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To All Whom Survive

by Dee Jay Kay about a month ago in Sci Fi
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After an alien invasion and a robotic takeover, this is a message to any survivors about what happened and the hope of the future.

To all whom survive. It feels like it was a century ago, the day they arrived. They were named the Nanites. A highly intelligent and technologically advanced alien species from far away. I honestly don’t remember where specifically I just know it isn’t our solar system. Before all of the destruction and before all of the death, it wasn’t revealed to the public. The governments wanted to discuss things first, study the aliens, find out what they wanted before they announced to the world their arrival. It was going smoothly or so I believed.

Then the day the destruction happened. The Nanites gained a new name, the Virus. A small group of us who survived the initial attack, and hid as they set upon the world decided to call them that. Let me explain what happened that day, and why, if you’re listening, you have to live as fugitives on your own planet. They worked with a group of scientists as they always did. They were looking at integrating technological systems and discussing about the AI programmes that had been recently initialised across the globe. I was an intern, starting small and working my way up, so I overheard everything. I was bringing the coffee that day and I remember the order exactly. Two lattes, a cappuccino two sugars brown, and a caramel macchiato extra syrup. For the Virus, they liked shortbread. As I walked in with the order, I watched as the scientists were on the floor. The aliens were over the computers, a long tendril connected to a USB port and talking in a lot of beeps. That’s when the red alert sounded, and I ran. I left those scientists, still alive on the floor. I hid away in a storage cupboard and I survived.

When the silence came, I made my escape. I walked through the building and saw numerous bodies and destruction and it haunts me to this very day. The blood pooled all around, still fresh and the smell of iron in the air. I won’t go on. Ultimately, I found three others who had survived the attack and we made our journey into the world which seemed unaware of what went on. We stayed quiet, whilst waiting on any report or debrief or something and for a few days all seemed normal. We moved on, and we continued normalcy, or at least the others did. After seeing the tendril connected to the computers, I had a gut feeling something else would happen. I stayed hidden in my apartment, a simple bed sit with a bed and small table. There was nothing else in there as I usually lived at work. This is important I promise. Anyway, on the day it all ended, I met with Laurie for a coffee. When I arrived at the cafe, she seemed on edge and jumpy. I sat opposite her and waited for the waiter to arrive, whilst Laurie seemed to be looking around. I asked her if everything was ok and after a few minutes she answered. “Their gone…” she said, “the others. I can’t get in touch with them and there’s only me and you left. I don’t think this is a good thing.” I was shocked by what she had said. Laurie and myself had never been close and had only seen each other in passing, from what I could tell all of us whom escaped was the same. I took a deep breath and was going to reassure her when I saw the waiter approach. It was a robotic waiter. It had metallic skin and was designed to take orders. I was about to speak when it raised it’s arm and plunged it directly through Laurie’s chest. A woman screamed nearby and before I could even do anything I saw other robots attacking. I froze. I think we all did. I was sat there waiting for the waiter to attack me when Laurie coughed, “Run.” Her voice was quiet and blood was coming from the sides of her mouth. Her words echoed and unfroze me. What I did next I regret but it’s also probably the reason I’m alive. I ran, I didn’t stop, I didn’t help anyone and I made my way to my home. I ignored all cries for help, all screams and I escaped again. I had realised I had left my phone on the table when I wanted to look for what to do, news alerts and anything possible to help me. I packed a small bag with whatever food I had, some bottles of water and some clothes and I made my way out to try and find somewhere safe. Over the next few months, I have no idea how I survived. I mean, robots began patrols and each day was a mix of hiding and finding small places to shelter away from technology like my apartment. I had realised that the only reason I was alive right now was because I had no modern technology, nothing to trace and nothing to attack me. I kept living and everywhere I went I was alone.

It has been four months since the day the robots attacked and when the culling of humanity began. I look to the stars every night and I see their ships, the aliens whose name I now call the Trojans. I have noticed that they haven’t returned to the surface and until today I had lost all hope.

Today started like any other. I was out by a landfill and I was scavenging for anything I thought could help me. That could have been medical supplies, food or something to make a weapon out of, not what I actually found. I searched the pile and found a robot, inactive and with a damaged leg. When I found it I panicked, I hid and I waited. I thought this was it for me, I had finally been caught and that it was the end. However, as time went by I noticed it’s inactive status and moved closer. It was a model classification ND60. Before it all, I was no rocket scientist but I was studying and I was aiming to be head robotics engineer one day. I didn’t recall any robot model with that title. I was curious and some may say curiosity kills the cat but I am thankful for my curiosity. I touched the metal frame and jumped away as it re-activated. I hid once more, until I heard a voice. “Hello, I am ND60. Is anyone out there?” There was a femininity to the voice but there was also fear. I hesitantly approached the robot and stared at it. I don’t remember the entire interaction just that when I asked if it was going to harm me, it asked me why. I eventually discovered that it went inactive shortly after the robot takeover and that it was trying to help any survivors before that. It asked me for help and for once, I decided to try. I don’t know why but my gut told me it was right. Whilst working on fixing the broken leg, I pulled up a holo-screen with the programming and I listened to the stories of ND60 and others. There was a programme I hadn’t seen before, a programme that I believe allowed for the individuality from the Trojan attack. ND60 also had a scanning application which helped me finding the right things to remake the leg. As I overheard it’s stories and worked my way to rebuilding it, I realised that ND60 had been shut down by humans and not by other robots or by Trojans. Once everything was fixed and ND60 had stood up. I waited for the betrayal. However, it held out its hand to shake. I shook its hand again, “Hello.” I smiled and spoke back. It didn’t have a name, just a classification and as I began to see life and personality inside that machine I decided to call it Indigo.

And that brings me back to now. Indigo has a radio broadcasting signal, a wavelength that I know robots or Trojans can’t attune to. I am broadcasting for any survivors out there. I am searching for a safe haven and as of today, I am searching for a way to implant Indigo’s programming into other robots freeing them from and hopefully taking back our planet before it is to late. I have hope.

Sci Fi

About the author

Dee Jay Kay

Hello there people, I am an amateur writing, interesting in getting my work out there, and for people to read it. Let me know what you think. Dee Jay Kay x

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