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Training Day

Don’t call the cops

By Katie B Published 2 months ago 3 min read

“Aah…coffee my morning sinful pleasure. Makes getting out of bed worth the effort.”

I put on my robe and head down to the kitchen. I turn on the espresso machine and make myself a cup of coffee. Taking it to drink in my outdoor patio.

“What a wonderful life,” I thought to myself. Taking in the beautiful view of the ocean. The feeling of peace and serenity overflows my body.

“Bbzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzz”

I jumped from my chair, trying to see where this annoying noise is coming from. “Why is there a drone flying over my house? What is going on?”

As I’m looking up, squinting my eyes from the morning sun. It drops something on my roof and flys away.

I immediately ran out of my house. “It’s a bomb! It’s a bomb!,” I screamed.

Trying to get my phone out quickly, I dialed the cops. But then I hung up fast and thought “Well nothing has exploded, I’ll go take a look.” I go to my second floor, opened my window and climbed out to see what the drone dropped. To my surprise it was a small package with my name on it.

My hands are shaking, I don’t know what to think. I have watched many thriller movies and this is definitely something bad. I opened the package and there was a note. I read the note and went back to my outdoor patio to drink my coffee.

“I don’t understand why you have me handcuffed to my own table. I’ve done nothing wrong and I keep telling you the same story for the fourth time. The note had nothing written on it and I told the cops nothing. Now uncuff me,” I shouted.

“Not until you tell me the truth. I can’t leave” said the man.

“Look the note is there, you can see for yourself,” I nudged my head forward.

“The man crumbled up the paper and angerly left. Leaving me alone and handcuffed. I promise that is all that has happened mom. Now I need to get off the phone and get dressed out of my robe,” I angerly said.

I sat down on my bed and thought of everything that has happened today. My hands were sore from getting out of the handcuffs. I’m glad I was blessed with small hands. Telling my mom this story was no help. I’m still very confused and not sure what to do. So I decided to take a nap.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz”

My phone went off and I answered in a sleepy voice. “Yes father.”

“Hi hunny, I’m so happy you received my package this morning. Hope I didn’t ruin your plans. Well you passed your training and until next time.” He hung up.

“This is what I get for wanting to be in the mafia, these trainings make absolutely no sense,” I said to myself.

I quickly get ready before anything else can happen and I get into my car. I pull out from my gate and drive down the road. The sun was already starting to set and I had the pleasure of enjoying the last few moments.

“Oh shit!” I look at my rearview mirror and see a black minivan trying to get close. I pull out my gun and lowered my window pointed it at the car.

The minivan lowered it’s window and it was mom! She started shooting at me. I shot back and hit the tire. The car started to swerve and fell right off the cliff.

“Why is she trying to kill me?,” I thought. This definitely wasn’t part of any training. All of a sudden I see another minivan behind me trying to pull up next to me. As I reached for my gun, my father pulled the trigger.



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