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The Story of My Dog Lucky

by DanilBos 2 months ago in Fable
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I was particularly sad recently because I gave lucky away from his home.

lucky was a family dog, or to be more precise, a schnauzer puppy that I had. For various reasons, I recently returned him to his original owner. The original thought that this is a best way out, but I can not imagine that this owner did not keep a few days to give it to a stranger, worse is the stranger adopted not more than a month, lucky is unknown, life and death is not known. I was so upset and regretful that I couldn't let go of it.

I could only pray to the gods: May lucky not fall! Don't be displaced! Don't fall into the clutches of the devil! May lucky be safe! Peace!

The first time I met lucky was seven years ago.

That day, I came to Guangzhou from Zhuhai and met the beige lucky in my son's rented apartment, and later the doctor at the vet told me that it was a chenille breed puppy. The doctor at the vet told me that this is a chenille breed puppy. It is rather aggressive in nature.

But no, the first time I saw it, it jumped at me with teeth and claws, and I was scared out of my mind. It was only after my son drove it away that it gave up on me and retreated to a corner of the house. Over the next few days, although the dog was still wary of me, he stopped being mean to me and soon I was able to live in peace with him. Judging from subsequent behavior, Lucky was very polite to me at that time. I think the reason for this is that he sensed that I was his master's relative. Because dogs have this kind of intelligence.

Soon after, I moved to Guangzhou. Since then, my son has been the boss, leaving lucky to me completely. Although I refused to have a dog a hundred times. There was a time when I was so afraid of dogs, both big and small. The dog in my heart is wolfish, is fierce beyond compare. Every time I meet a dog will definitely hide far away, afraid that a close to it will be torn by it a bite, that is how sad, I am especially afraid of ......

However, luckyy is right under my nose every day, it is hungry I have to feed it dog food, it is thirsty I also have to boil water to it to drink. I wrapped dumplings, but also can not bear to look at it, will also feed it one by one to eat, I cooked soup, will also pick meat to feed it, give it to eat some of the bones it can eat, almost every day also feed some fruit to eat it. Over time, it has completely lifted its guard against me. And me? I got used to it. Every day out to slip it, give it a bath, feed it a variety of food, take it to the vet regularly every year for vaccinations, deworming, haircut, etc.. Later, in order to reduce the trouble, I can also try to give it a haircut. The first time the unevenness of the clipping turned lucky into a clown dog; the second and third time I was able to cut evenly and even well.

So I became lucky's master for seven years ......

lucky is aggressive by nature, but very well behaved at home. No destructive behavior, no chewing things, not on the couch. It is also particularly clingy, it follows where people go, and it lies at my feet when I eat.

lucky does not like to be left out, such as everyone is too busy to care for it, it will be sullen. On the contrary, if he gets attention from his family, he will wag his tail and jump. I said, "Lucky, you are so dirty, come and wipe it. He immediately jumped three times and ran over to me to put his face out, especially good. Whenever we come back from work, it will definitely run and jump around the hall to show its happiness. If sometimes we are late, he will bark at us with an unhappy face to show his protest.

Lucky will also play pity, such as I sit in front of the computer Internet ignoring it, it will sit and lie at my feet to suppress the head with a helpless look at me, if I still ignore it, it can not change position for an hour. This behavior is begging for a hug, it wants me to hug it, so sometimes on the Internet I also hug it. I always take the opportunity to say something simple to him, trying to exercise his ability to listen to me, I use a crossed voice with intonation to say this and that, and then observe his ability to comprehend, found that lucky can still understand a lot of words.

For example, if I forbid him to go on the couch, he may not go on it, but sometimes he sneaks on it. One time, I came back from outside, just opened the door, before people go in, I heard a "thud", the sound was very fast and urgent, and the sound was the sound of jumping from a high place to the ground. When I saw him in front of the sofa, I immediately understood that he had been on the sofa and jumped down from the sofa immediately when he heard me coming back to escape my discipline. This incident made me laugh and cry. There was another time, I disciplined it, it was not convinced, in front of me jumped on the sofa lying on it, but also with eyes looking at me, meaning that I am on the sofa, see how you do it! At that time I really did not have a choice, this incident also made me laugh and cry. Until later, every time I think about this kind of human-like thinking ability of dogs, it makes me wonder.

Although Lucky was a good boy at home, he kept getting me into trouble outside. The things that happened to him that made me laugh are still fresh in my mind.

Because of him, I've had vaccinations, and I've taken two women to get vaccinated; I've offended my neighbors; I've offended the property owner; I've offended the vet.

