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A girl with a zeal of being a motivational speaker

By Tef JohnPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Here lives a black-skinned yellow girl named Alice. She was born into a wonderful family of five, In which she is the last born, so her parents, grandparents, and relatives pampered her well. As this beautiful young girl grew up, she went to school and developed a passion to be a motivational speaker, believing that when she speaks, her words will touch people's hearts and restore them to their original states. After she was done with all her basic education, she thought of moving forward to university to study communication so that would help her build her career. She discussed it with her mom, and her mom told her she would be given feedback when she discussed it with her father.

While she expected this feedback from her parents, her father discussed it with her mom and told her, Don't let this girl study law, or what do you think? Her father, named Charles, was a busy person and always came late in the night, except on weekends. So her mother, Alina, thought of telling Alice about their daughter during the day because he wouldn’t be able to discuss it with her because of the nature of his Job. So as Charles went out early in the morning, Alice was called by her mom in the morning for a discussion. Her mom told her about what her dad said, but she rejected it. Alice nodded her head and told her mom that she had done research and consultation, and that was the best course that she could study to make her successful in her career. Her mom tried to convince her, but she insisted. Her mom fastened her eyes on her because Alice has never rejected her mom's words before. So her mom told her it was just a suggestion by her dad that she should wait until this coming weekend so that the three of them could both discuss it.

On this faithful Saturday, after morning devotion with family, Her parents called her for a talk, and her dad repeated it again: Why not study law? but she said no and gave a quote that says, “A little building with great passion is better than a giant building with no passion. That quote seems funny, right? But she said that and gave her word. After that, her parents went mute and said, Follow your passion.

After that, her parents and she started the process of admission. Being an Australian girl, she thought of studying at one of her favorite universities, the Queensland University of Technology, located in Brisbane, Australia.

Finally, she was admitted. There was great joy in the family, and being the last born, there were many contributions from uncles, aunts, and relatives.

One faithful day, She planned to resume fully as a student at the university; her parents were then on vacation while she stayed with her aunt. She tried her best to reach her parents to know in what state they were, but unfortunately, it was not possible because there was no Wi-Fi where they were. Unfortunately, after a week, she gets to tell her parents that she is planning to resume a few days from now. As a mature girl, her dad told her she could make plans with her aunt and resume as soon as possible. But when her mom heard that, she was displeased and told her dad they should end the vacation and join her for the preparations. After several scoldings, her dad decided to go along with her mom's idea and leave for the vacation.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Great work! Nice job! Well done! And fantastic!

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