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The train always returns (NGU HA CUU)

The train always returns

By NGUYEN TRUNG HIEU Published 20 days ago 2 min read
The train always returns (NGU HA CUU)
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Chapter 1:

What does it feel like to be close to death? Ngu Ha Cuu was lucky enough to experience it once. ----- The feeling of loneliness was extremely strong, loneliness surrounded him, the wind could not penetrate, making people suffocate. All senses are immersed in a dark space, gradually moving away from reality. He scrolled through each stream of life's memories, old things he had experienced appeared like turning lights... Fear, doubt, panic, his heart kept tightening, as if in just a second it would stop beating. . It turns out that the memories that are replayed when about to die are real, so this is what death feels like. You're about to die. Ngu Ha Cuu was extremely alert and realized his own situation at this moment. No, you are not willing to just die like that! He still had too many problems he couldn't think of and couldn't clarify. ---- In the end, it's someone who is filled with malice, continuously placing all obstacles in your life's path, making everything you do become useless, until you can't help but give up. ? In the end, who caused his grandfather's illness to get worse and worse, until now he is still in a coma? Who exactly... Wants to kill you?

These thoughts were like a rushing tide rushing into his mind, engulfing and swallowing him. As if realizing that he was unwilling, the dense black curtain shook violently, slowly surrounding him... Before losing consciousness, Ngu Ha Cuu smiled bitterly and thought, if he died, what would happen to his grandfather's hospital bills? Who comes to pay? Without money, won't the hospital remove grandpa's breathing tube? Ngu Ha Cuu did not expect that he would wake up again at the last minute. The black curtain that made people suffocate suddenly receded. He was like a drowning man who was lucky enough to be picked up on shore in time. He opened his eyes, his heart pounding like a drum, his chest rising and falling.

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  • NGUYEN TRUNG HIEU (Author)20 days ago

    What do you think about this story? Do you want to read the next part?

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