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The Seven Dragori Kings-The Rise of Thermatos

The Journey of the Dragori King and his sacred key

By Hayley MosbyPublished 11 months ago Updated 10 months ago 7 min read


There is a legend in our realm that has been passed down from generation to generation. The legend of the great winged beasts of old-The Dragori Kings. It is said that in the murky depths of the Master Sea of Caspious lies Larula, the heart of the seven seas. Larula foresaw the need for great protectors to lord over the sky, land and sea to protect us from the evils that reside in the dark lands. Knowing this was essential to the survival and protection of the realm that she loved so much, her heart produced seven sparks. From those seven sparks the great Dragori Kings were born. Larula blessed those sparks with extraordinary strength and abilities beyond what we mortals could comprehend. She also gifted them with fairness, kindness and the ability to love as a balance to that power. But with light comes darkness. Two forces always at war, never able to coexist. When murmurs of the Dragori Kings spread to the dark lands of Umbrial and into the undead sea of Demor, home to Calphia-the black heart, she decided that she needed a force of her own. Except her heart didn’t beat, so instead of sparks of life, she released seven drops of inky black blood. And from that blood spawned the seven Dragoul Dark Lords. Created equal in power with death and destruction running through their veins. They were unleashed onto our lands to feed the darkness that ruled them. The battles between the Dragoul and Dragori were brutal and unforgiving, rumored to have spanned hundreds of years and claiming too many lives in the process. The Dragori fell one by one, returning to Larulas heart, until all were thought to be lost. With the fall of each Dragori, Calphia was forced to reclaim one of her Dragoul back into her black heart to maintain the balance. However, there was something Calphia did not know. A great secret that Larula held close in her watery heart. Each of her Dragori was gifted with the ability to shift into human form. A gift that was only triggered when the last Dragori King was left, which ended up being the great Thermatos. The legend of the Dragori always ends with Thermatos transformation and disappearance into our realm, roaming the vast forest of Tieralyn, ready and waiting. For what, we do not know…

Chapter 1-Thermatos

I can scent them in the air. The herd of Antleris are making their way through the ancient Seguia trees. The moss covered forest floor silences their pounding hooves as they draw closer and closer to their unknown demise. I am cloaked in the trees large purple leaves, one of my many Dragori gifts, ready and waiting for my opportunity to pounce. The thrill of the hunt is the only thing that stirs my dormant beast, reassuring me that he is still in there, waiting for his time to emerge again. I wish I knew what we were waiting for, but Larula is wise and I must have faith in her plan.

The Antleris are almost within my range when several twigs snap on my right, followed by a soft tinkling sound that echo's through the air of the dense forest. Startled, the Antleris run in the opposite direction. I refrain from letting out a frustrated growl and seek out the source of the sound. Silently leaping from the tree I land in a crouch on the soft moss. Nostrils flaring I drag in a deep breath through my nose. “What is a Caspian child doing in the middle of the Tieralyn forest?” I silently ask myself. I take another breath, scenting something more to the child. Something I can’t quite put my talon on. I straighten to my full height, knowing I am still cloaked, and move silently in the child's direction.

When I reach a sloping hill that descends down to the stream that snakes through the forest, I see it, and it’s so small. Since my transformation I haven’t had any interaction with the beings I was created to protect. Being this close to one is strange after so many years in solitude. It’s little body is crouched down, fingers running through the water. “So pwetty" it says between more of the tinkling sounds that I think are laughter. I make my way down the slope and closer to the child, noticing that the water is gently curled around it’s fingers. I am about 8 feet away when it stands up abruptly, turning and heading in my direction. Lifting it’s head of black curls it stops dead in it’s tracks, violet eyes widening.

I think it’s a female, though I can’t be sure. Knowing it can’t see me I stand still, waiting for the child to pass, but it doesn’t move. “You big” it says, it’s eyes and head lifting up to where my face would be, as if the child could see me, which isn’t possible. I don’t say anything, not sure my voice would work even if I wanted to. “What’s you name? My name Lulu.” My eyes widen as I look around, convinced that this child, who I now know is a female, is talking to someone else. “You skin look funny.” Slightly insulted, I look down at my iridescent golden scales. My shift into this form retained some of my Dragori traits, my scales being one of them.

I clear my throat, ready to let the first words I’ve ever said leave my mouth, but I don’t have the chance. “Me wost. Wader keep me safe.” She takes a step towards me, waiting expectantly for me to say something. I clear my throat and try again. “You can see me?” my voice rasps out. “Yes siwy, Ula tolds me you safe.” I crouch down so I don’t look so imposing. “Safe for who?” I ask. “For me, she say you keeps me safe.” Lulu walks right up to me on her little legs and puts her hand on one of my clawed fingers. “What’s you name?” she asks me again. Her big violet eyes stare into mine and I watch them swirl. I wonder if all eyes do that. “My name is Thermatos.” Lulu cocks her head to the side, deciding on if she should try to repeat it. “Thmatato, Thrmostos, I just call you Herm.”

I crack a small smile, my first one ever, allowing my canines to peak through. Lulu makes that tinkling sound again, definitely a laugh. “Your toofs are big.” My beast stirs in my chest, firing up the protective instincts that have laid dormant for so long. “Well, little Lulu, should we get you home?” “Yes pwease, but me not know where home is.” Her little hands reach out to me as I lift her into my arms and rise to stand. “We will figure it out,” I say as I head up the hill that I came down. Lula wiggles in my arms and looks over my shoulder, “ Bye Ula!” she yells. “Who is Ula?” I ask. “She my fwend in the wader.” Lulu says with a big smile on her face. As I am heading up the hill and deeper into the forest a strong breeze whips through the trees. “You must protect her at all costs. She is the key.” it whispers to me. “Larula?” I say out loud. “You know Ula too?!” Lulu says in an excited shriek. “Ah, this is starting to make sense now.” I mutter under my breath as I set out on my journey to get Lulu home. Larula entrusted me with this task, and while I may not have all of the answers I vow to protect Little Lulu until my dying breath. If only I realized how true that vow would turn out to be.


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