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Unicorn slippers to the rescue

That moment when you know your friend got hacked

By Christina EpperlyPublished about a year ago 10 min read
Unicorn slippers to the rescue
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The heads on my unicorn slippers bobbed up and down as I quickly made my way to the elevator. I needed to get to the 5th floor as soon as possible. My best friend Ian was not answering his phone and I needed to talk to him NOW! When I made it to the elevator, I pushed the up arrow and waited for the elevator to come. I jumped up and down slightly, starting to panic. It was morning, and I knew many people would be taking the elevator down to the lobby for the free breakfast. I was about to give up and take the stairs when the elevator finally showed up. I pressed the button for the 5th floor as quickly as I could. As the elevator made its way from the 2nd floor to the 5th, I prayed that it would not stop until it got there. Since most people were going down and my elevator was going up it was not needed by anyone else. I checked my phone again. Ian had not messaged or called me back. My panic grew. Then, in a quick turn of emotions, I quietly thanked God as the elevator stopped at the 5th floor. Then the heads on my unicorn slippers resumed bobbing up and down again as I ran as fast as I could down the hotel hallway. After what seemed like five years, I was finally standing in front of room 508. I pounded on the door. I was relieved when the door opened quickly and my friend Paul was standing in front of me. I pushed past him and looked around. I didn't see Ian at first, so I asked where he was. Paul pointed towards one of the beds in the hotel suite. Ian is not known for being an early riser, and I wondered if whoever got into his account knew this. I quickly woke him up and yelled, "Reset your password!" He quickly popped his head up from the pillow and stared at me with a confused look on his face. “Reset your password." I said again, but this time I said it in a normal speaking voice. He asked me what I was talking about. I explained to him that there had been several posts on his Instagram account that I knew did not come from him. He quickly grabbed his phone off of the nightstand. I watched his eyes widen, and his jaw drop as he looked at his phone. We sat there in silent for a moment as he kept his eyes locked onto his phone. Then, after about 10 minutes or so, he told me that he had deleted everything the hacker had posted, and he had reset his password. I asked him if he thought there would be any fallout from the post. He told me he didn't think so. Ian is a track star. At the time, he was ranked as one of the fastest high school runners in the county. Part of being in sports, especially in high school, included taking a lot of drug tests. Whoever had hacked Ian's account had posted a bunch of pictures of marijuana and memes about smoking pot. This may not seem like that big of a deal especially for a high school student but because of Ian's involvement in the track team and his plan to get a college scholarship these posts could do damage to his future. Since I've gotten this far into the story, it's probably time to give you more context. During the time of this story, Ian and I were on a church trip with our high-school youth group. Every summer, our church's youth group goes on a five day long trip. Sometimes, it's a camping trip or beach trip. This year, we went on a two hour drive to Los Angeles/ Hollywood. This event that I’m currently telling you about happened on the morning of the third day during this trip. Our hotel was in Hollywood so a lot of the activities that we had done in the past two days had been on our around Hollywood Boulevard. We had been happy Los Angeles tourists, but now we were in the middle of a bunch of drama. It didn't take Ian very long to figure out that sense he had not gotten any security alerts from Instagram sent to his email. His account had been accessed with his phone since it was the only place he had already logged in. It had to have been done by somebody on the trip. This first post that the hacker posted to his account was posted at 12:43 AM. The room that Ian was staying in had gone lights out at 11:00 Pm. The youth leader who was staying in the suit with Ian's group was Kyle. Everyone thought highly of Kyle he was a lot of fun and was always making corny jokes, but he was known to stick to the rules and since the schedule said lights were to be out at 11pm, Kyle had turned the lights out as soon as the number 11 appeared on the clock.

