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The Soldiers: Part 1

by Gloria Michael about a month ago in Series
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Raining Blood

The Soldiers: Part 1
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

It was raining blood and they had nowhere to go. There was war all around them and they had little chance of making it out alive but somehow they still did, barely. The battle raged in the distance and when he looked at the horizon, he saw that it would soon be too late, that the enemy had already been alerted by their actions in his country. He could still see the bodies piled up on the ground as he ran away from the place where he knew someone else would surely die for him and he hoped that somewhere they were safe. But if the only good thing that happened during this day was to save someone’s life then he wouldn’t complain about it.

The sky was so dark when they finally stopped that he didn't even know how much time had passed but he figured that since they couldn’t get much further they just needed a place to hide and hope that no one would catch them. They hadn’t gotten very far away from the battlefield and they probably should have gone further when the rain had stopped but both he and Hoseok had been so exhausted after having run so far that they simply didn’t want to go any further. So instead they went back to their hiding spot behind some large rocks and tried to dry off in the best way possible before continuing their journey.

After what seemed like hours of laying down on the damp grass in silence and waiting for a lull in the noise, Jimin heard something behind him. He wasn’t sure if he really wanted to turn around but he did anyway because he was curious. Whoever it is probably won’t come to attack him so he might as well listen to whatever they say. But then, it happened again. The sound of footsteps coming closer and closer towards him until he could make out two figures standing near the edge of the hill. They didn’t move though. Not until one of them raised its arm to point at him with an arrow. He couldn’t tell whether it was an animal or human so when they lowered their weapon he decided to stay quiet. His heart was hammering against his chest. What was going on? Who were these people? Why were they looking at him? Was it another trap? He didn’t want to find out but he couldn’t let the other person take him captive either. He slowly moved back towards the other side of the rock where Hoseok was lying. If they wanted to capture him, they would have to get past him first.

He waited for the right moment to jump up on them and take the archer down but before he could even think it through, one of the men moved. He took a step forward and then another until he was standing directly beside Jimin. He didn’t even try to avoid him when he felt the cold metal of a knife being pointed at his stomach.

Jimin looked around wildly trying to find some help but there was none to be found. He started shaking his head while taking a step back. “N..No… I don’t want to go! I don't want to go back there!" Tears stung his eyes. It was too dangerous for him to remain here and who knows what these guys were capable of doing? He was just lucky that he managed to escape from the fighting earlier and now he had nowhere to go.

"You are the enemy!" The man holding the knife said harshly while raising his voice and moving closer to him. "If you cooperate we may not harm you."

To be continued…


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Gloria Michael

Gloria loves writing and experiencing the world in a free form..

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