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The Unknown Package

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By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 10 months ago Updated 10 months ago 6 min read
The Unknown Package
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Lifting my head from my laptop, I go to the front door to check out the noise. Who is here? And what do they want? I'm working on a big project and am almost finished.

But when I open it, I see a package on my doormat and a drone flying away. Huh. I didn't realize drones were actually being used for that. Only heard about the possibility.

Kneeling, I study the shipping label on the box. While it says my name, there are only two initials for the sender. K.B. Who is K.B.?

I stand, running a hand through my long, blonde hair. I don't recall knowing anyone with those initials. And I know a lot of people.

However, I take the box inside, not wanting any of my neighbors to steal it from me. Unfortunately, that was a real problem for our apartment complex these days.

Setting my package on the kitchen table, I rub my hand against my chin, unsure how to proceed. Should I open it? Or should I just try to find this mysterious K.B.?

I stare at the box for a few moments, curiosity gnawing at my insides until I can't take it anymore and grab my boxcutter. I've never been the most patient of people.

Carefully slicing the tape, I open the box and gasp.

Laying within the styrofoam peanuts is a porcelain doll wearing a pink dress and a star locket. The doll I'd lost years ago when we'd moved towns.

Picking her up, I examine her, checking for damage. After all, I'm pretty sure the drone didn't set the box down with care.

Then satisfied she's perfect, I spot an envelope and snatch it out of the package, setting her down on the table.

I read the letter inside and stumble back a little.

I'm sorry for stealing this when we were children. I found it recently and thought it right to return it. I hope you can forgive me.


Well, that's a shock if I've never had one before.

Knowing who sent it and where to go, I quickly change into jeans and a t-shirt, grab my keys, and promptly walk out the door.

Unlike my work project, this can't wait.

Unlocking my car, I get in and pull out of the parking lot, making sure I don't go speeding down the road. The last thing I need right now is a speeding ticket.

I quickly get onto the freeway, going as fast as I legally can. K.B. lives a couple of towns over, so this drive is going to take a while. Luckily, it's only nine am.

Several hours and a coffee stop later, I was back in that town. I never imagined I'd return, but life likes surprising us.

Keeping my driving slow, I scan the streets for K.B.'s house, which I still remember as clear as day.

My heart beats fast, and butterflies fly inside my stomach. Randomly showing up at someone's house is a first for me. And I'm not confident that this will go well.

However, when I spot the house, I know I can't back out now. I'm not a coward, after all.

Pulling up in front of the house, I turn off the engine and walk up to the porch. There's nothing in or about my car that's worth stealing. Plus, this is a small town.

Right at the door now, I ring the doorbell, rocking back and forth on my feet. I hear footsteps, and I brace myself for whatever might happen.

But when I see his face, I'm taken aback.

The last time I saw him, he was a scrawny punk who liked bullying all the kids on the street. However, I hadn't let him get away with being a little shit, punching his face on multiple occasions.

But who stands at the door now is a tall, handsome, and mature-looking adult. Hopefully, his mental maturity matches.

"Hello, Kaleb."

He lifts a brow, "And you are?"

I pull the letter from the front left pocket of my jeans, smirking. "I should've known it was you who took Lizzy."

Kaleb looks away, "Didn't think you'd come here, Lola."

"Well, I wanted to thank you in person." I look around. "And the house looks good."

"Yeah, I moved back in a couple months ago." Kaleb opens the door wider. "Wanna come in?"

"Sure." Walking in, I grin. "We have a lot of catching up to do."

The inside looks just as nice as the outside. Much nicer than my tiny apartment, although that didn't take much effort.

"So, I see you got my package." He strolls into the kitchen, grabbing two mugs from one of the cabinets. "Is Lizzy okay?"

"Surprisingly, yes, considering a drone dropped her in front of my door."

Kaleb winces, pouring coffee into each mug. "I didn't know there would be a drone."

I shrug, sitting at the kitchen table, "She's good, so no worries."

Nodding, he walks over and hands me one of the mugs. "Look, I feel bad about all the stuff I did when we were kids," he glances at the note, "and I wasn't sure if you wanted to see my face."

I laugh, "Well, I did break your nose twice."


I sip my coffee. "How'd you find my address, though?"

Kaleb chuckles nervously, "I Googled you."

"Makes sense."

"And how did you steal Lizzy?"

Kaleb's smile turns a little mischievous. "Your bedroom window was open, and I knew you were moving."

"Damn, that took planning on your end."

He rubs the back of his neck, "I had a lot of time to plan it."

I lean back, holding the mug in my hands. "But at least you grew up, so I won't have to punch you again."

That earns me a laugh, "Thank God for that."

I grin.

Kaleb looks at me. "I am glad you accepted my apology."

"Well, I don't just show up at my former childhood nemeses house's for no reason." I drink more of my coffee. "So what now?"

"No clue. This is a first for me."

"Same here."

"Well, if you want, we could go out for lunch and catch up."

I don't answer for a moment, mostly for dramatic effect. I'm not ready to go home, and I am curious.

Then I smile, "That sounds good."


Yes, life does like surprising us, but I'm okay with that as we walk out the front door.

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  • Babs Iverson10 months ago

    Lovely story!!! 💕😊💖💕

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