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Thirsty Crow in 21st Century

Kindness is more powerful than ever in this digital era

By Ameer BibiPublished about a month ago Updated 13 days ago 3 min read
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One day, in a city full of tall buildings and ringing phones, there lived a crow named Clarence who was always thirsty. He was the most exciting crow in the town. He was not an ordinary folk from the early 1960s; he was equipped with all the latest technologies and was more active on social media than you. He was the only bird in the metropolitan area who used Twitter.

Once, he was extremely busy creating his tick-tock when Clarence’s urgent thirst abruptly halted his online activities on a hot summer day in May. Holy hell, sun! Oh no! His water bottle was empty, and he was dehydrated as a desert raven. He made the sound like a bird who forgot to wake up for breakfast, ready to hunt for worms.

The time to tweet is now! “Hey, hey! Because I’m so thirsty, I might need to watch cat videos to feel like I’m living again. Has Trouble Staying Hydrated, #CrowGoals,” Clarence tweeted.

Clarence hit the send button and waited for the praise; he was sure to get on social media. His tweet went viral like a helium rocket, which surprised him. The city shared and talked about the “Where’s the town’s water?” tweet, which was fun.

“What do you think about the beautiful new bird spa in City Park? It’s like a pond, but only for birds. Clarence, you’re right up there with it,” one user replied.

Clarence was so excited that he turned into an eagle and flew to City Park. When he got there, the much-talked-about water dispenser was right there. It was an excellent tool that made all the other gadgets green with envy. Clarence was hesitant, but his desire to do well was stronger than his fear.

He tried to peck at the screen, but it didn’t do anything. Help! Ignore the water bar! #ThumblessStruggles

Help! I can’t stay stable in this mess of a life! #CrowTech Oh, no…

A girl emerged from nowhere after reading about Clarence’s suffering on Twitter. She waved her magic wand, and a genie came out and immediately made a beautiful water waterfall. Clarence drank it all up like a thirsty camel in the oasis.

You are a wonderful person; thank you. Clarence Tweeted. “You are now officially my most beloved follower! Congrats! #ByeByeThirstyCrow”

The news of this crow’s technological adventure spread quickly through the creative section of the internet.

Clarence rose from zero to hero and gained a large following on social media.

However, in Clarence's eyes, a kind word and a cold drink on a scorching day were the real MVPs. The more he tweeted about his thirst and a kind-hearted girl on his social media accounts, the more his followers cawed with laughter and appreciation.

Clarence demonstrated that a story about an act of goodwill might inspire and be shared on social media, gently reminding us that sometimes all we need is a little kindness to feel united.

Disclosure: Initially, this story was published on Medium in BBB.


Note: It is my (author) imagination and creativity, and I got just a little assistance from AI to translate some particular words from Urdu into English. Furthermore, I certify that the content is 100% AI-free and there is no plagiarism.


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Thanks for reading!

With best regards

Ameer Bibi, PhD in Plant Sciences

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  • Guzelabout a month ago

    Love your way of explaining each and every thing...

  • Aevan John Namangabout a month ago

    This was an amazing story, and the note that you left at the end is indeed very inspiring. Social media can be used as a way to inspire action, and it is kindness that we need, no matter how little, to feel united. Thank you again for sharing your story. I am looking forward to more!

  • Farah Nazabout a month ago

    Salute your imagination 👍

  • Farhat Naseemabout a month ago


  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    Awww, this was so wonderful! Also, it's so cool that he can tweet hahahahaha

  • Muraliabout a month ago

    Your story was excellent. " All truly strong people are Kind ♥️ " from Vagabond (manga).

  • Gabriela Trofin-Tatárabout a month ago

    Yup' kindness goes a long way! Always!

  • Allwyn Roman Waghelaabout a month ago

    Concisely written

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