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The Time-Traveler's Quest for Justice

Unmasking Her Father's Killer

By Ryan HidayatPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
The Time-Traveler's Quest for Justice
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Kina had always been a curious child. Growing up in a small, quiet town, she often found herself daydreaming about far-off places and fantastical adventures. But when she stumbled upon her father's old journal in the dusty attic one fateful summer day, her life took a chilling turn.

The journal was a worn leather-bound tome filled with cryptic symbols and sketches of strange machines. As she flipped through the pages, Kina's heart raced with excitement and trepidation. Her father had been a brilliant scientist, always tinkering with inventions that seemed more like science fiction than reality. But what struck her the most were the detailed entries about his secret project - a time machine.

Kina had always believed her father died in a tragic accident when she was just a baby. But as she read his journal, she began to suspect otherwise. The entries hinted at a darker truth: her father had been murdered, and he had been on the brink of discovering his killer's identity.

Determined to uncover the truth and bring her father's killer to justice, Kina decided to finish what her father had started. She would build the time machine and travel back in time to save her father's life and unmask the murderer.

With the help of her father's notes and her own budding scientific skills, Kina worked tirelessly day and night. It took years of trial and error, but eventually, she completed the time machine. It was a clunky, metallic contraption with wires and tubes sticking out in every direction, but it worked.

Taking a deep breath, Kina stepped into the machine. She set the date to the day her father died and pulled the lever. The world around her blurred, and she felt herself hurtling through time.

When the machine finally came to a stop, Kina found herself in a dimly lit alleyway. The air was thick with an eerie silence, broken only by the distant sound of footsteps echoing off the cobblestone streets. She had arrived in the past, and her heart pounded with anticipation and fear.

Kina followed the sound of the footsteps, her senses on high alert. As she turned a corner, she saw a man in a long coat, his face hidden beneath the shadows of his hat. Something about him sent a shiver down her spine. It was the way he moved, the way he seemed to blend seamlessly into the darkness.

She knew she had to be cautious. Kina trailed the mysterious figure from a distance, watching as he entered a dimly lit tavern. She slipped inside and took a seat in the corner, keeping her eyes trained on the man.

Hours passed as Kina watched and waited. The man seemed to be meeting with various shady characters, exchanging hushed words and suspicious packages. Kina's anxiety grew with each passing moment. Was one of these people her father's killer?

Just as she was about to lose hope, the man in the long coat stood up and made his way toward the exit. Kina's heart raced as she followed him back into the alleyway. This was her chance to confront him, to demand answers, to bring her father's killer to justice.

She confronted the man, her voice trembling as she asked, "Did you kill my father?"

The man turned to face her, his eyes cold and calculating. "What are you talking about, girl?" he growled.

Kina was about to respond when she noticed something glinting in the man's hand - a knife. Before she could react, he lunged at her, and they struggled in the dimly lit alley.

Desperation and fear coursed through Kina as she fought to defend herself. With a surge of adrenaline, she managed to disarm the man and push him away. He stumbled backward and fell to the ground, gasping for breath.

Kina looked down at the man and saw a look of recognition in his eyes. "You're... you're not supposed to be here," he muttered, his voice filled with disbelief.

But before Kina could press him further, something strange happened. The world around her began to ripple and distort, and she felt herself being pulled backward through time. She tried to hold on, to stay in the past and confront her father's killer, but it was futile.

When Kina finally came to a stop, she found herself back in her own time, standing in front of the time machine. Her heart sank as she realized she had failed. She hadn't been able to unmask her father's killer or bring him to justice.

Tears welled up in Kina's eyes as she realized the truth. The man in the long coat had recognized her because she had seen him before, in a faded old photograph hidden in her father's journal. He was her father's colleague and friend, someone she had trusted all along.

Overwhelmed by grief and betrayal, Kina knew that she had to do something. She couldn't let her father's killer go unpunished. But the time machine was broken, and she had no way of returning to the past.

Determined to find another way, Kina began researching her father's life and the people he had associated with. She delved into his old journals and correspondence, hoping to uncover any clue that would lead her to the truth.

As the years passed, Kina's obsession with her father's murder consumed her. She became a recluse, spending long hours poring over dusty tomes and deciphering ancient texts. She would stop at nothing to unmask her father's killer and bring him to justice.

But the deeper she dug, the more disturbing the revelations became. It seemed that her father had been involved in dark and mysterious experiments, ones that had drawn the attention of powerful and dangerous individuals. Kina realized that her quest for justice was leading her down a treacherous path, one filled with secrets and lies that threatened to consume her.

Haunted by her father's past and tormented by the knowledge that the man she had trusted had betrayed her, Kina descended into madness. She became convinced that her only way to find justice was to build a new time machine, one that would allow her to travel back to the past and confront her father's killer once and for all.

As Kina toiled away in her hidden laboratory, the line between reality and delusion blurred. She became obsessed with the idea that time was a weapon, one she could wield to avenge her father's death. But in her quest for justice, she lost sight of her own humanity, becoming a prisoner of the very darkness she sought to defeat.

In the end, Kina's obsession consumed her, and she disappeared into the depths of her own madness. Her quest for justice became a never-ending nightmare, a time-traveler's descent into the darkness of her own soul, leaving her forever haunted by the ghost of her father's killer.


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Crafting captivating microcosms of imagination. 📚✨ | Short Fiction Weaver | Unveiling unseen worlds in every tale. 🌟 #ShortFiction #Storyteller

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Great work! Fantastic job!

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