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Think You Know Mad Max: FURY ROAD? Think Again


By JVPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

In the desolate wasteland that is Afghanistan, after years of warfare over dwindling resources, a survivor named Samir Aziz, haunted by the memories of all the people he has failed to protect, finds himself captured and taken to the Citadel of the warlord Khan, who uses him as a "blood bag" for his sick soldiers. Meanwhile, the fierce warrior Zainab, one of Khan's lieutenants, sets out on a perilous journey across the desert in the heavily-armored "War Rig" to trade goods for petrol and ammunition with two of Khan's allies.

But when Khan discovers that his five wives have fled with Zainab in the War Rig, he calls on his army to pursue them with the help of Gas Town and the Bullet Farm. Samir is forced to join the pursuit, strapped to the car of a sick soldier named Omar, and a fierce battle ensues. Zainab drives into a massive sandstorm, losing all of their pursuers except for Omar, who attempts to sacrifice himself to destroy the War Rig. But Samir breaks free from his restraints, restrains Omar, and Zainab destroys their car, narrowly escaping.

After the storm, Samir finds Zainab repairing the War Rig, accompanied by Khan's wives: Laila, Aisha, Hafsa, Nasreen, and Sara, the last of whom is heavily pregnant with Khan's child. Samir tries to steal the War Rig, but he does not know the code to bypass the kill switches, so he reluctantly teams up with Zainab and the wives. Omar boards the War Rig as it departs, attempting to kill Zainab, but he is overcome and thrown out, and Khan's army picks him up as they pass by.

Zainab drives through a canyon controlled by a biker gang, having arranged to trade fuel for safe passage, but the gang turns on her when they spot an army approaching, forcing her to flee. The bikers detonate the canyon walls to block Khan and then pursue the War Rig, only stopping when the fuel pod explodes. Khan drives over the blockade in a monster truck and catches up with the War Rig, allowing Omar to board and attack Zainab again, but he falls before reaching the cab. While helping Samir, Sara falls off the War Rig and is fatally run over by Khan, who temporarily halts his pursuit.

Hafsa finds Omar hiding in the War Rig and consoles him as he laments his failure. After dark, Zainab and Samir slow Khan's forces with mines set in swampland, but Khan's ally, the Bullet Farmer, continues to pursue. The War Rig gets stuck, and Omar emerges from hiding to help free it, joining the crew. Zainab blinds the approaching Bullet Farmer, and Samir confronts him and returns with guns and ammunition. In the morning, Zainab explains to Samir that the "Green Place" to which they are escaping is an idyllic land she remembers from her childhood. She recognizes a familiar landmark and shouts out her history and clan affiliation to a woman on top. The woman summons her all-female clan, the Azizas, who recognize Zainab as one of their own who was kidnapped as a child. Zainab is devastated to learn that the swampland from the previous night was the Green Place, which is now uninhabitable, and there are only seven Azizas left. The group, less Samir, begins to ride across an immense salt flat, hoping to find a new home.

After seeing a vision of a child he failed to save, Samir catches up and convinces the others to return the way they came and take the undefended Citadel........................................

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