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The spirit with secrets across the street

by Laura mclean 3 months ago in Mystery

Sara wonders why no one stay's living in the house across the street. She starts her own investigation. She would never have thought that she would find the truth. Scared at times while she was in the house, she continues to search. Sara never imagined what secrets this house held. Everything was revealed in the end. Sara made the home safe for the next family that moves into the house.

The spirit with secrets across the street
Photo by Ian Taylor on Unsplash

As Sara watched day after day, the neighbors move in and out repeatedly. Sara wondered what was wrong with the house that no one stayed for more than six months. The more she watched, the more Sara wanted to investigate the house for herself. She couldn't help herself but try and find out for herself what was wrong with the house.

For every family that moved out, it would take the next family even longer to move in. Sara thought it was the oddest thing. Sara watched for months to figure out a pattern. After seven months of her own investigation, she was ready to go over to the house herself and see what all the fuss is about. Why no one was making this house a home.

By CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Sara watched as the last family packed their things and moved out of the house. She was finally able to make her way across the street and up the driveway. As Sara reaches the home, she looks around to see if anyone was watching her. There is no one watching. She continued into the house and threw the window that had been left unlocked by accident.

Sara falls through the window onto the floor. She jumps up and looks around to find the house empty. Sara starts walking around, looking in every closet and room. She sees nothing in any room or closet. Sara walks down the hall into the master bedroom. Looks around and sees nothing but the blinds that were hung over the windows.

Sara starts pulling all the blinds shut throughout the house. Just so no one would be able to see her in the place. She finds a spot to sit down and sits waiting for night to come. It starts getting darker as the sun sets in the sky. She was able to see the sunset through the blinds. As soon as it was entirely gone, Sara gets up and starts looking through the house again.

She can't figure out why everyone keeps moving out. There was nothing there. Sara decides to stay the night in the house. She makes her a place to sleep. Balls up her jacket and uses it for a pillow. It was summertime, so she didn't need anything to cover up with. She enjoyed the night breeze. As she lays down and tries to fall asleep, a mosquito bites her arm. She thinks now I'm going to be itching all night.

By Luis Müller on Unsplash

She itches herself to sleep. Sara is woken by a sudden door being shut. She sits up and look's around to see if anyone was there. She finds nothing at all. Sara starts walking through the house and sees one of the bedroom doors shut. She takes a big breath and slowly opens the door to find nothing. Sara turns around and walks away from the room, not even wondering what could have made the door shut so suddenly.

Sara lays back down on the pallet she made on the floor. As she's falling back to sleep, she starts hearing noises coming from the back room. Sara sits up and second-guesses herself. She doesn't want to walk around that room again and find anything. She starts whispering in a low but loud voice. Sara keeps saying, is anyone there repeatedly. But no one answers.

By 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

There is still a noise coming from the back of the house. It's coming from one of the rooms in the back end of the house. Sara gets up and saunters toured the rooms. Not thinking twice, she walks straight through the closed door and into the back room. Sara sits down and waits to hear another noise. But there is nothing, no noise, no door shutting, and no whispers.

Sara lays down in the backroom and falls back to sleep. The rest of the night was quiet. She slept till the sun rose the next morning. Sara wakes up to car doors shutting. Sara jumps up and looks out the window to find a car in her driveway. Sara goes running out of the house out the back door and onto the sidewalk. Like she was just coming back from a walk.

With no thought at all, Sara meets her guests walking up to her driveway. As she walks up the driveway, she notices it's her best friend she went to high school with. They walk into the house and sit down in the living room and start talking. Sara begins to tell her friend what's been going on at the house across the street.

Sara tells her that it seemed weird that no one stays in that place for no longer than six months at a time. She tells her that every family moves in leaves like they are scared of something in the house. Sara tells her friend how she's going back over tonight to stay another night to see if she can figure out if something is in that house.

Sara tells her friend that she stayed there last night and she was woken up by one of the doors in the house being shut and by whispering. But when she went to see what it was, there was nothing there. She couldn't figure out where the noise was coming from. If it was in the house or outside. Her friend told her that she was crazy for thinking like that. She needs to leave it alone and stop going over there before getting caught and ending up in jail.

