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The True Measure of a Person's Value

Embracing the Intrinsic Value of Humanity

By Whisper WordsPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

Once upon a time, in an iron shop, a young boy was working alongside his father. Out of the blue, the boy asked his father, "Father, what is the worth of a human being in this world?"

Taken aback by such a profound question from a little child, his father replied, "Son, it is very difficult to measure the worth of a human being. They are invaluable."

The boy pondered for a moment and asked, "Are they all equally precious and significant?"

His father nodded and said, "Yes, my son."

The boy was not entirely convinced and continued his inquiry, "Then why do some people in this world end up poor while others become wealthy? Why do some have less respect while others have more?"

Hearing the question, his father remained calm for a while and then asked the boy to fetch a rod from the storage room.

As soon as the boy brought the rod, his father asked, "What will be the cost of this rod?"

The boy replied, "Approximately 300 rupees."

His father then asked, "If I make several small nails out of this rod, what will be its value then?"

After contemplating for a moment, the boy responded, "Then it will become more expensive and can be sold for around 1000 rupees."

His father continued, "If I make numerous springs out of this iron, what will happen to its value?"

The boy pondered for a while and then, filled with enthusiasm, exclaimed, "Then its value will increase significantly!"

His father explained, "Exactly. The worth of a human being is not determined by their current state but rather by what they can become."

The boy understood his father's message and nodded in agreement.

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