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The Tribunal


By Adibe IjeomaPublished 10 months ago 3 min read
The Tribunal
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In a world that was plagued by chaos and destruction, a powerful Tribunal had emerged to maintain order and balance. The Tribunal consisted of three individuals, each possessing unique abilities that made them nearly invincible. The first member of the Tribunal was a warrior with incredible strength and skill in combat. The second was a sorcerer with the power to control the elements of nature. And the third was a seer who could see into the future and predict the outcomes of battles.

The Tribunal had been formed centuries ago, in a time when the world was threatened by evil forces that sought to conquer and destroy everything in their path. The three members of the Tribunal had banded together to defeat these dark powers and had been successful in their mission. In the aftermath, they had taken on the role of protectors of the world, working to prevent any future threats from rising.

For generations, the Tribunal had maintained peace and order. They were respected and revered by all who knew of their existence, and their power had become the stuff of legends. But as time went on, the world began to change. New powers emerged, and old threats reappeared.

Despite their efforts, the Tribunal found themselves struggling to maintain control. The warrior's strength was no match for the new technologies that had been developed, and the sorcerer's control over the elements was weakened by the pollution and destruction that humanity had wrought. Even the seer's powers had begun to wane as the future became more unpredictable and chaotic.

The Tribunal began to fracture under the pressure. The three members grew distant from one another, each pursuing their own methods for maintaining order. The warrior became more violent and brutal, believing that fear was the only way to keep people in line. The sorcerer retreated into isolation, working to develop new spells and potions that could counter the effects of pollution and climate change. And the seer became overwhelmed by the sheer number of possible futures, unable to predict which paths would lead to success.

As the Tribunal weakened, new threats began to emerge. A group of rebels rose up, seeking to overthrow the Tribunal and take control of the world. They saw the Tribunal as outdated and ineffective, and believed that a new, more modern form of governance was necessary. The rebels began to amass an army, preparing for a final showdown with the Tribunal.

The Tribunal knew that they were on the brink of collapse. They realized that their methods had become outdated and that they needed to adapt if they were to survive. In a moment of desperation, they decided to combine their powers, fusing their strength, magic, and foresight into a single entity.

The resulting being was unlike anything the world had ever seen. It possessed the strength of the warrior, the magic of the sorcerer, and the foresight of the seer. It was nearly invincible, able to predict and counter any attack that came its way. With this new power, the Tribunal was able to defeat the rebel army and re-establish control over the world.

But the being that had been created was not without its flaws. It was cold and unfeeling, more machine than man. It had no empathy or compassion, only a drive to maintain order at any cost. The Tribunal soon realized that they had made a grave mistake in creating this being, and they set about dismantling it.

In the end, the Tribunal disbanded, recognizing that their time had passed. They left behind a legacy of order and stability, but they also left behind a warning. They had seen firsthand the dangers of unchecked power, and they knew that any system of governance could fall apart if those in power became too detached from the world they sought to control. The Tribunal had reached its breaking point, and its downfall had served as a cautionary tale for generations to come.

Written by Adibe ijeoma.

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