Sara says no. I'm going to find out what is in that place before anyone else moves in there. Sara's best friend says, " well, be careful, and if you need help, please call me." Sara replies, yes, I will call you if I need anything, I promise. Sara's friend walks out the door and gets into her car. Sara finishes cleaning up around her house and eats before she heads back to the house across the street.

Sara waited for the sun to set before she went back across the street. The second the sunset, Sara leaves her house and walks across the street. This time she enters the house through the back door this time. As Sara walks through the door, she hears something coming from the back of the house. As she gets closer to where the noise sounded like it was coming from, the sound gets louder.

By Max Kleinen on Unsplash

The closer she got, the better she can hear what the noise is. It's whispering, and it's saying to Sara, come closer. She reaches the bedroom door and opens it. But there is nothing there. Nothing at all! Sara feels something touch her shoulder. As she turns around, Sara sees nothing. She turns around, walks out of the room, and closes the door. Sara was not about to leave the house tonight. She was determined to find out what the whispers were trying to tell her and what they wanted.

As the door latches behind her, she turns around and sits down in the hallway. Waiting for another sound. As she's sitting there waiting, Sara falls asleep. Once again, she was woken up by another noise. This time the noise was right in her ear. So close she was able to tell what it was saying this time. It told her to look for the hidden box. That's all it said to her.

Sara was so confused, she was not sure what it meant by that. So she started looking everywhere. Knowing that the house was empty and there were not too many places to look. She still did a thoro look. It was an hour later, and she didn't find anything. Sara stood in the hallway with a blank look on her face. Not knowing where to look next, she sat down in the hall and fell asleep.

She woke up this time to something touching her arm. Sara jumped, knowing that she was the only one in the house. So there should be nothing touching her. When she opened her eyes, she saw something that looked like a ghost. But she knew there was no way it could be a ghost because there is no such thing as ghosts. Sara was wrong. As she stood up, the figure disappeared.

By Adam Kring on Unsplash

The spirit didn't say anything this time. Sara was so confused she was not sure what to think now. Sara was almost dawn by now, and the sun was just rising above the trees. Sara stayed there all day this time. Just waiting for another sign or something to give her a hint where to find the box. But nothing happened.

Since she didn't get much sleep the night before, she decided to lay down and fell asleep in the back bedroom. When Sara woke up, the sun had already set. There was no noise outside or inside. She stood up and started looking for the box once again. But still was unable to find what she was looking for. Sara was not about to give. This voice was not about to defeat her.

Sara thought that tonight was the night she would find this " hidden box" that she was told to find. So she began looking again. This time she was looking in places she never thought to look before. Sara tore up the floors and started knocking on the walls to see any noise difference. But there was nothing.

Sara was standing in the hallway, and just as she was about to give up looking, she looked up and saw a string hanging from the ceiling. She pulled on it, and a latter fell, she started climbing up into the attic. When she reached the top, Sara began to look around, and there was nothing up there either. But she continued up the latter anyway.

When she reached the top, she sat down. Thinking to herself, she said I'm going to check this room really well. But she would have to wait till the next day because it was so dark up there she could not see at all. Sara still tried looking around. She was looking in the walls and under the floorboards. She thought she saw something, but when she reached to grab it, there was nothing there.

Sara decided to go home and climb into her own bed for the rest of the night. As she lay there, all she could do was think. Wondering where this box could be. She has searched high and low and still could not find anything. Sara thought, " I'm going to look through that attack so good that I'm not going to miss a spot. She finally fell asleep.

That next day when she woke up, she got dressed and found some lanterns and flashlights, an extension cord to run for electricity. As she gathered everything, shoving it into a backpack to carry across the street. Sara was not waiting for the sun to go down this time. She walked right across the street and in through the back door. Went straight to the attic.

As she pulled the string, the latter fell again, and she tossed the extension cord up into the attic. Sara was going to have light today. She was determined to find this hidden box. As Sara made her way into the attic, She got everything hooked up and set up. She was ready for what she had ahead of her.

