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The Special Package-Part 2

Second part of the fiction, but narrative, story with Lyle, one of my OCs, and another mysterious package during the Holidays.

By Meghan LeVaughn Published 2 months ago 4 min read
The Special Package-Part 2
Photo by Kostiantyn Li on Unsplash

Winter is getting closer to the season. I cannot believe this is happening. Ok, this is getting even more weird in a good way. It has been going on every day, every week, and every month. Here's an example. It was several months ago, in the summer, when Izumi and her girlfriend, Helen, had some exams during summer school. On that day, Izumi and Helen had a mysterious box from Ran. It was just the special self-care package. I can tell how exams and other issues from school can still be stressful, even in college. Both Ran and Izumi are Mio’s sisters.

Do you know what sounds familiar? I got a similar package from Ran when I got stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed between-time the job and the midterms. Coincidence? Well, yes. It was a couple of days ago after Ran gave a package to Izumi. Anyway, I thought that was very sweet. It's true. Siblings always look out for each other. And, that is what family is all about. And of course, teamwork. They're all awesome. They always appreciate how much I have been supportive of each of them. They were also grateful for how much I cared for Mio.

So, the holidays are coming. It's just around the corner. Well, not yet. We just had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast with all meats, greens, casseroles, and desserts. I had a food coma for the next two days. I know I have to get some work out after the big feast which is a very important thing for my body. By the time I went to work, something didn't go as well as I thought. My friends and I knew how things are getting busy during the holidays, every year. Unfortunately, I'm still getting a hard time from my boss like my gut was telling me. My friends and I keep doing paintings with more hours and fewer breaks. Great. We were not very happy about it. Holiday sales are important for the business 24/7, every day, before Christmas day; if we get sick, we get more extra hours, the boss said. I felt sick about how my boss is just like another Scrooge in town. Three days have passed.

During the long hours, each of us has a piece of a huge loaf of bread, a big bowl of mixed nuts, and glasses of water. Every single hour, my stomach keeps growling. The bread always kept digested quickly. I couldn't say something very personal. It's complicated. All of my friends couldn't take it, including that growling sound from my stomach. I couldn't even concentrate on that growling belly. I had enough. Then, the phone rings. “Hey, I’ll get it!” Liam, my best friend shouted. He answered the phone. “Hello? Oh! Hi, Mio, what's up? Sure, I’ll get him... Hey Lyle! It's Mio!” said Liam. I heard him. I was relieved. I walked down the stairs and reached for the phone from Liam. I talked to Mio for a few minutes, but I don't want to get into trouble because of my boss’s enthusiastic policy: ‘more work time makes money.’ She sounds excited! She asked me about the date night and shopping weekend with her and her sisters. I was shocked. I felt quiet. I felt deeply hurt in my chest and my gut. I will not have any day off, free time, or whatever. I won't be able to have time with her. I can tell how she might have sounded disappointed even if she comprehended. I am worried that I made her upset or even worse. After my working hours were done, it was 2 am. I felt tired. I don't feel hungry anymore. I can't stop thinking about Mio.

One and a half weeks later, it has been a chaotic entire week, just like last year and a year before that, etc. It went too quickly from shopping day and night with all the sales. I talked to Mio every day, even when I took breaks. Then, I began to break down. I was crying in tears. I felt hurt. I know I'm a people pleaser all the time. And yes, it's always important to check up on someone. “Are you okay?” she asked. Mio was worried about the holiday hours and the boss taking advantage of him and others. I told myself that I wasn't okay at all. I do need support. Liam was concerned about it too.

The next day, it seems to calm down a bit. I tried to take a deep breath. Breath in. Breathe out. My eyes are a bit red and swollen. My friends are still keeping up with me after her breakdown the other day. Suddenly, Liam came up to me and said that there was a mysterious package for me. We all walk down to my table and there it is. It turned out that it was from Mio and her sisters. I opened up. I saw the snacks I loved, some stress-relief toys, some spa kits, and coffee coupons. I felt blessed and smiled the phone and called Mio right away before the work hour starts. I hugged myself while talking. I say ‘Thank you,’ with a pure, gentle feeling in my heart.

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Meghan LeVaughn

I'm Meghan. I’m almost 35. I always love to be creative and using my imagination since I was a little girl. I like stories & love to share my inspirations, journeys, etc.

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  • Kelli Sheckler-Amsden2 months ago

    This was really well done. I agree with Mike, the ending was satisfying

  • Love this and the ending was lovely

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