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This mind wants you in love, you are there all the time.

You are in the middle of my mind, how can I forget you in the morning and in the evening, this mind that you are my life.

By Nikhil BhowmikPublished 2 years ago 8 min read

A love story

Sharifa = what do you do

I = nothing

Sharifa = Have lunch ??

I = Hmm, you ??

Sharifa = Hmm, you know! The cashew flowers on the shelf have grown a lot. Wishing to hang out with you too.

I = I'm so sorry I can't be with you

Sharifa = I told Bhabi to go with me, but Bhabi is so devilish, I could not convince Bhabi in any way.

I = Suddenly the mind wanted to turn so much?

Sharifa = I am laddum, for this reason I am empty.

I = Hey, eat laddu, don't turn around.

Sharifa = Hey laddu na laddum.

I = hey laddu also eats doom and eats

Sharifa = why so many owls?

I = hey laddum na peinchaile how to turn

Sharifa = Hmm, you laddum owl, and I turn around.

I = Hmm, the kite also turns, but in the sky, the kite needs to be turned.

Sharifa = O Allah save me from this devil. Like an empty jilapi


I = will eat jilapi ??

Sharifa = Nah no need, you gave me a photo of a scorpion talking about noodles, God knows what photo you give me talking about jilapi. You have no confidence, I do not want to take risks.

I = OK, leave it out, think.

Sharifa = I can't remember anything.

I = OK, think your girlfriend Parveen

Sharifa = OK, I thought.

Me This time all the gassagu and lasagu in Dil's scorpion's stomach came to Parveen's lips, Parveen licked her lips clean with her tongue.

Sharifa = eh, chi chi, yak. What the hell !!

I = How did you like to imagine such a beautiful food scene ??

Sharifa = I'll see you tomorrow, I'll explain later how it feels. If the devil remembers this while eating, my eating will be ruined.

I = Well, winter has come. What do you like to do in winter?

Sharifa = Hmm, I like to eat in winter, I like to sleep, I like to see fog, I like to walk in foggy morning. I really want to walk in the thick fog on a winter morning holding your hand.

I = Hmm, plan to kill me in the winter.

Sharifa = I will give you a shit

I = Hey, I did mischief, I also like to walk in the fog. I keep it now, but I will come to college tomorrow.

The next day, Sharifa and I got on the bus in front of Titumir College, Hatirjheel. But as soon as we went some distance there was a problem in the bus so the bus helper refunded us half the fare and dropped us off in the middle of the road. We continue on our way to our destination in a rickshaw. After a while the rickshaw stopped at a signal, a car came to a halt on the right side of my hand, a beautiful child like Chad in the car with black spots on his forehead, looked at us and started laughing. This goes on for a long time. The car starts moving again, the child gives us Tata, we also give Tata by shaking hands. After a while Sharifa tells me = you will have such a cute girl too

I = Khaisere !! Whatever you say, let it be good. You did not have a name like Muhammadullah.

Sharifa = Who is Muhammadullah ??

I = one of my friends, he and his girlfriend are also fixing the baby's name. Whether the kid will take one hali or two hali or make a football team is also being finalized.

Sharifa = shit! Don't say it this way. Everyone dreams of a beautiful world.

I = Hmm, later when two hali kids will ya together, the whole area will be enlightened with the beauty of the world.

Sharifa = this is her family, what is her child?

I = what is mine again. If everyone thinks of spell football team then who will watch football game

Sharifa = O Allah save me from this monkey. Shut up, I'm having a headache listening to you.

I come home in the evening and post a story on Facebook, the title of the story is "BF means best friend". The main character of the story was a girl named "Meghbalika", many people have told me that the story seems very real. And the sting of death is the comment of a girl named Meghbalika in that story. This time everyone thinks the story is something

I gave a massage to Sharifa after Ashar, but the answer to the message was not as per my expectation. I thought Sharifa might be trying to evade me. People can tolerate everything but no one can tolerate the avoidance of loved ones. I couldn't either so I immediately logged out of Facebook saying OK bye.

