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The Trenaz Dragons Of Volgar

by Louay Shakuri (founder of the fantasy GK Universe) 4 months ago in Fantasy
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Chapter I

Chapter I:

There weren't always dragons. However, history is built on the civilizational sacrifices of ancestral victors that survived wars to protect a vital purpose for their future generations to thrive.

The infrastructural mythic stone-built, arid landscape of Volgar Valley had historically experienced a peaceful co-existence between the Vikings of Virago living on the southern valley slopes and the Knights of Notelham living on the northern slopes. Suddenly finding two nomad tribes geographically separated by a wide enchanted river called Elphorado running between them after the ice age, disruption in daily labor commute, gold and silver trade, and agricultural farming practices placed financial burdens on traditional Volgarian natives living on both sides of the valley. Created by retreating glacial remnants at the end of ice age "Tundrazar", the mystery behind why the aqua-phobic Dragons of Trenaz decided to evacuate their native wasteland habitat and relocate to Volgar Valley's aquatic river ecosystem has puzzled valley naturalists after the formation of post ice age; Elphorado. Could Elphordo's exquisite biological diversity be the driving force behind their relocation, in order to forcefully breed with river-dwelling Komodo flies possessing an eternal flight mechanism? Could it be a mother dragon's natural instinct to favor the fate of her generational offspring’s winged bloodline?

Establishing the Peace Treaty of Volgar during the Tundrazar ice age, a widowed adventurous tribesman warrior named Meldwar ruling a Viking tribe civilization on the mountainous southern slopes of Volgar Valley wakes up one morning with the idea to execute his dream of socially uniting with Commander Hagar's Notelham Knight civilization living on the opposite sided northern slopes. Signing a treaty with Chief Hagar at Jipstone Ledge on the upper southern slopes that would allow both civilizations the freedom to commute by sled over the glacier to each other's homelands and intermingle with society, mixed-racial human descendant offspring had begun to flourish over the years on both sides of the elongated glacial-valley stretch. Discovering common economic and political interests exits between their civilizations after a sled journey visit to Hagar's castle months later, the two leaders begin discussing the prospect of re-building a gold and silver trading post on top of miles of unclaimed flat glacial terrain situated between their homelands in the center of the valley. Celebrating atop the snowy glacier a monumental historical moment, Viking and knight residents from both civilizations are called upon by both chief leaders to join in on the festivities of development.

Building a sheltered stone-carved trading post with the combined effort of both tribes as the months pass, the concept of barter and trade begins to unfold. Falling into glacial crevasses near the end of the melting ice age as the trading post collapses on its own foundation into the newly formed river down below, hundreds of bartering Knights and Vikings are suddenly crushed and displaced during the solar catastrophe. Hanging on for his dear life, trapped within a crevasse, young Ristan; Meldwar's only son, sadly witnesses his father Meldwar fall to his death as he yells out "take care of my tribe and follow my footsteps so that the God's of Volgar Valley will honor the path of your destiny my son". Drifting away from his falling father on a floating glacial island that broke apart from the core, a war battle to survive on limited ice chunks witnesses young Ristan throw many of Chief Hagar's Knights off the edges to their deaths in order to take a ride on the final square footage of floating ice debris. Drifting to the northern slopes alive rescuing some of his people along the way, Chief Hagar from a distance witnesses a series of Ristan's brave physical acts to defeat his knight clan in order to gain access to the last floating glacier about to crash on south bound home terrain. Running upslope after saving many of his own, Ristan overhears Hagar from the other side of the icy river scream out to him vengefully; "you will pay someday for throwing my people to their death you coward"...

Years later north and south valley-dwelling civilizations living under traumatic psychological stress and enemy rival hatred generated by catastrophic flashbacks of losing family members, manage to rebuild their homes on opposite sides after a prolonged two-year flood generated by the melting of Volgar Valley's retreating glaciers. Courageous Ristan who overcame past adversity, now mature, inheriting thrown as Viking chief and commander of the Virago upper mountain tribe is seen conversing with his governing hierarchical assembly at Jipstone Ledge. Covering possible logistic actions on how to restructure their pulverized gold and silver-driven economy, the final authority on the issue will be finalized by Viking judge Gadron; who was appointed by Ristan following the cold years of Tundrazar.

Disagreeing with Chief Ristan's overall recovery plan, a physical brawl suddenly breaks out over the topic between Chancellor Lambrin; his elder brother, and Ristan's sassy supportive treasurers; Nirala and Cambridge announcing the game plan. Antagonizing Lambrin's traditional family value stream during the reconstruction debate, the Viking brothers suddenly look to each other unable to settle the resolve escalating over conflicting moral ideas. Disappointed in his brother's lack of support to uphold their core family values just to gain financial prestige and power, sensitive Lambrin having heard enough, decides to quietly evacuate the premise in disbelief, after overhearing the final restructure verdict plans.

Hours later Ristan's inquisitive wife Margrum; a crop farmer and her two restless children; Olcan and Zulara pulled from an ancient school, suddenly enter the stone structure, trailing behind Chancellor Lambrin who brought the family in to monitor what's emotionally going on with Ristan. Inside we see a festive gathering revolving around Ristan conversing with "plan-excited" local authorities on his golden throned chair in the middle. Arguing with Ristan over his ethical direction to restore gold and silver trading posts to the region which would compromise traditional agricultural farming operations and phase out labor opportunities for the poor lower noble class, Ristan unconsciously mimicking the ideological domineering ways of his father's legacy, suddenly slaps his wife to the ground. Trying to defend her verbally, Lambrin and his family are suddenly grabbed by Ristan's ordered legislative guards equipped with jeweled swords. Taken to the Dungeons of Jipstone via spiraling stairs located directly below Chief Ristan's assembly lobby, Margrum and Lambrin scream out to the guards "injustice will not prevail", as they are tossed together forcefully into a barred prison chamber to silence their beliefs. Taking her crying children away due to vacancy issues, the guards present swiveling Olcan and Zulara to their father celebrating upstairs.

