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by Skyler Saunders about a month ago in Series

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“I’m actually impressed,” Vala said. “The two students are wrong, of course, but they care about their schooling. We’re going to have to switch tactics.”

Meanwhile, Myson and Gadot headed towards the escalator, smiles plastered their faces.

“I knew you were going to deliver, but not like you did,” Gadot said. “That was quite the display.”

“Thanks,” Myson replied.

The same two suits that had them sign the digital form blocked their path. One restrained Myson, and the other, Gadot. The men took them to separate rooms. They sat at desks across the hall from one another. Myson folded his arms. Gadot spread her arms on the table.

“Is this going to take long? I should really be getting back to class,” she pointed out.

The suit just looked at his watch and looked at the man standing before him.

“If you want anything from us, you’re going to have to talk to our parents,” Gadot continued.

The man remained silent.

Finally, Vala walked into the room where Gadot sat.

“That speech your friend gave was quite stirring.”

“I would know. I wrote it.”

“Most excellent, young lady. Now, we have to get to why you two did this.”

“I would say the speech said it all,” Gadot said.

“It doesn’t look like I’m getting anywhere with you, Miss Tinkerton. You may go to class.”

“Thank you, but I’m not leaving until Myson goes, too.” Gadot got up and left the room. She stood at the door and watched Myson through a glass window in the door.

“I’ll be right back,” Vala said.

“Mr. Thomason, I received word from your friend you’re planning to overthrow the school. You can see her out there. Just give us the information on your ideas. You spoke so well.”

Myson sighed and looked out at Gadot.

“You can join her and then go to class if you tell us about your plot to bring down Cooney.”

“I really should be in AP calculus right now.”



“Okay. You’re free to go.”

Myson met up with Gadot again. They started at the escalators.

“You didn’t say anything, did you?” Myson asked.

“Of course not. Did you?”

Myson shook his head.

“We’ve got to tell our parents about this, get their lawyers involved,” Gadot continued.

“That’s what they want us to do. Besides, they have the power to detain us. They didn’t inflict any psychological or physical harm upon us. Here’s a better idea: let’s begin the phase of telling the other students to realize their efforts are in vain.”

“By the end of the school year, when we graduate, we should have enlightened the entire school. They'll know the theory is detrimental to their learning, and future success.” Gadot finished.

“Exactly. That’s what I would not tell because Valdez would have spoken to the teachers and told them to increase the theory workload. That would’ve snuffed out our entire framework for putting forth a proper curriculum.”

“I didn’t even know you had thought about it so strategically. I just kept mum, too,” Gadot replied.

At the end of the escalator ride, the two of them embraced and quickly kissed.

The bell sounded and they broke their embrace.

“I’m going to further flesh out the plan. It’s going to take some effort by the teachers, too,” Myson said.

Gadot looked into his brown eyes and Myson gazed into her baby blues.

“I’ll help you with the specifics of the plan since you know I’m the best writer,” Gadot said slyly.

Myson laughed. “I’d be delighted to get co-writer credit this time. I was waiting for the day like this. We don’t even have to do this, but it serves our interests to do it for our own futures.”

“That’s right, Myson. Take care for now.”


Skyler Saunders

I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster from Delaware. Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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Skyler Saunders
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