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The Talking Penguins Christmas

Three Talking Penguins search for a Christmas Tree

By John Matthews Published 3 years ago 4 min read
Harvey and Mumbles

Once upon a time, there lived three penguins named Harvey, Mumbles, and Pierre. They were staying at their Aunt Mimi house in Boynton Beach, Florida. These penguins were not ordinary penguins. Harvey, Mumbles, and Pierre were talking penguins. They grew up in Antarctica and ran away from home and were later adopted. Harvey lived with Aunt Mimi, Mumbles with Aunt Marie, and Pierre with Aunt Pauline. These Penguins were staying with their Aunt Mimi for the Christmas holidays. Christmas was their favorite holiday. The three penguins enjoy spending time with Aunt Mimi and wanted to get a real Christmas tree to decorate. Aunt Mimi decided to take them out to find a tree at Christmas Tree Village.

The three penguins got in the car started to ride with Aunt Mimi. Mumbles started chanting “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” Aunt Mimi said “No” as the traffic came to a stop and the highway was one big parking lot. Pierre looked at Aunt Mimi and said “Now what?” A cop car and ambulance sped by on the side of the road. Harvey said “What’s gone on here? The penguins and Aunt Mimi were stuck in traffic. Aunt Mimi said “It looks like it’s an accident.” Mumbles said “I hope no one is hurt”. The penguins began to feel frustrated and felt they would not make it to the Christmas Tree Village. Harvey, Mumbles, and Pierre felt like they wouldn’t get a Christmas tree this year. The three penguins were sad and Mumbles started to cry. Aunt Mimi told they not to worry and that they would have plenty of time to pick out a tree. She turned the radio knob to Christmas tunes. The three penguins started singing along. Before they knew it, the traffic was cleared and they were on moving again. The penguins yelled “Yeah! We’re moving now.” After about 20 minutes the penguins and Aunt Mimi arrived at the Christmas Tree Village.

There were so many trees all over. Some were big ones, little ones, and big chubby ones too. The penguins. Harvey, Mumbles, and Pierre didn’t know what to do. “Look Aunt Mimi, I found our tree” said Mumbles excitedly. Aunt Mimi, replied “that tree is too big to get in our house.” It was 7-footer. The penguins continued looking for a tree. Pierre saw another tree a little less tall and wider. He yelled “How about this tree?” Aunt Mimi said “It has a bare spot on the right side.” Harvey, Mumbles, and Pierre continue walking down the paths looking for trees. They then seen a tree up in distance. “Harvey yelled “Is this the one?” It was about 6 feet tall and branches were soft and fresh of pine needles. Aunt Mimi said “that’s the one” The three penguins tried to pick it up but couldn’t get it out of the ground. Aunt Mimi laughed and said “you have to get the workers to cut it down.” The workers came over with an axe to cut the tree down. The one man told Aunt Mimi and the penguins to move and yelled “Timber” as the tree went plop and fell to the ground. He grabbed the tree and took it to front to be tied up. Mumbles, said “How do we get it home?” Aunt Mimi said “we tie it to the top of the car.” The two workers wrapped up the tree and placed it on the top of the car. Aunt Mimi paid, and they were on their way back home.

The three penguins and Aunt Mimi arrived home; they all untied the tree and tried to get it through the door. Mumbles Said “it doesn’t fit, what do we do now?” Aunt Mimi said “you silly guys, you have to turn the tree on its side.” The three penguins turned the tree over on its side and were able to get it through the door. They set up the tree in the living room. Aunt Mimi brought up box of lights and decorations. The 4ft little penguins decorated the bottom of the tree as they were too short to reach the middle and top. Aunt Mimi put on the blinking snowflake lights. Pierre reached in and found an ornament with three penguins and their names were Mumbles, Pierre, and Harvey. Harvey said “that’s our names” and put it on the tree. Mumbles said “I want to decorate the top and put the star on but can’t reach.” Aunt Mimi picked him up and he placed the star on the tree. The three penguins were happy and excited that Santa was coming tonight. They hung their stockings up by the warm cozy fire place. Aunt Mimi said “Don’t forget to put cookies and milk out for Santa” Harvey, Mumbles and Pierre could smell and taste the fresh cookies Aunt Mimi was baking. They placed the fresh snickerdoodle cookies under the Christmas tree with a glass of milk and went into their bedrooms. Aunt Mimi came in and tucked them in their beds. She said “you guys had a long day. Get some sleep we have a big day tomorrow” The Penguins drifted into sleep with dreams floating in their head full of excitement at what they would get for Christmas tomorrow.

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John Matthews

I am a Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, and Actor. I have recorded to CD's back 2004 and 2006. I also recently released two singles last year and currently working on an EP. I enjoying excercising, reading, writing stories & poems.

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