Lying down I was wondering why Sharifa is trying to avoid me, what happened Sharifa ?? Sharifa doesn't want to talk to me ?? Understanding the minds of girls is a very difficult task. Or has something else happened ?? Sharifa was not upset for any reason ??? If he is upset then I should give him emotional support, stay by his side, not leave him alone at all. I logged in to Facebook again. Sharifa was still in line. I massage Sharifa

Are you upset bye

Sharifa = Hmm

I = What makes me upset? bye

Sharifa = say bye once again.

I = OK, tell me why you're upset

Sharifa = I don't know

I = You are upset and you do not know why you are upset. Or don't want to say.

Sharifa = Actually I had a light fever all day today, but no one asked me. So upset

I = Are you still young enough for everyone to come and ask you if you are pregnant? I don't think it's a reason for you to be upset.

Sharifa = Honestly, this is why I am upset

I = You don't mean me. OK, no problem. Have dinner ??

Sharifa = Hmm, did you ??

I = Hmm.

Sharifa = well who is Meghbalika ??

I = Hey Meghbalika, I have given a name like this.

Sharifa = O,

I = You have a fever, sleep now.

The next day Sharifa posted a poem on Facebook-

I set him free ……… I can go far

I will not say this about love anymore

If you are well then come back

After reading the poem, I felt a little confused. Am I the reason Sharifa is upset ?? Did he get angry with me? The poem has caught the eye of many more, a question in everyone's mind, what happened to Sharifa ?? Why did he post such a poem? One of them is my friend, Guru Halim, a prominent profit of the society. He knocked me on Facebook = Kiri, what happened to Sharifa ??

I = Nothing happened

Halim = So why did you post such a poem on Facebook?

I = Janinare friend, I did not say anything.

Halim = Listen, anger is a part of life. Life without love is an empty body. So listen carefully to what I say.

Started giving profit advice

I = Hmm, tell me I hear

Halim = match yourself with him and match him with you. Love means taking care of her. Bujli.

I = Hmm, Buzzie, I've been reading these on Facebook before. What then?

Halim = love means to make him cry himself.

I = Oh God, this is why you are crying in one and holding in the other

Halim = Make life not difficult but easy. Don't be afraid to make a decision, learn to overcome fear. Because one day your fears will be gone but you will not have a chance to make a decision.

I = brother Tare all your girlfriends doha this time stop. Otherwise I will have a heart attack.

Halim = OK, which means Sharifa.

After the evening, Sharifa texted me and asked who Meghbalika was.

I = Fake ID of one of my friends.

Sharifa = There are many good pictures too, who owns them ??

I = an Indian model.

Sharifa = O.

I = I understand now, why are you upset ??

Sharifa = what ??

I = You think I'm having an affair with Meghbalika ID's daughter.

Sharifa = Hmm, really, I cry a lot, I go to the roof and cry and wipe my eyes with one hand so that no one can see. And now you know what the mind wants to do ??

I = what ??

Sharifa = I want to give you whatever you want.

I = If you can, give me

Sharifa = Dimuito, come to class tomorrow, see what I do later?

I = o you read that poem I also wrote a poem.

Sharifa = what poem ??

Tie your hair না I don't want to go far

I will say this word over and over again

No matter how far I am, I will come back

Anger, pride, I will be by your side

Sharifa = Whose side will you be on?

I = next to you, UNTIL THE REST OF MY LIFE

Sharifa = true

I = promise remained. Want something else?

Sharifa = No, I don't want anything else, just stay with me. If you are by my side I can give you any hard way. I don't want anything else. Neither the cashew flowers of autumn, nor the thick fog of winter.

I = true

Sharifa = Hmm

I = O Sharifa, forgot to say a word,

Sharifa = what

I = would not be angry

Sharifa = Nah, I will not be angry

I = Nah, you will be angry

Sharifa = I will not be angry

I = do not believe

Sharifa = tell me now or eat me

I = Here you are angry

Sharifa = Oh God, this boy is a heavy monkey বাদ except for him, I will not be angry. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

I = OK, guys


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HI, I am Nikhil Bhowmik.I passed Master Degree in Mathematics.I also passed Master in Library and Information Science.I write blog, articles and courses in my personal website. I also write articles to medium,Hub-pages and Facebook.

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