Sara started searching. She started at one end of the room and made her way to the other end of the room when she got about halfway across the room. She found a string that looked as if it leads down the side of the wall. Sara grabs the end of the rope and starts following it down the long side of the room. She followed it to the other side of the room and back again.

She keeps pulling at the string, and it just keeps going and going. There was no end to this string, she thought. But just as that thought entered her head, the rope comes to an end. At the end of the rope, she found a note. It seemed like she was on a treasure hunt, but to only see a little something here and there.

By Alessio Fiorentino on Unsplash

This letter said, " Please, if you found this letter, there is a box in this house. Please find it and whatever is in it is yours." "There is also a little black book In this house too. Everything that is in the little black book is yours too. Just don't stop looking until you find everything. The second she saw the letter, Sara heard the whisper again. This time it said to find the treasure. If you find the treasure, all your dreams will come true.

Sara continued to read the letter. At the end of the letter, it said, " You can look high and low but what you long for is down below." Look far and wide, and it can not hide. It was a riddle that told her where to look and how to find everything. Just then, she felt something tap her left shoulder. She looked to the left and saw there was a latch on the wall. It was on the other side of the door where she had not looked yet.

Sara walked across the room and lifted the latch. It was so dark in that space that she was unable to see clearly what was in there. Sara slowly reached her hand inside the black hole that was cut into the wall. She reached in and still could not find anything. So she went and grabbed her phone that had a flashlight on it. Her phone had a flashlight on it. She decided to tie a string to her cellphone and lower it into the hole in the wall. Sara made sure that she turned her camera on before slipping the cellphone into the hole in the wall.

As she lowered the phone slowly to make sure not to break or crack the screen on her phone. When the phone reached the point too where it couldn't go any further. She pulled it back up out of the hole. Sara sits down on the floor and watches the video. The video showed something small and black. Sara was not sure how to get whatever was inside the wall without making a huge hole. If she were to create a large gap, she would have to fix it before another family moved into the house.

So Sara decided not to pull the wall apart, yet she wanted to figure out a way to get it out another way before making a significant gap in the wall. She tried everything from duck tape on the end of a clothes hanger trying to pull whatever it was up out the wall, but still no results. Sara tried everything possible, but nothing worked. Sara then decided that she would have to pull a small part of the wall down to reach what was in the wall.

When Sara was done pulling apart the wall just enough so she could reach down and grab what was in there. She was finally ready to find out what was in this wall. Sara reached down, and this time Sara was able to grasp what was in there. When she pulled it out, she saw it was a little black book. Sara thought I did all this work for a black book. It was no ordinary book. It was a diary that had been inside the wall for at least 5 to 6 months.

By Lawrence Aritao on Unsplash

Sara started reading the diary. It was from a lady that had lived in the house almost a year ago. She wrote in it about how she was abused and wanted to getaway. One entry said if anything were to happen to her, that the person to look at would be her husband. She pointed all her fingers at her husband. There was no one else to even suspect. It was like no dought in her mind would be the person to hurt her or even kill her.

Just then, Sara remembered that a few months back, there were police outside that house. They did a whole investigation of her going missing. Sara also recognized that there was nobody found. So the lady who wrote this was either dead, or she was able to get away from her husband. Sara didn't know what happened to this lady. All she knew was the lady had hidden this diary for a good reason, so there must be something in it she didn't want anyone to know or find.

Sara began reading further into the diary. This little black book was no bigger than something you would jot down little notes in. So there was no way this lady was able to write her whole life story in it. It was not that big. So as Sara read on, she started skimming through the book. When she got about halfway through the book, she stopped. Sara stopped at a part that was talking about money being hidden throughout the house. This lady explained how this money was going to be her getaway money.

Every page she read had some sort of clue of where the money was hidden throughout the house. It was coded so if her husband found this book, he would not find any money. He would only have this book that had documentation of everything he had done to her. But Sara was the person who found the book. What she had read in it was disturbing to read about. To know that one single person could do all these horrible things to the women he says he loves.

By Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

On every page, as Sara read, she would jot down where this lady said she had hidden this money. The little black book had said that there were at least twenty thousand hidden throughout that house. Sara could not wait to find this money. She wondered if it was even still there?. Sara began to look around anyway.

Sara began looking in the first spot, which was in the ceiling. It was a drop-downlight. She reached her hand up, and in the top, she felt something that felt like a package that was wrapped in plastic. Sara grabbed the box, pulled it down out of the ceiling, and dropped it on the floor below her. Before Sara went to open it, she saw a spider crawling up her arm. She started jumping up and down, shaking her arm furiously. The spider flew off her across the room. She doe's not like any type of insect at all.

Sara reached down and grabbed the small box and opened it. She could not believe what she found in the small box. It was another little black book and ten thousand dollars. Inside this little black book said, " you found the first half, now finish looking for the rest of it. Now that you have found the first half of my getaway money, this means I am no longer alive, and my husband succeeded in killing me. I guarantee that no one has found my body either.

Sara began to read on in this journal. It said, My husband had been digging in our basement for years. He finally made the hole down there big enough to fit my body, I'm guessing. I believe that my husband will bury me in the basement under new cement he will lay down after killing me. I have been estranged from my family for years, so I have no one to turn to for help. If you have found this, then I am dead, and that is where my body should be.

As she read further on in the black book. Sara found where the second half of the money had been hidden. She could no wait any longer to finish this treasure hunt she has been on the past couple of days. Sara was ready for all this to be over so the next family that moves in will stay and not have to move out from being scared. Sara finished reading the book, and she reached the part where it said the second half of the money would be.

Sara began to go down to the basement. She was walking so slow that with every step she took, the step creaked. Sara reached the bottom of the steps and stopped to look around. A few boxes were left down there, but she was so dark down that she could not see. Sara turned on her flashlight. The light shined just enough to look where she was walking.

By Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Sara began wandering around in the dark with only a small flashlight to see where she was steeping. Sara started from one side of the room, making her way slowly to the other side of the room. She was halfway across the room when her slash light fell out of her hand and rolled across the floor. Sara jumped as soon as the flashlight hit the floor. She watched the light as it moved across the floor.

As the light rolled, Sara was able to catch a glips of an old chest. Her eyes were drawn to this chest right away. She walked across the room over to the chest. The box had gems all over it. It sparkled like a disco ball. That only made Sara want to look into it even more. As Sara walked over to this chest, there was a mysterious white misty-looking figure appeared. It looked as if it was pointing down to the chest.

Sara started opening the box slowly. As soon as the lid was fully open. Sara saw another stack of money. She started counting this massive stack of cash that consisted of one, and twenties, and tens. By the time she was done counting all the money, it had totaled up to ten thousand dollars. This was the rest of the money she was told to find. Now that she had seen all this money, Sara was not sure what to do with it.

Sara gathered all the money and stuffed it into her backpack. As she walked up the basement steps with all this money, she was unsure what to do with it. By the time Sara made it up the steps and into the kitchen, Sara stopped and fell to the floor. She started crying, thinking its finally over. I can move on, and whoever moves into this house will stay this time and live happily.

By Cynthia del Río on Unsplash

As Sara was on the floor, she felt something touch her shoulder again. This time when she had turned to see what it was, she had seen the ghost. It was like this ghost was trying to tell her something. Sara thought it was all over, but when she opened the door to walk out of the house, the door slammed shut. Sara jumped back and looked around. When she turned around, she saw the basement door open back up. But there was no one there.

Sara tried again to walk out of the house. But the door slammed shut once again. This time right in her face, When she turned around this time, the ghost was standing at the top of the steps that lead down into the basement with her arm extended out, pointing down the steps. The spirit was telling Sara to go back down to the basement. For what she didn't know.

Sara walked to the top of the steps and looked down into the basement. As she looked into the dark basement, Sara saw the spirit at the bottom of the steps. Sara walked down the stairs and back into the dark basement. As she made it to the bottom of the steps, the spirit had moved to the basement's middle of the floor. The ghost was pointing down to the cement floor.