Another important thing to make note of is that in addition to not getting up very early, Ian was also known for going to bed very quickly. So all that meant that he would have been asleep when the hack happened. In addition to all that, Kyle was a heavy sleeper, so unfortunately , he wouldn't have heard anything unless it was as loud as fireworks. After breakfast, the lead youth pastors Cassandra and Daniel had us all go to an empty event space at the hotel. We were instructed to sit down with our groups. I was with the junior girls sitting in between my friends Lisa and Annie. We were all anxious because we wanted to get to our activities for the day, especially because today was choose your own actives day. All the groups had voted for the activities that they wanted to do, and everyone was excited to do activities that normally wouldn’t be part of the trip. Cassandra stood in front of everyone and addressed the group. I can't remember what she said word for word, so I will give you a summary. She basically said they we probably all knew by now that there had been a serious incident while everyone was supposed to be sleeping. She said that due to the harm that the incident could have caused, the leaders were committed to uncovering the truth. She told us that activities would be suspended for the day until they could figure out what happened and who was involved. The room erupted into multiple conversations all at once. Daniel quickly quieted down the room and told us that this could all be over quickly if the people involved would come forward. I looked over to where Ian was sitting he was staring down at the floor. I knew he was not happy being at the center of the drama. However, we all knew the leaders were just doing their best to prevent any further problems. We all knew that three years ago, there had been a similar issue on the winter break trip that was not handled well. It caused a lot of issues in the church, and it even caused some people to leave the church. We knew that they were being this serious because of what had happened three years ago. Even with all that in mind, we were all disappointed because we knew that it was unlikely that anyone would come forward. Daniel explained that they were going to turn off the lights and that we were all to close our eyes and that anyone involved could raise their hand. He also made it clear that we would not get many chances to do this and that it would be better for everyone if the people involved would come clean. I just knew that this idea would never work. However, we were all surprised when it did. The lights went off, and someone stood up, and then they quietly walked out the door with Daniel. The lights went back on, and everyone started talking again. It did not take long for the whole room to notice that Paul was the one who had left the room with Daniel. A few minutes later, Paul and Daniel came back into the room and to everyone’s surprise. Kellie, a junior girl who was sitting next to Annie, stood up and yelled at Paul about how he was supposed to keep his mouth shut. Before anyone could stop her, Kellie confessed everything to everyone. Before I get into all the details, let me give you a little bit of background. Kellie is a sports enthusiast. She was on the swimming team, but she had tried out for almost every sports team that our high school had to offer. She always gave it her all and she had an average level of talent but since we happened to have a lot of very talented athletes at our school she didn’t make any team except for the swim team where she didn’t stand out from the rest of the swimmers. She often tried to hide it, but we all knew that not being a sports start was a sore spot for her. She would get a pissed off look on her face whenever anyone else was being congratulated for their athletic talents. I felt bad for her sometimes because everyone was always talking about Ian and Lisa’s talents. Lisa is a tennis star with her mind set on the Olympics. Even though Lisa is a very close friend of mine, we do not see each other often due to the fact that tennis is basically her life. Kellie told everyone that she was tired of all the attention that Ian and had always had, Lisa gotten so she had decided to do something about it. Her original plan was to hack into Lisa’s phone and post things that could damage her reputation but no matter how many times she watched Lisa unlock her phone, Kellie could not figure out the code to Lisa’s phone. She decided to switch her target to Ian. It did not take Lisa long to figure out that Ian’s code was the year he was born. As soon as Kellie had told that part of the story, I sent Ian a message that said “reset your password.” He replied with an eye rolling emoji. Even though Kellie had the password to Ian’s phone, she still had a problem. She needed to get Ian’s phone without being caught. Even though she didn’t want to, she didn’t see any other choice except to ask Paul for help. Paul was a good friend to pretty much everyone, and he definitely would not be the type of person to help with something like this, but he owed Kellie big time. About a month before all this had happened, Kellie had saved the life of Paul’s younger sister Maya when she had run into the street in front of the church without looking. Kellie had grabbed her just as a car was speeding down the road. If Kellie had not picked her up, things would not have been good. Due to that incident, Paul agreed to help her. He was the one who had grabbed Ian’s phone and gave it to Kellie, who was waiting out in the hallway. Paul had stood guard at the door while Kellie posted on Ian’s account. Of course Paul had felt really bad about what he had done and he did not want everyone to suffer because of it so he came clean. After Kellie was done with her confession, Cassandra announced that the rest of us could go get started with our activities for the day. The rest of the trip went well, but Paul and Kellie had to stay with Cassandra and Daniel for the rest of the week, and they missed out on a lot of fun. This may come as a surprise to a lot of you, but just a few months later, Kellie and I became really good friends, but that is a story for another time.

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  • HandsomelouiiThePoet (Lonzo ward)about a year ago

    Nice Read👍❤️ The Title pulled me right in...

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