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The Techobox

Enter the Cyberzone

By Kylecovey SmithPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 14 min read

It was June 8th and Lance Hardy was celebrating his 14th birthday with his best friends Tommy, Jaden, Miguel by playing the brand-new football video game in his den.

"Happy birthday amigo", said Miguel.

"Thanks Miguel. I appreciate the presents you guys. A new Madden NFL 2k23 from you, a mint condition Michael Jackson Thriller CD from Jaden and a WWE Championship replica from Tommy. What more can I guy ask for?", Zhane said excitedly.

Then the boys heard the doorbell.

"Could one of you get the door. I'm in the zone right now and Tommy doesn't stand a chance".

"No, it's your house", said Jaden.

"Please it's a Patriots vs Jets match, and I don't wanna lose this game", Lance pleaded.

The doorbell ranged again

"Dude just pause it", said Miguel.

"Ugh fine I'll get it. The game is lagging anyway. Make sure Tommy doesn't cheat".

"Hey", yelled Tommy.

Lance opened the door and was shocked to see a black futuristic drone hovering over his doorstep.

"What in the world".

The drone flew away and Lance looked down to see a blue box covered in silver stars with a lightning bolt in the middle.

Lance stared at the mysterious box and saw his name addressed to it.

"This is for me?"

Lance struggled to open it as he walked back in.

"Who was at the door? And what's with the wonder woman box", asked Jaden.

"No one. Just some weird drone that dropped off this box, but it won't open".

"Well, who sent it to you", asked Jaden.

"It didn't say".

"Hey, are we gonna finish our game or what", Tommy asked.

"Chill dude. Don't you wanna know what's inside", asked Miguel.

"Not really. Right now, I just wanna kick Lance's butt in Madden. We can see what's inside later".

"Can I see it for a minute Lance", said Jaden.

"Sure, be my guest".

Jaden tried to open the box himself but couldn't. He then got a screwdriver and tried to pry it open but to no success.

"Dang this sucker is sealed".

He shook the box and heard something rattling in it.

"Well, there is definitely something inside", said Lance

"Wow we're seriously paying more attention to a dumb box than playing NFL huh", Tommy said scornfully.

"Oh, come on Tommy. A fancy box like this could have gold, jewels or cold hard cash inside", said Miguel.

"Yeah right".

"Hey if it's one of those things I'll split it with all of you", said Lance.

Tommy's face lit up.

"Really", he asked.

"Duh, it wouldn't be a happy birthday if I was the only one enjoying what was inside".

Tommy shot up from his seat and grabbed the box from Miguel.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get this bad boy open", he exclaimed.

"We'll pull from both ends", said Lance.

The four boys pulled the blue box from opposite sides with all their might. Then suddenly the box became hot like fire and the boys flung it to the wall.

"Aahh", screamed Jaden.

"Hot, hot, hot", yelled Lance.

"What kind of box is that? Did we hit an on switch or something", asked Tommy.

"Um guys, there's sparks coming from the box", said Miguel nervously.

Lance, Tommy, Miguel and Jaden stared at the box that was reacting like firecrackers. Soon they heard thunder pounding and wind screeching like crazy.

"How can there be thunder and wind? It's clear as day outside", said Jaden.

"I'm getting really scared now guys", said Tommy.

Sparks of red, blue, green, and silver lightning swirled around the den. The sparks formed into animal shapes resembling a Jaguar, a Wolf, an Eagle and a Rhino.

The lightning bolts struck the four boys, and a twister of electricity sucked them into the box.

Lance's Mom walked in from the front door with his birthday cake from Publix.

"Alright who's ready for some birthday...cake. Now where did those boys go?"

Lance and his friends were free falling through a seemingly endless pit that resembled computer software.

"This is scary and awesome at the same time", yelled Tommy.

"So, you call free falling to our deaths awesome", asked Lance.

"Oh yeah I didn't realize that".

The four boys fell through a portal and landed in a futuristic world with each one wearing armor that was the same color as the lightning bolts that struck them.

"Where in the world are we", asked Miguel.

"I don't think we're in our world Miguel", Jaden replied.

