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The Voraxias

In a world where monsters have taken over, life for Chris had become a constant struggle for survival. Later on Chris stumbles across a woman named Daniella and together they try to figure out how to survive these creatures and find a new peaceful life.

By Mariam AbdoPublished 4 months ago 5 min read
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If you find this diary, hi. My name is Chris and I'm writing this diary hoping that there are other people out there who can find me and help me.

14th September 2079

It has been 99 days since the disaster occurred, since those self-called "scientists" released their new invention.

It all started nine years ago when a group of people devoted their lives to creating new creatures that could help humanity in various ways, or so they thought. They ran tons of experiments and studies over the years, they finally succeeded in creating a new species - intelligent, adaptable, and incredibly strong. They are called The Voraxias.

At first The Voraxias seemed like a blessing to humanity. They worked tirelessly, completing tasks and solving problems that had once seemed impossible. But as time went on, the group began to realize that they made a grave mistake.

The Voraxias were to intelligent, too powerful and too independent. They looked friendly at first, I don't even know how on earth they managed to shape-shift as well. They have now razor-sharp teeth, claws and glowing yellow eyes. They began to see themselves as the rulers of the world, and soon their actions became increasingly destructive. They destroyed buildings, forests and cities in their quest for more power and resources.

Despite the best efforts of the people who created them, these creatures couldn't be controlled. They were simply too advanced, too beyond human understanding. And so, they continued their rampage, destroying all that lay in their path.

I'm not sure if there are other people alive, but i was lucky enough to have survived these monsters, but for that I had lost everything I've ever known and loved. My family and friends are all gone, and I was forced to hide in a cave and search for food and supplies everyday, scared I'll never return to the cave.

15th September 2079

Today is my 100th day alone. I honestly feel like if I don't die because of The Voraxias, I'll probably die because of how lonely I feel. I've been talking to the rocks in the cave. I am DEFINITELY losing my mind. So, I've decided to go out and search for anyone alive.

It was so dark and dull out there even though it's in the middle of the day. All the grass is gone, It's now all sand, rocks and some teeth and claws that fell from The Voraxias. The Earth didn't feel like home anymore. Instead, I felt like I'm the intruder on this planet.

This is the first time I walked that far away from the cave since I found it. It was very sunny it felt like my soul was being sucked out of me. I was packed with food and water but the water didn't even help. I wanted to give up and go back to the cave but I would've came all the way for nothing. So, i decided to continue.

A few hours went by and I already felt like as dying, but then i heard something and it was coming from underneath my feet, I was pretty sure I heard someone cough. I was shocked and scared so I stepped away. Then someone came out of the sand. They BURIED themselves alive? It was a woman. I knew there had to be another survivor.

The woman dusting off the sand on her clothes. She shouted:'' YOU IDIOT! You almost killed me!''. I couldn't say anything, I just stood in disbelief that I've found someone alive, she waved her hand in front of my face and I flinched. She said:'' Can you even hear me? Are you deaf?''. Before I could say anything, I saw The Voraxias running from behind her, I shouted:''RUN''.

After running our lungs out, we couldn't see the monsters anymore. We both stopped running and she removed the black mask she had on her face. She had the prettiest face I've ever seen. She ran her hands through her brown wavy hair and stared at me with her hazel eyes, then I realized that I lost my way to the cave and will probably not be able to go back, I said while freaking out:''Oh no! I've never been that far from the cave, I have all my supplies there and food and water and I..I..'', she calmed me down and said:''Hey...we'll be able to go back just not today because these monsters now know that there are still humans alive, and they'll probably search for us all night. So, why don't we start by introducing ourselves. I'm Daniella. What's your name?'', ''Chris..'' I answered. She suggested we find a place to stay at for a few day until The Voraxias slow down their searching process.

21 September 2079

It's been a week since we found a new cave to hide, it was smaller than my old one but we made it work. We found food and water from plants that looked fresh, like they haven't been planted that long ago. We thought that there might be a chance there are still other people out there, and we just need to find them. I got to know Daniella a little more in that week, Daniella was fierce, brave, resourceful and patience, all the things I wasn't.

19 November 2079

I almost forgot I was writing in this diary. Well, it's been almost a month and you can say...I'm not so lonely anymore. Over time, me and Daniella grew close, bound by our mutual experiences and a shared fear of the monsters that lurked in the shadows. Even though It was difficult to live, we never gave up, and slowly but surely, we found a way to survive.

I can't stop thinking about that plant. It was a sign of life, if we found a lot of people we could come up with a plan to take down The Voraxias. So, we decided to go out to look for other people.

To be continued...


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  • Mohamed Mahmoud4 months ago

    Amazing, I excited to know the rest of Story !

  • Ola Hafez4 months ago

    I'm looking forward to the rest of this story!!👍

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