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The striptease venum


By Valentina SavagePublished 7 months ago 5 min read

It was wanted in advance. Well, that's the impression it gave. She, a stripper. But just ''waiting''. Waiting for what? I didn't dare ask.

Ah if my mother knew... How could she still have power over me, even so many kilometers away? I stayed. Only to prove to myself that here I could be anyone. A princess who blazes her heritage, why not? A princess certainly, but not a doll, on the other hand. How did she manage to move like this, as if she were made of something other than me. She bewitched me more than I dared to admit.

How could she manage to attract them all. Her buttocks, her breasts, her way of strolling around the stage with such slowness and such speed at the same time, wasn't that an emergency of elegance? That was how she managed to pay for her food. And I was still thinking about what she had said to the guy sitting next to me. ''Why such a beautiful woman decides to do this dirty job''. I had no idea, but he seemed to want to save her. I think she just responded tactfully, to let him languish until the next time. ''Waiting for''...

One foot in front of the other in her lace-up heeled boots, she dominated the scene. She smiled meanly and immediately continued. She waltzed against the pole, ignoring the large mirrors behind the stage. I liked to see her move in all directions. It was hot! The men threw money at her naked body. The floor was covered with it. I sent even more!

As I was spending, I was invited forward. I smirked, trying to meet his gaze. Was it an insult, like felines before a deadly fight? She didn't look at me, nothing to do. At the tables, she spoke in slow motion, and her tongue danced like a rattlesnake. It was sexy, and scary. I finally caught her eye.

Such a look so calm, but so cold that it was cruel. Maybe she thought I would soon be the new version of herself? It wasn't just that, I could see in all these attempts not to look at me, much less than cruelty. It's as if a woman, in this environment of men, was an affront, or even worse, an ultimate seduction. I have nothing more to see. And the firecrackers exploded, there were several twinkling sticks in the room. She sent kisses in all directions, and even one towards me. She winked at me. What? I was very wrong...

There was nothing indifferent or even wild about this wink. I was left speechless, my mouth ajar, a question mark in my eyes. Half a second later, I gave her a little smile with his head down, which faded immediately. Me too, I like to play. Was it just that, the striptease: a sequence of roles, to please, and get rich?

If it was only that... The more the glasses followed, the more I fidgeted, until I was dancing in the crowd. The alcohol had untied my feet, and I finally understood why I was wearing such a gorgeous sparkly dress. It was good to show me off. She invited me onto the stage. That's when I stopped thinking.

I had fun being the doll for a song or two, just to play the role. I loved this experience, but especially the woman with me on the course. It lasted quite a few minutes. I don't know exactly how long. Time was no measure in this kind of situation. She grabbed my hand and spun me around. She had made me dance, and I was a sort of well-shod puppet. I had several assets, but I rarely managed to move them so ostentatiously... I quickly got back down in my seat to make room for him.

She calls herself Ladorada. I wanted to know more. She seemed to be the opposite of what I represented. How dare I imagine her with broom shoes and a spikey tutu with such a pout in her face. Oops... That was me. Haha. She would probably rip the disguise off to reveal candy pink lingerie. Who was she really behind her showman's makeup?

One thing was certain, she probably knew nothing less than a life of sensuality and extravagance. My interest was more of an obsession, actually, almost adoration. It wasn't love, one thing for sure, because it was impossible to love someone unknown, that I knew. I had always believed that I liked men more than women, but she still attracted me like a magnet. I had the right to, but it bothered me. I adored her.

I decided to push the experience even further. I stayed until closing time, further back this time. At the back of the bar, lost in thought, I was barely responding to a more than intoxicated young man who was telling me the sad love story he had just experienced, a real Hollywood breakup. It's not that I didn't want to listen to him, but my head was somewhere else, again. Ladorada...

And that was the end. The music died down, and the dancers, after a few flights of kisses, left the room. I think the barmaid had seen clearly: I was waiting for her. I wanted to know her more. Who was she?

We had connected so much earlier to the sound of music, and its bewitching venom was still flowing through my veins. I watched the last dancer exit. My face had to speak for itself, because the bartender told me, as if it often happened: ''You know my dear, it's nothing personal. The dancers always leave without the customers. It's like that. I saw you on the stage. It was breathtaking. You should come back more often, but for tonight, it's dead.''

I barely remember the taxi ride, I who usually had my eyes glued to the window. I was still looking in that direction, but this time I saw nothing more than lights, colors, flashes. I fell asleep on the bed in my hotel room, before I even took my shoes off. The last thing I thought before falling asleep was that I'll keep my shoes on ''until'' I have enough strength to take them off... And her, what was she waiting for?


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Valentina Savage

I like disaster stories. Naughty, strange, or romantic. Read me and subscrive. Thank you!

Valentina Savage x

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