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To stop or start

by Antoinette L Brey 10 months ago in Short Story
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Whose path

To stop or start
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Were they punishing me or was it some hidden reward? I woke up and found my room was empty, and on the table was a pile of money. Well not quite empty I was laying in my bed. On sheets and under my favorite blanket. There also was my laptop sitting. on the end of the bed. When I signed on I saw a huge green sign and then the words shop and decorate. Was someone giving me the money to redecorate, and what had they done with my dressers and my clothes. How was I going to go shopping in my nightclothes? How had this happened? But it was even weirder than I could have imagined. I clicked on the green sign on my laptop, and a picture of the clothes that had been hanging in my closet appeared. I clicked on the picture of my white dress and suddenly it was laying beside me on my bed. I clicked on the other five dresses I wore a lot, and they were hanging in my bedroom closet. There was a photo of my bathroom. I clicked on it and all the objects in it became visible. My bra was in a glass bowl I clicked on it and it lay on top of my dress on my bed. I would wear the underwear I already had on. I changed and went to see how much money I had. $3700 not a little but not a lot if I was not keeping the furniture. One of my dressers had been missing a drawer front. it just looked like a stuffed hole. I had been planning to get rid of it. Most of my clothes I never wore. Was this just a dream, would I awake tomorrow to my cluttered mess. I scanned through the pictures of my clothes on my computer. I kept maybe twenty-six pieces of clothing. I smiled, imagining how many trips to Goodwill had saved me. No battle of conscience over giving something up. My previously owned clothes were in a catalog and I was shopping. Next, I scanned through the linens. They had the option of sending them to the cleaners and then have them transported to my bedroom. That sounded perfect. But I knew none of this was possible. And the cleaning they hadn't charged me for it. Two hours later it was sitting beside me on my bed. Should I stop this project I wondered or should I start envisioning my dream bedroom? There was furniture I wanted on the internet. But I couldn't trust this. Last night I had gone to bed with three dollars in my pocket, and $79.00, and this morning I have $3,700 in cash and $3,333. in my account. I went into the kitchen, last night I had used all the espresso powder, and this morning the container was full. Was it real, it tasted like espresso. The cream was still in the refrigerator. I had expected to not taste the coffee, but it was strong. It seemed real. I washed my dishes the water felt warm and wet. My senses were screaming reality, but my mind was thinking illogical, fantasy. Alexa played the local news, Friday, July 30, 2020. It was 1 pm. More about the Covid Vaccine, logically that is what they should be talking about. I was not in a dream on a strange magical planet. I got my laptop and started going through my books. most of them I did not rebuy. And then the laptop died I plugged it in and gazed around my apartment. With all the stuff gone it was easier to visualize how I wanted the apartment to look. I lay down on my bed and fell asleep, finally feeling confident about my apartment.

My doorbell was ringing. I jumped out of bed. When I got to the door, nobody was there. I looked around. I almost cried, all the clutter was still there. I felt all my energy disappear, and then I panicked. I ran to my bedroom and started tossing clothes into a large green plastic trash bag. If I had not rebought it last night she threw it out. I did the same thing with the books. By five am I had filled four garbage bags. I was tired, but the apartment still looked cluttered. And the full jar of espresso powder was now empty No coffee. I took the full trash bags to the trashcan. There was only three dollars in my pocket. Not enough to get powdered espresso or cream. What would have happened if I had bought the furniture I wanted on the internet. It had been such a good experience and then today the sucky reality. I felt my motivation disappear, but I forced myself to fill three more trash bags with clothes from the closet. I was aiming to have 26 items hanging in my closet but somehow I kept thirty. I wondered had that dream been a gift from God. Today I had a partly empty closet

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