Emphatically trying to collect information from his elder son and daughter regarding their mother's hatred of him, the fearful siblings refuse to reply to any of his demanding questions. Offended, yet non-violent, impatient Chief Ristan orders comical guards; Kabor and Fabon to take the children to his ecologists near the river's edge, who are trying to reveal the mystery of why non-native pesty dragons whom used to forge on human fecal waste matter in the village of Trenaz have infested Elphorado after the ice age. With a physiological aim to demonstrate to his children who's the dominant tribal leader of Virago, Olcan and Zulara are suddenly slaved to work downslope under the supervision of petulant naturalist Viking scout; Nadgar. Camping near the rocky river's edge with his research team as Chief Ristan's sword-equipped guards patrol this lower hilly southern zone, Olcan and Zulara days later begin experiencing terrifying flashback dreams of their father physically abusing their mother. Unable to cope with the sibling's restless behavior throughout the day as they constantly disobey Nadgar's slaved orders and commands, disgusted assistant Viking Batou from the research team decides to hike upslope to tell their father the news, as we see in the backdrop dragons from Trenaz submerge from the skies into the river of Elphorado.

Returning back to the Elphorado camp zone of Volgar Valley by horses, Chief Ristan and Batou find out from Nadgar who had temporarily been collecting some meal forging herbs off-site, that his children have escaped. Discovering they had been experiencing hallucinations and abnormal behavior during the river ecosystem discovery tour, Ristan questions "why". Unable to understand the logic initially, Ristan sensing in the back of his mind that it had something to do with his past actions, decides to cover his guilt stating “their mother would always harass them if they never ate up her cooking". Unaware of the direction they took, Ristan screaming at Nadgar, orders several Viking nomad researchers and guards to search the slopes via foot. Anticipating they’re on their way to rescue their mother, Ristan and a few of his guards coordinating their search efforts, decide to journey back upslope to Jipstone Ledge. Troubled by his father's abusive history which he kept secret from his wife and family, Ristan struggling psychologically to reveal that he was molested during his childhood, for fear it could demolish his chief status and father's family name in front of the Virago tribe, finds a way to shake off his train of thought and re-focus on the search effort.

Departing late behind the crew with his stallion, Ristan with an honored goal in mind to protect the family linage legacy, admits to his psyche that he was wrong and needs to change his paternal behavior so that Olcan and Zulara will want to inherit his generational status into adulthood when he passes. Suddenly spotting a group of aggressive male territorial Trenaz Dragons fighting over a female Komodo-fly mate nesting within Nadgar's medieval structured sailboat, a swiveling air battle, unfortunately, destroys some of Ristan's boats. Reversing direction to protect his precious assets, Ristan grabs an abandoned ax left in the forest and charges the scene to scare them off. Looking up into the sky curiously on his sailboat at the battle unfolding, he suddenly witnesses his two children caught in the crossfire; Olcan held in the mouth of the female Komodo-fly and Zulara caught in the mouth of a victorious male Trenaz Dragon. Screaming at them that father is here to save you, Ristan with no way to take flight decides to throw his ax into the chest of the female fly-beast above. Killing it in flight, his son Olcan suddenly crashes into the river of Elphorado.

Unable to save his daughter Zulara, Ristan's paternal instinct forces him to dive into the fast-flowing river. Swimming for his life to save his only son head above water before drifting Olcan enters a steep cliffside waterfall miles down the valley, we see the angry dragon losing his only female, charge Ristan swimming in the river. Saving Olcan in the final moments riding a broken sequoia log after waving off the dragons’ attack, the two breathlessly manage to swim back to the southern coastline of Virago for safety. Compressing the water out of his chest, his son suddenly awakens from the pressure. Forging on herbs and berries to quench their hunger, he tells Olcan sincerely in tears that he's sorry and to please forgive his past actions. Accepting his father's emotional plea, the two hug each other compassionately as attention shifts timely to rescue Zulara. Returning back to his abandoned stallion half a mile west on the gravelly river shores, the two suddenly are attacked by the same dragon flying overhead. Knocked off their horse from the impact, they temporarily lose consciousness as the male dragon holding Zulara in its mouth shoots back into the sky.

Luckily awakening minutes later, they spot the same fluorescent dragon from a distance fearfully drop Zulara on the northern grassy side of the river, as the adolescent dragon is suddenly swallowed alive by an alpha male three times its size. Screaming at Zulara from the other side of the river who cannot hear them, to take refuge in the forest canopy, a shadowy figure suddenly appears out of the vegetation. Grabbed by an armored Notelham Knight carrying a spear, living on the northern side that detests what Ristan did in the past to his people, along with his anti-Notelham governing policies after the formation of the river, the two witness Zulara's mouth suddenly roped. Spotting a neck medallion Ristan gave Zulara on her birthday, the mysterious Knight holding the medallion up, seems to understand she's family of enemy rival Ristan. Taken by force into the rainforest canopy, Zulara vanishes out of sight. Responsible for her life at stake and unable to save her on his own, Ristan accepting personal blame, decides the two will head back to Jipstone's prison chamber to free his family, reestablish the bond with his wife and Lambrin, and gather an army rebellion that will hopefully coordinate a way to help him rescue Zulara. To be continued...


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