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by Aiki Nightore 2 months ago in Series
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Chapter one

Lily, come on! They play truth and challenge, cried my best friend from the other end of the school.+

- I'm coming, I'm coming! she screamed back, running at her. Once I reach that whole group of strangers, I stand next to Vi, walking, watching and listening to the challenges that others receive. When I got there, I was a little convinced that I wanted to take part in this childish game, but Violet asked me resolutely, shattering my thought of refusing the classic question:

- Truth or challenge?

"True," I say just as resolutely.

- Come on Lily, you always choose that! Try at least one challenge. It can really change your future, adds the brunette, as if planning this moment for a long time.

I was used to hearing her stupid ideas, but a challenge to change your future seemed like one of the biggest fools she could have ever said in her life.

- A challenge to change your future? Good joke, Vio! I do not hesitate to express my opinion aloud. It's almost impossible, but to please you, I choose that idiotic challenge that "changes your future."

- I challenge you to call this number! He says with an innocent smile on his face, handing out a piece of paper with a number on it. I roll my eyes, sighing loudly, pulling out my phone. I would be amazed at the number of people who repair refrigerators and washing machines. Dial the number by pressing dial. I was going to prove to my stupid friend that a challenge doesn't change your future. Never. The called voucher cannot be contacted, please come back ! "

- See, Violet ... nothing. I say you got the wrong number or just picked it up at random.

- He can't be contacted now, but later ...

"Dream of this one, I won't call a second time." Can't you ask me a question? You just saw that the universe is on my side too!

It was too late, the bell had rung and told me that it was our last hour and that I had almost escaped this stupid game, which I did not want to take part in anyway. Violet leaves for her chemistry class, without further ado, and I take small steps toward math class. I was sitting on two benches. I didn't have a stable place and I was usually alone in the bank. Well, to this day.

On my left was a satchel. I sit on the bench, staring at the object on the chair, and when the teacher enters the classroom, the owner of the backpack sits down next to me. He was a boy with emerald green eyes, his skin was slightly tanned, his hair was ruffled. That kind of easy-to-read boy, ready to be judged by his mere appearance. Continuing to analyze her outfit in my favorite non-color, not realizing when she speaks to me:

- I'm Tyler! he adds with a smile that would captivate any girl eager to meet him. I'm not one of those girls, though.

- Here you go? I say still caught up in my thoughts, keeping my expression neutral. He just shows a funny smile and says again:

- Tyler! This is my name.

- Delighted, I think, I add the last word in a whisper. I'm Lily! polite content.

- A very nice name, just like its owner. I was doing some hell of homework when the phone started ringing. Thank God! It was the number Violet had given me. I frown, leaving Halsey's " Sorry " in the background, clearing my throat.

- Hey, I saw you called me. Who are you? I recognized the voice. He was my new colleague.

"No one in particular," I say, bored and amazed at myself.

- Where do you know me from?

- All around ...

- How long have you known me?

- Recently!

"Would you like to tell me who you are, please?" he adds politely.

- You're impossible. Okay, I'm ... well, I'm ... your anonymous ! - Hello! says the boy I was going to torture sleepily.

- Why are you avoiding me? Don't you like my company anymore? I say, dramatizing the moment to the fullest.

"I don't even know you, I don't know your name, and I don't know anything about you."

"Poor boy." Do you want to sleep, my scared cat?

"I'm tired of this thing already." Do you want to tell me how the hell you know me?

"Maybe I'm from high school, maybe someone from high school told me, as a popular boy, many people know you, Tyler."

"You're weird and you scare me. I'd rather get rid of your calls." Please leave me and stop calling me!

"By the way, you were fine with that black T-shirt today." It made your muscles stand out. You looked gorgeous! I wonder if you're wearing anything at the gym ...

* call ended * - Hey, beauty!

- The anonymous girl, again, right?

- Sounds good, don't you think?

"I find you annoying."

- Is the tiger upset ?! It's okay, it's over.

- At least tell me if you're in high school or not? change the subject.

"Did you look like a fool today?"

- Possibly.

"I can't wait to see how you look for me tomorrow."+

- And...


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