the Unseen World since she had left, she knew that it was still the same place of magic and wonder that had captured her heart so long ago.

And so, with a sense of peace and contentment, Rose set out once more to explore the Unseen World, ready to discover all the wonders and mysteries that lay hidden within its borders.

For Rose, the Unseen World was not just a realm of magic and mystery. It was a place of endless possibility and limitless wonder, a place where anything was possible and everything was waiting to be discovered. And though her journey through this world may have come to an end, she knew that the magic of the Unseen World would live on within her always.


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