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The Tales of the Alhambra

A Story Told by the Walls

By Jesus PizarroPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
The Tales of the Alhambra
Photo by Isak Gundrosen on Unsplash

"If walls could talk," I would have so many tales to tell. I am the ancient brick wall of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. I have seen centuries of history unfold before my eyes, from the reign of the Moors to the Spanish Inquisition, to the tourists that visit me today.

In the days of the Moors, I was adorned with intricate carvings and frescoes, showcasing the wealth and power of the ruling empire. I witnessed secret meetings in the palace, where political decisions were made that would shape the future of the country. The whispers of courtesans and the laughter of royalty echoed through my halls, reminding me of a time of luxury and splendor.

However, as the Spanish conquered Granada, the mood in the palace changed. The Christian conquerors defaced my walls, erasing the symbols of the previous religion and culture. I was witness to the violence and fear that filled the palace, as the Spanish Inquisition hunted down anyone who defied their beliefs. I saw families torn apart, lives ruined, and the once-beautiful palace reduced to a place of oppression and sorrow.

But time moved on, and the palace was eventually forgotten. It was not until the 19th century that I was rediscovered, and the world marveled at the beauty that had been hidden within my walls. I watched as people from all over the world came to see the grand palace, to stand in awe of the intricate arches and ornate ceilings. I am proud to be a part of history, to have seen so much and to have withstood the test of time.

"If walls could talk," I would tell you that the Alhambra is more than just a building, it is a symbol of the rich history of Spain, of the struggles and triumphs of a people. And although I am just a wall, I am a part of that story, a silent witness to the events that have shaped this world.

"If walls could talk," I would tell you that my story is far from over. I still see the comings and goings of visitors, the laughter and tears of those who pass by. I have seen marriages celebrated and lives mourned within the walls of this palace. I have heard the sounds of music, the shuffling of feet, and the whispers of secrets.

But despite all that I have seen, there is one event that will always stand out in my memory. It was a night like any other, the moon was high in the sky, and the palace was quiet. But suddenly, I heard the sound of footsteps, the quiet whispers of two people who were trying to keep their voices low.

They approached the entrance to the palace, and I could see that they were a young couple. The man was dressed in a suit, and the woman was wearing a beautiful gown. They looked so in love, their eyes only for each other. The man took the woman's hand, and they stepped inside.

I watched as they walked through the halls, their steps echoing in the silent palace. And then, the man got down on one knee, and he pulled out a small box. The woman's hand covered her mouth in surprise, and tears welled up in her eyes. The man opened the box, and I saw a sparkling ring inside. He took her hand, and he said the words that I will never forget.

"Will you marry me?"

The woman's answer was a resounding yes, and they embraced, their laughter ringing through the halls. And as I watched them walk away, hand in hand, I was filled with a sense of wonder and joy.

"If walls could talk," I would tell you that this palace, this place that has seen so much, has also seen the beauty of love and happiness. And as I stand here, a silent witness to it all, I am grateful for the memories, and I look forward to what the future will bring.

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  • Jesus Pizarro (Author)25 days ago

    Thank you I’m glad you enjoyed it

  • Donna Fox28 days ago

    I enjoyed the perspective you took for these wall. I like the historical facts you were able to sprinkle in but still keep the story engage. I love that you kept it short and sweet, very well written!

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