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Triumph Over Shadows

Tale of Love, Might and Betrayal.

By Edara OtukPublished 7 months ago 11 min read
Fire and Ice Wolves by florajessica on DeviantArt

Lila, the daughter of Beta Alvan, grew up in the midst of the never-ending war between werewolves and vampires. After losing her mother at a young age, she found solace in the care and love of Alpha Drace, who took on the responsibility of raising her. As she turned eighteen, Lila's first transformation revealed her unique and awe-inspiring form: a giant snow-white wolf with flaming blue eyes and icy breath. Some people described her to be the moon goddess herself.

Feeling threatened by Lila's power, Alpha Drace ordered that his warriors shoot her with several shots of wolf's bane. It left her dazed, forcing her to shift to her human form. She was rushed to the silver prison and branded as a Witch with the letter W on her forehead. She was left in the prison for days unattended to. She was neither fed nor given as much water.

Alpha Drace sought out the Pack's seer who opened his eyes to a foretold prophecy about a wolf of fire who would with ice by his side unite all wolves bringing peace to all packs. Alone the fire and ice are powerful but together, they are formidable. They are both their strength and their weakness.

Alpha Drace had always been hungry for power. If there would be any one uniting the wolves together, it should be him or so he thought.

Tortured to her limit, Lilac plan to escape. What they didn't know was that she wasn't as weakened as she showed to be by the bane and she wasn't affected by silver as a normal werewolf would be.

During a full moon, when she was at the peak of her power, she broke out and escaped. She outran the warriors went past the mountains, went through territories and slumped in an unknown border.

She woke up in a ark dungeon.

Fate led her to the Fire pack. This pack wary of strangers and they do not treat the cases of rogues lightly. The moment she ran into the borders of the pack, the Beta was notified of an intruder by the pack shadow warriors. She was found where her legs had given away in her human form some distance from the border and was taken to the dungeon, a place far more dreadful than the silver prison. One of the prison guards was asked to question her using any measure necessary for her to talk.

Some hours later, she woke up and cried for water which the guard obliged. She drank as much as possible to satiate her thirsty soul. Having regained a bit of strength, she was questioned which she readily answered with the hope of gaining pity. She needed food and shower and she dared hope a bed to lay.

The guard asked her two more times and she upheld her story. There was a change in the guard's aura. He accused her of lying even when he showed her compassion and gave her to drink. The story was unbelievable, he couldn't understand how a pack could be that cruel to their own unless it was well deserved.

In anger, he started torturing Lila who cried in pains pleading. He wouldn't believe she was branded out of fear.

When she had said all she could to convince the pack warrior of her predicament and it all fell on deaf ears, she slowly gave in to anger. Her wolf took over. In less than a second she flung the guard away and tried breaking out. Other guards rushed in to find the strange wolf trying to break out. They stood mesmerized and watched as she flung herself over and again at the silver bars coated with bane. The door was already bending, a bit more and it would be flung from its hinges. She was tired but she kept pushing herself. It was when she stopped to catch her breath that the guards noticed the state of the door. The Alpha was called.

Alpha Helios was angry he was disturbed over just a single rogue. He mindlinked his beta to take care of it. He was called by his beta to come see things with his eyes. He reluctantly headed to the dungeon.

Some distance to the dungeon he felt his fire raging inside of him. He felt reckless and drawn to the dungeon so he broke out into a run and covered the remaining distance to the dungeon.

The sight of the huge wolf, almost as big as his own wolf trying to break out of the dungeon tugged at his heart.

He walked closer to the entrance, the wolf had already stopped flinging itself at the door and was staring at him. He felt like the blue flames in her eyes were calling out to him. He turned into his own wolf and walked much closer. If he was told the dungeon he had built for rogues would one day hold his mate, he would have never believed such a tale. His heart felt torn as he looked at her whimpering and took some steps back into the dungeon as If she had resigned to her fate.

She transformed back to her human form. Still on the ground, she looked up, her eye full of tears, pain and accusations, she opened her mouth to reject her mate. It wasn't possible since she didn't know his name.

Seeing his advantage, he immediately mindlinked every soul in the pack to forthwith not address him with his name until further notice.

More tired than angry she slumped on the floor. She woke up at the pack's hospital to a grumpy looking Alpha who went down on his knees immediately he noticed she was awake. He rained down hales of apologies on her and asked to be given a chance to prove himself which she agreed. After all, she didn't even have a place to go.

Apha Helios on the other hand had a reckless and extremely dangerous wolf who he had problems taming. As Lila and Helios embarked on their journey together, they discovered their love was the key to taming Helios' wild wolf. Lila played a vital role in helping him regain control, and their bond grew stronger each day.

However, their newfound happiness was threatened by Alpha Drace and his alliance with Alpha Rick, a werewolf seeking vengeance against Helios. He had wanted his daughter to marry the Alpha because of his greed for power. He wanted to identify with the powerful Alpha. The daughter was very well into the plan. She wanted the handsome Alpha for herself. She went ahead to reject the poor mate to go after Helios. Unfortunately for them, she had stumbled on Helios' dangerous wolf and Helios couldn't stop his wolf from breaking the neck of the girl just for the mere fact of hating her presence. Unlike Alpha Drace, Alpha Helios finding his mate gave him immense pleasure to Alpha Rick because he would know an inexplicable pain when he loses her.

Alpha Drace and Alpha Rick orchestrated a plan to separate Lila and Helios, resorting to kidnapping and manipulation. Lila was kidnapped and made to endure unimaginable torment,and rape causing her mate bond with Helios to shatter, leaving them both in pain and despair. Helios, consumed by rage, went rogue, putting everyone and everything around him in danger. Influenced by the shrewd seer sent by Drace, Helios' Beta calls the council to decide on what to do with Helios. Power was transferred immediately to the Beta who became the Alpha and Helios was forced out of the Pack's territory.

