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Time Rift: An adventure across America

The opening of the rift in time and space brings Li Yang into a strange world. He finds himself in the American West in the 19th century, a time of wildness and adventure.

By lisunPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Chapter One: The Unexpected Beginning

In the bustling city of New York, Li Yang is an ordinary college student, majoring in physics. He loved science and was particularly interested in the theory of space and time. One night, Li Yang stumbled across an ancient book on time travel in the library, which mentioned a phenomenon called "space-time rift," which is said to open a portal to other times and Spaces under certain conditions.

Li Yang was fascinated by the book and decided to study the phenomenon in depth. He looked up all kinds of information day and night, carried out experimental simulation, hoping to find a way to open the space-time rift. After months of trying, he finally managed to trigger a small space-time rift in his lab on a stormy night.

Chapter Two: Strange World

The opening of the rift in time and space brings Li Yang into a strange world. He finds himself in the American West in the 19th century, a time of wildness and adventure. The modern equipment he wears seems out of place for this era, but he quickly ADAPTS to this new world and begins to explore this mysterious era.

In this world, Li Yang meets a variety of characters, including brave cowboys, cunning bounty hunters, and kind-hearted indigenous people. With his wisdom and courage, he gradually won their trust and respect. In this process, he also gradually understood the contradictions and conflicts of this era.

Chapter Three: The vortex of history

Li Yang found that his time crossing coincided with an important turning point in American history. An impending civil war will bring great disaster to the country. He realized he might have a chance to change the course of history.

However, changing history is not an easy task. Li Yang must find the right path in this dangerous and unknown world. He begins a thrilling adventure, shuttling through the wilderness, towns and battlefields, with various characters launched a contest of wits and courage.

In this process, Li Yang not only made many like-minded friends, but also discovered a surprising secret: the original time and space rift in this era is not natural formation, but someone deliberately. This man is hiding in the shadows, opening and closing time fissures, trying to change the course of history.

Chapter Four: The truth is reveale

In order to uncover this secret, Li Yang and his friends began a painstaking investigation. They went behind enemy lines, gathered clues, and finally found the hiding place of the mastermind. It turns out that the culprit is a scientist from the future who uses a time rift to travel back in time in an attempt to change history to avoid future disasters.

His plan, however, carries huge risks. The frequent opening and closing of the space-time rift not only disturbs the order of space-time, but also may lead to the collapse of the entire universe. Li Yang realizes that he must stop the scientist's madness and save the time and space that is about to collapse.

Chapter Five: The Final Battle

Li Yang and his friends are engaged in a thrilling final battle with those behind the scenes. In the battle, they gave full play to their wisdom and courage, using modern technology and historical knowledge, and successfully defeated the black hands behind the scenes. The rift in time and space gradually disappeared, and the order of time and space was restored.

However, the joy of victory did not last long. Li Yang realized that he had to go back to the old times. He said goodbye to his friends and returned to his laboratory. After experiencing a thrilling adventure, he cherishes the present life even more.

Chapter 6: Return and growth

Li Yang has returned to the modern world, but he is no longer the ordinary college student he was. He experienced an adventure across time and space, witnessing the rise and fall of an era and changes. He understood the complexity of history and the diversity of human nature, and also learned how to face difficulties and challenges.

He wrote a book about his experience, hoping to inspire more people to explore the unknown world. At the same time, he also began to devote himself to the research of space-time theory, hoping to find a safer and more reliable method of time travel.

In the process, Li Yang gradually developed into an outstanding scientist and adventurer. His story spread all over the world and became an eternal legend.


One sunny afternoon, Li Yang was sitting in the library, flipping through the book he had written. He recalled his thrilling adventure with emotion and pride. He knows that no matter what challenges and difficulties he will face in the future, he has enough courage and wisdom to face them. Because he has crossed the cracks of time and space, witnessed the rise and fall of an era and changes.


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