"It looks like the Quantum Realm from the Avengers", said Tommy.

"Hey, I don't know about you guys, but I am digging the silver armor", said Jaden.

"That freaky box must have brought us here. We just need to figure out how to get home", said Lance.

"Well how do you propose we do that brainiac", asked Tommy.

The box suddenly fell from the air and hit Tommy on the head.

"Ow", he yelled.

Jaden, Lance and Miguel snickered at their friend's misfortune.

"It's not funny. What is this thing anyway", asked Tommy.

"It is called the Techobox."

A white female robot appeared behind the boys.

"Who are you", asked Lance.

"I am Star. That device you hold is called the Techobox it is what brought you to the Cyberzone."

"The Cyberzone", Jaden said confusingly.

"I believe it is called the internet in your world", said Star.

"Wait your saying we've been sucked into the internet", asked Tommy.


"Guys don't you realize we're face to face with a real live robot", Miguel said excitedly.

"Technically I am a digitized program of artificial intelligence called a Sentinoid", said Star.

"So, you're a living computer program. But why are we here and how do we get home", asked Lance.

"A being named Dynamo threatens to infect the entire internet with a malware that will devastate every computer system around the world, including the Pentagon. Even firewalls can't stop him because he has the unusual ability to eat them. That is why the drone delivered the Technobox to your house because it detected your skills in technology and the Cybeast that all four of you possess", said Star.

"So, we were brought here to fight a computer virus", asked Jaden.

"Well, this isn't how I imagined my birthday to play out", said Lance.

"Nope, there is no way I'm about to be deleted by a freaking virus", said Tommy.

"Now guys hold on. If the internet is at risk of being wiped out by a computer code eating virus and we were chosen to stop it, then we need to do that", said Miguel.

"Come to think of it. That would explain why our phones and the game we were playing would lag like crazy", Lance.

"I must inform you that the Technobox is the only way you can return to your world. But Dynamo is absorbing data and spreading his virus as we speak," said Star.

"Great so we're stuck here until we beat this guy", said Tommy.

"Star you mentioned something called a Cybeast. What's that", asked Jaden

"They are your digital spirits. The Technobox granted you their power when all four of you opened it together".

"So, the lightning that struck us were the Cybeasts", said Miguel.

"Yes. Miguel, you have the Red Eagle, and your weapon is the Eagle Ax. Tommy, you have the Green Rhino, your weapon is the Rhino Hammer. Jaden, you have the Silver Jaguar, your weapon is the Jaguar Scythe. And Lance you have the Blue Wolf, your weapon is the Wolf Blade".

"Gotta say this beats Madden by a longshot. But I'm still not sure if I wanna go face to face with a virus", said Tommy.

"Tommy if this thing infects the internet that means no more video games, YouTube or TikTok", said Miguel.

Tommy's eyes stretched in surprised.

"Let's not waste any more time Star, we have a mission".

"Where is this Dynamo guy anyway", asked Lance.

"In his kingdom: Mount Viro. That is where his absorbing the internet's data.

"How do we get there", asked Jaden.

"The Technobox has just enough power to grant you vehicles. It will be drained after that so you must delete Dynamo to restore its full strength".

Star focused her mind on the Technobox, as it began to glow and create hovercars out of pure data for the team.

"Sweet we get to drive before we turn 16", said Miguel.

Suddenly a giant earthquake happened and created a huge rift in the ground.

"Whoa earthquakes even happen in internet", said Tommy.

"Dynamo's virus is depleting the Cyberzone as we speak. Please you must hurry and stop him", said Star.

"Don't worry Star we'll bust this virus", said Lance.

"The Technobox is computer data now and it's infected by the malware. We beat Dynamo, its power is restored, and we go home", said Miguel.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's save the internet", exclaimed Jaden.

"Be warned, this is no video game. The danger you face in the Cyberzone is very real. The same misfortunes that happen on Earth, can happen here too", said Star.

Tommy gulped.

"Okay, no pressure".

The four friends entered their hovercars a flew off to Mount Viro at high speed.

"Good Luck", said Star.

