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Under the Midnight Purple Blushing Sky

By Louise Blake

By Louise Blake-Michael (Risen Phoenix)Published about a year ago 4 min read
Under the Midnight Purple Blushing Sky
Photo by Dominik Scythe on Unsplash

Chapter 1

Every night at midnight, the purple clouds came out to dance with the blushing sky. This was normal in the British Isles though the moralities thought it was normal for us it wasn't. It was the beginning of darkness moving across the way.

In the British Isles, you would think would be the small island outside of Canada nothing happened here. The town is so small and quaint you wouldn’t think nothing bad happened but that is far from the case.

It started when I listened in on my brother speaking to the leader of the wolf pack Blaze making a deal with him. The deal went as deep as him saying he would give him permission to marry me.

I wanted to cry Adrian is my twin brother our magic is stronger together. I shouldn’t be surprised with this.

This should be fucking crazy but in the human world it’s taboo to even think of a sibling as anything more than a sibling.

It’s not that uncommon for creatures like us to develop emotional attachment to a sibling.

I feel a sense of betrayal inside never did I see anything like this my brother practically selling me off to the highest bidder.

As my eyes swell with tears, I tip toe upstairs crying. This is just the beginning, why is he doing this? I jump on my bed and grab my pillow. As I look out the window the darkness and the full moon.

Just once, did I want him to fight for me. I wanted him to say, I want you, she is mine, no one alone can have her just me.

But he couldn’t do that for me; all I wanted was for someone to see my pain. Anyone, I could snap my figures disappear instantly to start all over again somewhere else. But I couldn’t do this.

I couldn’t believe what I saw I kept cry soft nose of whimpering I wondered if he could hear this.

What he did to me? I have turned into the very woman I never wanted to be. To put someone in charge of my fate.

Everyone knew that Blaze had a terrible reputation for dominating his sold property. He viewed women as just property nothing more.

I swear our community in a lot of ways has turned into something in a medieval place. Ancient laws, ancient punishments.

These old laws needed to change, but with no reigning monarchy, no laws, everyone usually takes care of themselves with each part of their communities. This world is so fucked up but with indoor plumbing, and outside entertainment from the mortal world.

I needed to relax; don’t run away he couldn’t do this to you.

I turn on the television putting on ancient music to write in my diary. But first I wanted to undress to feel comfortable. As I walk up to my dress I open the dresser picking out a white spaghetti-strap lingerie gown that reaches my ankles. As I disrobe in my bedroom as I feel the white silk sliding down my body as I put it on.

As the dim my light thinking of what to write still reeling from my shock at what I witnessed.

Knock, knock, knock

“Yes, Adrian?” I try to act brave even though I am not.

As he opens the door, he confronts me about Blaze. Everyone feared him, for everything he was capable of. He was connected to disappearances all over the is isle.

“Can I come in?” He asked halfheartedly.

“I don’t know can you, dude?”

“It’s a straight answer, yes or no.”

“No, I don’t want you in my bedroom. You practically sold me to Blaze what the hell.”

“It’s nothing like that, please let me explain to you.”

With a wave of my hand, I let him in. The magick I use is powerful indeed. Being a Greenwich witch, we are the second most powerful of the witch lineage. A fraction of our power comes from the female side. When Mom was alive, she was always encouraging us to use our magick as if we are mages. But we weren’t.

“Celest, you heard everything didn’t you?”

I turn around, “what do you think?”

“Celest, can I explain to you?”

As I take asit on my bed while he explains to me how the Alpha wants a virgin.

“I don’t want to let you go Celest, so I thought of something. I will fight for you.”


“Yes, I will fight for you, I carry a torch for you.”

“Then why didn’t you fight for me when he wanted to possess me so what do you want from me?”

“Oh, I think you know what I want.”

“And what’s that Adrian?”

He takes three quick strides over to me sitting beside of me his hand reaches for me lacing them together. As he touches my hand feel sparks coming from my hand. Though no magick is coming from it.

My eyes flash as if unsure of how to react to what he was doing to me.

“Ad, what do you want from me?” My eyes swell with tears roll down my cheeks.

As if a moment of weakness his hand gently glid down my waist the way the silk lingerie hugs it only turning him on increasingly.

I know this should be wrong but it is, I don’t wanna be right.


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Louise Blake-Michael (Risen Phoenix)

LouLou maintains a boundary between her professional endeavors and personal life. She wears many hats as an author, blogger, and content creator. In various projects, each one a testament to her dedication and passion for storytelling.

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  • HandsomelouiiThePoet (Lonzo ward)about a year ago

    I like this story💜💬✨

  • Gobi Munusamyabout a year ago

    Good story

  • Emily, your writing is truly unique and it's great that you're willing to think outside of the box. Your first chapter is filled with vivid descriptions and emotional depth that really drew me in. However, I do feel compelled to mention that some of the themes you explore in your story, such as incest and the commodification of women, can be disturbing and morally wrong. While it's important to push boundaries and challenge societal norms in literature, it's also important to consider the potential impact of these themes on readers. Overall, I think your writing shows a lot of promise and I encourage you to continue exploring new ideas and pushing yourself creatively.

Louise Blake-Michael (Risen Phoenix)Written by Louise Blake-Michael (Risen Phoenix)

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