In the depths of her despair, Lila was visited by the Moon Goddess, who offered her healing and strength. The goddess revealed that Helios was in danger and urged Lila to find him before it was too late. With newfound determination, Lila broke free from her captors and set out to rescue her mate.

Lila found Helios and together they sought refuge in the territory of the Wolf King, a powerful and wise Alpha. They shared their story, and the King Wolf agreed to support them, declaring any advances against them as a threat to his rule.

Helios was reinstalled as the Alpha of Golden moon pack. He was more feared than respected. He and Lila lived always looking at their backs, unable to trust anyone. It was evident that no one wanted them around but had no say. He was challenged at every little chance by the Beta who had a little taste of Alpha's power and craved its return. He subdued him and vows to eliminate him entirely if he kept up his charade.

Word was sent to Helios by the King Wolf. He was forced to give reins to his Beta inorder to journey to King Wolf's territory. His Beta sought out Drace and Rick for a plan. He did not want Helios and Lila back alive. He wanted to maintain his place as the Alpha. Rogues after Rogues are sent after these formidable duo who they kill with no stress nor hesitation after questioning them and getting no sort of information. Their journey was hard and prolonged by the constant attack and made them unable to meet the King Wolf before he died.

Helios and Lila are met by the Priestess at the Palace of the King. She narrated to them about the passing of the King and how Helios and Lila have been chosen as the next King and Queen Wolf. They were both crestfallen and surprised. They mourned for a man who had become a father to them and helped prepare for his burial.

After the burial ceremony, the coronation ceremony was prepared for and announced. Alphas and Betas were invited with their mates to represent their pack. Rick, Drace and the Beta of the Golden moon pack were restless and frustrated at the turn of events. Given the power of King Wolf, they felt they would not be safe from Helios given all they had done to him. He would finally find out who was behind the attacks and destroy them. Desperate to eliminate their Helios and Lila, they formed an alliance with the archenemy of the wolves, the Vampire King.

During the coronation ceremony, chaos erupted as the vampire king attacked, catching everyone off guard. Lila fought valiantly alongside her allies, while Helios faced off against the vampire king. In the midst of the battle, Helios was struck by a poisoned arrow released by Rick, and Lila, unable to protect him, witnessed his near-death.

Guided by the Priestess, Lila brought Helios to the Moon Goddess's Temple, where he was granted a second chance at life. Fully healed and strengthened, Helios learned the truth about their enemies and the extent of their treachery. Together, they confronted Alpha Drace, Alpha Rick, and their Beta, bringing justice to those who had caused them pain.

With Alpha Drace and Alpha Rick captured and publicly executed, the werewolf packs finally found peace and justice. Alpha Helios, now crowned as the Wolf King, addressed the gathered Alphas and Betas, promising a new era of unity and understanding among the werewolf packs.

Word of the events reached the vampire council, who recognized the power and determination of the new Wolf King. Realizing the futility of further aggression, they agreed to respect the werewolves' territory and forge a fragile truce.

Helios returned to his palace, where Lila, his loyal queen, awaited him. Together, they embraced the newfound peace and celebrated their victory against all odds. The couple remained vigilant, knowing that their enemies might still harbor resentment and plot future schemes.

In the following weeks, the Wolf King implemented changes within his pack, creating a fair and just system that ensured the well-being of all werewolves. He appointed wise and compassionate leaders to various positions, fostering unity and cooperation among the packs.

Lila, standing by Helios's side, became a symbol of strength and resilience. She used her experiences and newfound power to help others who had suffered, offering guidance and healing. Her presence brought hope and unity, solidifying the bonds between the werewolf packs.

As time passed, Helios received a message from the vampire council. They acknowledged his strength and offered an opportunity for a peaceful gathering, hoping to establish better relations between their species. Helios, driven by his desire for peace, accepted the invitation and attended the meeting, accompanied by Lila and a delegation from the werewolf packs.

At the meeting, tensions were high, but through diplomacy and understanding, Helios managed to negotiate a fragile alliance between the werewolves and vampires. The two species agreed to coexist peacefully, setting aside their centuries-long rivalry for the greater good.

Under the watchful eye of the Moon Goddess, Helios and Lila fulfilled their roles as Wolf King and Queen, ruling their packs with wisdom and compassion. They faced challenges together, their love and unwavering dedication serving as a beacon of hope for all werewolves.

Years passed, and the Wolf King's reign brought an era of prosperity and unity. The packs flourished under his leadership, and the bond between werewolves and vampires continued to strengthen. Helios and Lila remained vigilant, ensuring that peace was maintained and that their enemies never regained the upper hand.

In time, the Wolf King and Queen had children, who inherited their strength, power, and compassion. The werewolf legacy continued, carrying on the harmony forged by Helios and Lila.

As the years went by, tales of the Wolf King and his courageous queen spread throughout the werewolf packs, serving as a reminder of the power of love, forgiveness, and the indomitable spirit of the wolves. The legend of their triumph over adversity echoed through generations, inspiring hope and unity among all werewolves.

And so, the reign of the Wolf King and Queen became a legendary chapter in the history of werewolves—a testament to the unbreakable spirit and enduring love that could overcome even the darkest of times.

The End


About the Creator

Edara Otuk

I am a passionate wordsmith with a flair for story telling. I strive to create works that resonate and inspire. In every piece, I infuse a piece of my soul; I pour my heart into every word, hoping to leave you with a thought or a smile.

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