"Whoa these hovercars beat go karting by a longshot", exclaimed Jaden.

"You said it Jaden. Nascar's got nothing on us", Tommy replied.

Miguel glanced at Lance who was in a deep thought.

"What's up Lance", he asked.

"Star said the danger we face here is just like Earth, and we have no idea what we're up against. What if we don't make out of this alive?"

"Don't even think that dude. Sure, we're fighting a computer virus, but we have the weapons to delete it. If we go down, then we go down fighting together as brothers".

Lance smiled.

"You sure know how to give a pep talk Miguel. Besides there's no way I'm letting a stupid virus ruin my birthday".

"That's the spirit".

The four made it to Mount Viro, a sinister looking mountain surrounded by red lightning.

"This is it boys. We're in the fight of our young lives", said Lance.

"Let's just hope our young lives aren't cut short by a virus", said Jaden.

"We just have to make sure that never happens", said Tommy.

The heroes drove their hovercars to the peak of the Mount Viro and saw demonic spider like creature absorbing the internet's data and releasing malware.

"What the heck is that ugly thing", asked Miguel.

"It looks like something from Lord of the Rings", said Tommy.

"That must be Dynamo. If I had to guess; this mountain is some kind of massive generator that's polluting the Cyberzone with his virus", said Lance.

"So, delete Dynamo. this mountain disappears, and the internet is saved. Simple", Jaden replied.

Dynamo sensed their presence and turned around with a powerful roar.

"The Sentinoid expects four colorful bugs to delete me? Ahaha. Pathetic".

"Okay, anyone else freaked out that he can talk", asked Lance.

"The data must have given him high intelligence", Miguel replied.

"Who cares let's delete this thing already", yelled Jaden.

Jaden charged at Dynamo with his scythe and slashed Dynamo in his knee.

"Nice Shot", said Lance.

Dynamo held his damaged knee and then looked at Jaden with a sinister smile.

"You wanna play? Well let's play!"

Dynamo smacked Jaden into the wall and used his power to summon robot like viruses to attack the others.

"Whoa! Star didn't say anything about fighting robots", yelled Tommy.

"Hehehe. 4 on 1 didn't seem like a fair fight", mocked Dynamo.

"So, what's the plan Lance?", Miguel asked.

"We take them down".

Lance, Miguel, and Tommy charged at the robots and vice versa, with Jaden recovering from Dynamo's hit running right behind them.

A huge battle ensued. Lance with his Wolf Blade used his kendo skills to cut down the viruses. Jaden slashed through the viruses with Jaguar Scythe. Miguel used his Eagle Ax to chop through the robot's power core that gave them energy. Tommy channeled his favorite superhero Thor and smashed the robots by throwing his hammer like a boomerang.

"Man, I love this thing", said Tommy excitedly.

The four defeated all the viruses, with Dynamo staring intensely.

"Are you ready to fight now Dynamo", yelled Lance.

"Fine I'll delete you myself".

Dynamo lunged at Lance with his razor-sharp claws, but the blue warrior held him off.

Tommy, Jaden and Miguel jumped in, and fierce battle between the Cyber Warriors and Dynamo ensued.

The heroes fought with all their might, but Dynamo's power overwhelmed them. Miguel lunged at him with his ax but grabbed him was smashed into the ground. The other three charged and their weapons locked with Dynamo's claws, but he repulsed them with purple lightning.

"There's no beating this guy", said Jaden.

"The next blow from Dynamo might be the final one", said Tommy.

"Would you two shut up and stop thinking like that. We have to win this", said Miguel.

Lance observed the Cyan crystal on Dynamo's chest was the same color as the generator infecting the internet.

"Guys I have an idea. That generator is releasing Dynamo's malware and making him stronger. If we can destroy it, we can finish off Dynamo".

"Well, a direct attack didn't work. Let's try the indirect approach then," said Miguel.

"Worth a shot", said Jaden.

"Good, Tommy you go for the generator while the rest of us hold him off".

"Got it".

"I don't know what you 4 are mumbling about but it's time to end you", yelled Dynamo.

