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The Time Pickpocket

Micro Heist

By M DannenfelserPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
The Time Pickpocket
Photo by pawel szvmanski on Unsplash

Rhea was no ordinary thief. She held a peculiar skill: an ability to steal time. With a brush of a hand, a fleeting glance, she could pocket unnoticed seconds from a yawn, overlooked minutes from an idle stare, and tuck them neatly into her own lifespan.

Her life was an ever-expanding tapestry of pilfered moments, seamlessly woven into a vibrant masterpiece. No one noticed the missing threads of time, no one, until she met Artus.

Artus was a chronomancer, a time seer. He saw the river of time and all its hidden eddies and whirlpools. And he saw Rhea. Her temporal thievery didn't escape his keen gaze: instead, it intrigued him.

A clandestine dance began between them, a chess game played across the board of time. Every encounter was a silent battle, an elusive competition of stolen moments and reclaimed seconds.

The game reached its crescendo when Rhea dared to swipe an entire day. Artus didn't age, but he remembered. He remembered every stolen laugh, every lost sigh, every shared secret.

Confronted, Rhea returned his stolen day, her cheeks flushed, his eyes twinkling. Their contest ended, but in its place, something else had blossomed. Their time, stolen or not, was best spent with each other.

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About the Creator

M Dannenfelser

Married Midwesterner who loves reading, writing, and cats.

Part-time daydreamer, full-time nerd.

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