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The Secret of Whispering Roots

Every act of kindness nourishes us, while every evil ages us.

By NazPublished 3 months ago 6 min read
The Secret of Whispering Roots
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Just after midnight, in the old neighborhood of the Immortal City, in the upper floor of a two-story, historic house, a room was enveloped in silence. Yet, this silence lasted only for a brief moment. Zeyda, tossing and turning in her bed, was experiencing another sleepless night; her face etched with an expression mixed with fear.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes, but her gaze seemed focused on the void, as if she was seeing another world. She got up and walked heavily towards the window, starting to look out at the streets lost in darkness. Murmuring incomprehensible words, her voice turned into a deep and eerie scream.


However, by morning, she had no recollection of these nightmarish moments.

Her roommates, Helen and Serena, had been carefully observing these strange occurrences for a while. Initially, they thought Zeyda was merely having bad dreams; but as time went on, the situation grew increasingly bizarre, and Zeyda began to appear more and more pale and weary each day. Living in the Immortal City, which was accustomed to mystical events and ancient spells, eventually compelled the two friends to take action. Gleaning insights from the city's religious leaders and sorcerers, they began to suspect that Zeyda was under the effect of a curse placed upon her.

One morning, noticing Zeyda's condition worsening, they decided it was time to find a solution. However, aware of how people in their previous city had been ostracized or worse for similar incidents, they hesitated to confront Zeyda directly about what was happening. Thus, they resolved to search for answers on their own, quietly and carefully.

While Zeyda was away on an internship, Helen and Serena searched every corner of the house. They noticed the flowers on the table had wilted, and an apple left from the day before had rotted. Checking the refrigerator, they found not a single piece of fresh food. According to an old belief, wiping the room with vinegar was thought to be beneficial.

When Zeyda returned home, they experienced a peaceful night's sleep. Yet, by the next morning, Zeyda was still declining; her blonde, blue eyes were dimming and fading away. While Zeyda went to her internship, Helen and Serena searched everywhere again. They discovered a piece of wood, wrapped and taped in paper, hidden in a drawer in such a way that you wouldn't find it unless you were looking for it.

Serena declared,

I'll call my mom, she's interested in ancient knowledge.

As Helen waited anxiously, Serena called her mother, who instructed them to open the paper and read it over water. They did as told. That night, the sky thundered, Zeyda woke up screaming, and Helen and Serena slept in fear and tears.

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The next morning, they recounted the events to Zeyda, asking,

Who put this in your drawer?

Zeyda started to cry and could only suspect her ex-boyfriend. They began to suspect her cousin living downstairs, a student like them who frequently visited their room. Helen, determined to resolve the situation, pressured the ever-smiling and kind girl.

Tell us, because no one else comes in and out of this room!

she demanded.

Finally, the girl confessed.

"Okay, please stop, I'll tell you everything. Her ex-boyfriend's mother did it, after they broke up, he started having alcohol problems and became unhappy. His mother cast this spell, telling me Zeyda shouldn't sleep peacefully. I didn't know what to do; I'm so sorry. I've been having nightmares and feeling miserable for causing this..."

At that moment, everything fell into place. They immediately went to the Immortal City's wise man. When they arrived, the wise man greeted them, saying,

You've partially broken the spell, but this has put the forest in even more difficulty and nourished the spell.

The neighborhood's wise man revealed that the spell cast on Zeyda affected not only her spirit but also disturbed the balance of a mysterious forest connected to her.

This forest, known as the "Life Forest", contained the deepest emotions, desires, and secrets of people.

Wise man continued:

The woman who cast this spell could access her family's ancient powers and perform dark spells. Thinking that her son couldn't find happiness with Zeyda, she decided to punish her to achieve her own desired outcomes.

Follow me

Wise man beckoned, explaining that Helen and Serena needed to approach the forest’s guardian, a regal entity appointed by the Immortal City to oversee worldly balances. This guardian could only be summoned through specific rituals at designated times.

Under Wise man's guidance, Helen, Serena, and Zeyda convened at the forest's threshold. With instructions from an ancient tome, they drew a circle to call upon the guardian. Positioned at the circle's heart, they began chanting in Hebrew. The sky darkened, winds howled, and enigmatic sounds emerged from the forest's.

At the end of the ritual, a guardian's silhouette appeared through a magical mist. Cloaked in black, with a child-like voice and eerily feathered, the girls were terrified. The wise man calmed them down.

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The guardian explained that the magic affected not only Zeyda but also the tree in the "Life Forest" with which she had formed a spiritual bond.

Every pain and despair Zeyda experienced caused the tree's leaves to fall and its branches to break. If not rectified, the forest's entire balance would be disrupted, threatening not just Zeyda but the entire Immortal City.

A secret was revealed. The existence of roots carrying secrets surprised the girls.

Guided by the guardian, Helen, Serena, and Zeyda embarked on a journey to break the spell and restore the bond between Zeyda and the "Life Forest." As they navigated the forest's mysterious paths, they learned to listen to nature's silent language. Along the way, they encountered the forest's inhabitants, each sharing their stories and connections with the forest. These beings emphasized the direct impact of human actions on the forest.

Eventually, they reached the Wise Tree mentioned in legends. The Tree said it had been waiting for them and continued,

The peace of this forest depends on you finding me and accomplishing what is needed. In the Eternal City, a living being connected to every person's secrets, desires, and emotions exists; it could be a tree or an animal. Every act of kindness nourishes us, while every evil ages us.

The Wise Tree showed them the tree symbolizing Zeyda's life, which emitted a tired and weeping sound, draining energy and upsetting its neighbors. However, the other trees, her friends, were also worried and helpless for her.

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The Wise Tree continued:

You've tried to break the spell, which is partly correct, but it cannot be resolved without finding me, without going to the wise river.

The Wise Tree told Helen, Serena, and Zeyda that they could break the spell and restore the bond between Zeyda and the forest. However, this required them to read the words written on paper one by one at the river.

Hold hands, read the words aloud, and let flames rise around you. But do not fear, for these flames are the heralds of rebirth and enlightenment.

Following the Wise Tree's instructions, the three friends arrived at the bank of the talking river. They clasped their hands and began reading the spell words written on paper. As they read, flames rose around them, but instead of harming them, the flames formed a protective shield. When they reached the end of the words, the flames suddenly extinguished, replaced by a tremendous light.

With the light, every living being in the "Life Forest" felt revitalized. The tree connected to Zeyda's spirit began to bloom again; its leaves refreshed, and its branches grew strong. The spell was broken, and the forest's balance was restored.

The Wise Tree thanked them, saying,

The roots of trees reach into the past, and their branches into the future. Today, you have lightened the burdens of the past and enabled us to look forward to the future with hope.

What will happen to the person who did this?

Zeyda asked.

The Wise Tree answered:

That woman lives a hell with the evil inside her, accessible to you as long as you allow it. Had your friends not realized this, she could have already harmed you, the surroundings, and even us. The effect of evil diminishes as it is prevented. You will remember this every day.

With the healing of the tree connected to Zeyda's spirit, Zeyda herself regained her former health. Her blonde hair shone brightly again, and her blue eyes returned to their previous vibrancy.

Together with Helen and Serena, they made a new beginning in the Immortal City, this time as wiser and stronger individuals.

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  • Novel Allen3 months ago

    Interesting story.

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