He fired a lightning blast at Lance, but Jaden and Miguel shielded him with the weapons.

"Tommy go", yelled Lance.

Tommy towards the generator.

"Oh no you don't", said Dynamo.

He began to chase Tommy, but the other three dog piled him. Dynamo channeled his power to make the ground crumble from Tommy's feet, who almost fell through a crater.

"Tommy don't give up! We'll hold him off", yelled Jaden.

Lance, Jaden and Miguel relentlessly attacked on Dynamo who struggled to keep up with their assault.

"This can't be happening. I was pounding all of you a few minutes ago", said Dynamo.

"It's called teamwork you dumb virus", said Miguel.

All three damaged charged their weapons and gave a powerful simultaneous blow to Dynamo's chest, that cracked his crystal and brought the virus to his knees.

Tommy climbed his way out of the crater and made it to the generator while his friends held battered Dynamo down.

"Hurry and destroy that thing, Tommy! We can't keep him down much longer", yelled Lance.

"Right", said Tommy.

Tommy raised his Hammer and smashed the generator at full power.

"NOOO", Dynamo screamed.

The crimson atmosphere caused by the malware faded and smoke released from Dynamo's body.

"My malware empire is gone. I feel so weak. You'll pay for this", said Dynamo.

"Big talk for a guy who just loss", said Jaden.

The Technobox began to glow and the auras of the Cybeasts surrounded the four heroes.

"Whoa this energy is a lot more intense than before. What's happening", asked Miguel.

Star suddenly appeared from the sky.

"You restored the Technobox's full power by destroying the Dynamo's generator. Now combine the strength of the Cybeasts to purge this virus once and for all."

"You got it Star. Alright team let's make sure Dynamo deleted for good", said Lance.

"No, I will not be defeated by mere children".

"Dynamo, you're too late. Fire!"


The Cyber Warriors unleashed a powerful energy blast that obliterated Dynamo into nothing but air.

"Phew, we saved the Cyberzone", said Jaden.

"Not bad for a bunch of kids", said Tommy.

"My mom will never believe this", said Lance.

"We just stopped a mega virus from taking over the internet. I don't even believe it", Miguel replied.

Star and other Sentinoids approached the heroes.

"We can't thank you enough for saving the internet. The Technobox definitely made the right choice in choosing you four as the guardians", said Star.

"Ah it was nothing. This was better than any video game I ever played", said Tommy.

"The internet or the Cyberzone in your case belongs to everyone in the world Star. We're glad we could stop Dynamo from ruining it", said Lance.

The Technobox began to glow again and the Cybeast powers returned to the box.

"Ahh, I really liked the Red Eagle", said Miguel.

"The Cybeasts job is done but you'll always be connected to them through the Technobox, and they will return whenever you need them.

The Technobox opened a portal to Earth and the heroes said their farewells to Star.

"Time for us to go Star", said Jaden.

"See ya", Lance.

"Goodbye my friends and thank you once again".

The four friends warped through the vortex and dropped into Lance's den with their Madden game still on pause.

"Best birthday ever", said Lance.

"You sure know how to make a day exciting Lance", said Miguel.

"Yeah, playing Madden will be lame compared to what we went through", said Tommy.

Lance placed the Technobox on the shelf.

"Whenever we need to use this again it'll be right here".

"Hey, it's your birthday and we saved the internet. We need to celebrate", Jaden said excitedly.

Lance's mom walked in with a big chocolate cake in her hand.

"Oh, I was wondering where you boys went. Who's ready for cake?"

The four friends looked at each other and smiled.

"Well boys, let's celebrate with some cake", exclaimed Lance.

The heroes ran into the kitchen with big hearts knowing the Cyberzone is safe.

The end.

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Kylecovey Smith

Historian, Linguist, Author (Voyages of the 997 & The Method Mission), YouTuber/TikToker (Master Mojo) and now Vocal writer enjoy and critique my writing as please.

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  • Lorraine Bridges 2 months ago

    Genius thinking, good writing and storytelling. Aside from a few errors, it is a great story that really makes one think about the future of the internet. Keep up the good work.

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