It was not long after I got it, once slipped it, just out of the house, ran into the neighbor lady came back from a night out, because the two doors are very close, she opened the door when I was locking the door, holding lucky's hand did not shorten the leash in time, a moment of work, lucky towards the neighbor lady, the neighbor lady's calf touched lucky's teeth, there is a red mark. The lady was very frightened by this, for which I was very upset and apologized to her again and again. For safety's sake I proposed to take her to the hospital for rabies vaccination and she agreed to follow me to the nearest tertiary care hospital. After registering for her, we came to the infectious disease department, the doctor looked at the wound and said there was no need to inject the skin, the lady and I were very surprised and happy, that is, relieved to go home. But from then on, the neighbor according to us is not friendly, often say some sarcastic words to me. Later, her family came to the elderly, they are more resistant to lucky, sometimes hear lucky barking, go to the property to reflect, for this property many times ordered me to watch the dog, to avoid affecting the neighbors rest, etc.. We had no choice but to move out of the apartment and live elsewhere.

The day we moved into the new apartment, lucky got into trouble again and bit the landlady.

It was because the house was messy and I started to organize things after tethering lucky to the balcony. The landlady looked at the long-haired puppy tied to the balcony and approached it, but to her surprise, when she saw a stranger approaching her, she did not hesitate to bite her leg, and the wound was not shallow. I was so angry that I really wanted to beat it severely. But I couldn't care less about hating him, I had to take the landlord to get vaccinated. It was spring, and it was a surprisingly hot day, so my landlord and I went to two hospitals in the sun. The first one didn't have a vaccination service, but the second one was the right place. The doctor prescribed rabies and tetanus shots at a cost of more than 500 yuan, and after paying the fee I accompanied the landlord to get the tetanus shot and the first vaccination, and then instructed her when to get the second and third shots before leaving the hospital and returning to my new home.

This wave has not yet subsided and another wave has started. This incident did not take long one day I slipped lucky in the neighborhood, the road encountered a large dog who do not know, the big dog saw lucky came over to tease it, the big and small fought with each other, I was quite afraid to try to pull the leash, want to separate the two dogs, but lucky did not show weakness, still excited and big dog fighting. In the middle of this I was stepped on by the big dog, and only when I got home did I find that my foot was hurt. So, it was my turn to go to the hospital for vaccination. It made me angry to think that in a short period of time, my landlord and I had both received rabies vaccinations because of Lucky. In those days, I always reprimand it, every time I reprimand it, it hides, timidly afraid to look at me, it is aware that I am angry with it. In fact, I know in my heart that it is the nature of dogs to do so, so what's wrong with that?

Lucky's story is inexhaustible.

I remember it was a few years ago that I had to leave Guangzhou for a few days, so I boarded him at the nearest pet hospital. When I got back to Guangzhou, I went to the hospital first to pick him up. I did the paperwork and took it out of the hospital with me. I still can't understand why I was so careless that day, as I am usually careful, and I didn't notice two abnormalities in lucky. One is so love to bark two of lucky, from the time I saw it in the vet hospital to home after two hours did not hear it bark, not even a little sound, as if completely lost voice. The second is that in the hospital to it tethered back home to it untethered I did not find its hind legs injured, and bloody. Two anomalies make me puzzled. Could it be that lucky had lost his voice over the past few days? No way! What about the leg? Did he get beaten up for misbehaving? If not for the late hour, I would have gone to the vet and questioned them immediately.

The next morning, I dragged Lucky to the vet and explained to the staff about Lucky's abnormal condition, and they replied that his voice was dumb from barking. The leg injury was caused by the wire mesh of the cage. I'm half convinced of this, I always feel that the voice of the elephant is not dumb, could it be that the hospital has used sedative drugs to prevent him from barking? I told the staff my suspicions and asked to see the surveillance. They agreed to my request and turned on the surveillance, and I immediately sat down in front of it to look at it in detail. I had to patiently look at it all morning to find out the truth, and my eyes hurt from looking at it. When I got home, I bandaged up the wound and it healed in a few days. The wound healed in a few days, and his voice gradually became audible a day later. But to this day I still suspect that lucky's voice is not mute ......

lucky's story is a lot of things that have happened to him that have bothered me, confused me, and brought me a lot of laughter, even a lot of laughter.

When it has left me, these stories will still repeatedly appear in my mind, making me sad and upset so much that I miss it and worry about it, thus lamenting the selfishness and helplessness of humans, and in the helplessness of writing this article, as a remembrance of lucky and forever ......


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