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The white crane on green leaves

by SondJam 3 months ago in Adventure
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The name Xinjin has been around since the Northern Zhou Dynasty, which means it has been called Xinjin for more than 1400 years and is still "new". It is the southern gate of Chengdu, and the affluent scene south of Chengdu is constantly being renovated. Xinjin, it will be more "new" on top of "new". This time, I went there precisely for this "new" word.

It was still spring and just about to enter summer when I crossed the Minjiang River by car, and I felt a sense of crossing seasons. From spring to summer, the water level may have risen. The rivers in Xinjin are either the main stream of the Min River or tributaries of the Min River. In the long river of time, those branches of the flowing water or move or change their names, it does not matter, the name of the Min River has survived for ages, and will always pull on their turbulent forward.

Xinjin covers an area of more than 300 square kilometers, and its map looks like a familiar leaf, so it has a bold new name, called "Super Green Leaf". Five rivers converge, two mountains embrace, a treasure, on the wind and water, to "green leaf" to complete a unique expression of personality, in order to avoid people misread a light petty, so crowned with "super". In this way, what I can read is naturally a deep bottom.

This green leaf, is holding up a park city.

We got on the eco-friendly tour bus and ran along one leaf vein after another, straight and winding, rising and falling at times. I have felt, whether the river's veins, or the road's veins, there is a new toughness and vibrancy is forced out, is making this new "super green leaves" sent out a burst of fresh air and fragrance. The people of Xinjin, who have come all the way here, have new passion and pride in their rhythmic bloodline, allowing them to write their boldness and vigor in the southern end of the Chengdu Plain.

We came to Baihetan Wetland Park. This is the only national wetland park in Chengdu. The Minjiang River cuts sharply out of Dujiangyan, that is, into the open terrain, the flow speed suddenly decreases, sand and gravel precipitation, then there are several branches, becoming a typical plain wandering rivers. With the confluence of the Jinma River and the West River here, together with the wandering river and terraces, the park is built on such a landscape, and the plain wetlands and artificial wetlands complement each other. The ground in this area is dominated by rice soil, and grasses and trees can come and go regardless of their nobility. Therefore, when you look around, the lawn clings to the woods, a flat lake emerges from the forest, and a small island rises in the center of the lake, which is full of wild flowers.

From time to time, the car passed a bridge. My eyes do not want to let go of every bridge, big and small, long and short bridges. I look at the bridge, and then look at its reflection of the fall into the water. The bridges here are mostly made of wood, mostly with ropes, the persistence of the countryside, the simplicity of modern flavor, just like this, just like this, are supported, just like this, are knotted up.

Just like that, the wetland becomes a campground and the park becomes a paradise. It is full of wild and extravagant tents, full of people. By the lake, under the trees, by the roadside, on the lawn, there are people everywhere who come here to experience camping. They are either family gatherings or couples dating. They build charcoal fires for barbecue and board kayaks for fun. They are enjoying a refined nature, and at the same time, they are also enjoying an elevated quality of wilderness, an elevated poetry. And I, too, received a long-lost smoke and mirrors. The park should be like this, some let you look for the seclusion, some let you leisure, some let you pampered, some let you spread the joy and wild ...... wetlands, the best, but also to let a heart wet. All of these, it seems, can be implemented here one by one.

I heard the birds chirping, looking for the sound, but just saw the trees, and their leaves that tossed with the wind. The tour guide told me that it was the wutong. "The phoenix is singing, in his high hill. Wutong is born, in his sunrise." This line in the poem "The Book of Songs" has made the folklore of the phoenix in the wutong tree widely known. According to legend, the wutong is a spiritual tree that knows when to know the order, the phoenix is not it, that is, good birds choose wood and perch.

Xinjin, this piece of super wutong leaves, is not precisely from a super wutong tree floating down to become the earth? Xinjin people, together for a wutong tree know cold and hot, is not opening a piece of greenery?

The car turned a corner, birdsong again. I saw a lake with a lot of birds on it. The birds, and other animals and plants, were supposed to be a vein of the "super green leaf", a hint of green.

I recognized a white crane and almost screamed. White crane beach, is not the crane habitat?

"A crane in the clear sky raises the clouds and leads poetry to the blue sky." I was reciting these two lines of Liu Yuxi's poem in my heart when the white crane, as if hearing the call, flapped its wings and rose to the sky. It was so white that it was even more dazzling than the midday sun. I seem to see that a light white paper, has turned into a stretch of green leaves, is flying in the wind. All this, more like a dream, in addition to white, in addition to green, there is the sky blue, and the earth's beautiful purple and red.


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