Right then, Sara remembered that the little black notebook said this lady's husband had been digging in the basement and that if her body was not found, that's where she would have been laid to rest. So Sara started looking for something that would break down the cement so she could begin digging. In the corner, she had seen a sludge hammer. Sara ran over to grab it and started beating on the floor, breaking down the cement.

As she made it through the cement's top layer, she started to get worn out, and all she wanted to do was lay down and go to sleep. She just wanted a break from digging. Sara stopped digging and sat down. She started thinking if I dig 3 feet every couple of hours, I will be done by the next day. Sara began digging again. She made it through another foot and sat down. Sara had said out loud, this is too much work for one person to do.

Sara fell asleep. That next morning when the sun had started rising, she stood up and began digging again. Today was the day that she would finish digging and be done with all of this. Sara drilled all day while only taking breaks fifteen minutes at a time. She was not going to stop until she reached whatever this ghost wanted her to find.

Sara was about four hours into digging, and she reached something amongst all the cement. Sara dropped down to her knees to get a closer look at what she hit. When she moves the rest of the chopped rocks with her hands. There was something wrapped in what looked like a rug. Sara started sweeping away all the stones. There was not enough room to pull whatever it was out just yet. Sara had to continue digging just a little more.

Her arm was so tiered Sara just wanted to stop. But she was almost there, and she was not about to stop now. She had to see what was wrapped in the carpet. So she continued rummaging through all the rocks and rubble. Sara dug another four feet in length. She had to make the hole longer to get the carpet out of the hole. When she was done searching in all directions, the gap was now big enough to pull the wrapped rug out of the cement.

But it still was not enough. Sara couldn't go to the police. How would she explain how she knew this object was there. Sara would have to explain why she was even in a house she did not own. There was way too much to explain. Sara also didn't want to be looked at as a suspect. Then she would also have to either hide the money or tell the police about that too. Sara didn't want to go through all this trouble.

Sara started thinking, what was she going to do with whatever is in this rug? What if it's a body. What would she say? How was she going to explain everything? Then she remembered this lady left behind these diaries saying where to look for her if her body if it was never found. Everything was going to work out. She was confident. Sara had nothing to worry about.

Sara thought about all this while she continued to dig and move all the stones out of the hole. When she was done with all the digging, Sara pulled the rolled rug out of this enormous hole. Sara decided to call the police before revealing what was wrapped in it. By the time the police showed up, Sara already had the money she had found hidden in her house across the street.

By Andres Siimon on Unsplash

Sara could hear the sirens getting closer as she was finishing up at her house. Sara finished hiding the money just in time to be across the street by the time the police showed up. When she called the police, Sara said she found a dead body in the house across the street from where she lived. This was going to be an ongoing investigation. It was going to be a long time before she would be able to rest.

The police pull into the driveway across the street, and Sara was standing outside waiting for them. She gave her statement to the sheriff. She showed them the lady's diaries she had found. This would be the evidence that would save her from going to prison. The cops asked how she found these diaries and why she was even in this house?

Sara explained that she was just curious why no one stayed in this house for no more than a few months at a time. She told them that she stayed in the house for a couple of days to see if anything was wrong. There were so many questions and way too many answers. By the time she was done answering the police questions, Sara was able to go home.

There was no question about the money. Sara was relieved she didn't have to answer anything about the money. Sara was finally done with this house. She was happy now. The following family that moves into that house, will stay and make it a home. The police leave the house across the street. They take the body with them. A few months later, the police close the case, and Sara could start spending the $20,000 she had found in the house.

By Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

The little black books were no longer in her life. But Sara decided to go out and buy her own little black books. She wanted to leave something behind to tell her story after she passes away. She wrote everything in those little black books she had for herself. Sara lived the rest of her life well. She never struggled for anything anymore. Sara lived happily ever after.


Laura mclean

I would like to test my writing skills. try and see if I can make it any better. When I was in middle school I had a published pome I wrote. It's been so long I can't remember the title or the name of the pome.

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