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The Search For Sally.

The Old Barn.

By Shauna MullenPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 3 min read
The Barn

This is the first part in a serialized fiction series about true crime and serial killers in a small town.

Journal Entry 347. Amanda.

I grew up on a farm. The farm I still live on. The farm where my parents died. It’s secluded and nobody can hear you out here, no matter how loud you are. The phone signal is non-existent which works in my favour. My preferred place is the old barn in the back. It may look a bit run down but if you get locked in there you’ll struggle to get out.

I still remember my first time. The feeling of power. That feeling I haven’t felt since but I’m craving. She was the loudest too. I hadn’t quite gotten my technique of gagging them perfected at that time. It was my first attempt; I can’t be mad at myself for it. She looked so much like Sally. The long brown hair and the fair skin like something out of a fairy-tale. Every time I think back to the look of fear on her face when she woke up and saw she had no escape, it excites me like nothing else can.

Sally, the woman who told me she loved me and stole my kids. What an ungrateful bitch. She had everything she could have ever wanted here. She can’t hide forever though. I’ll find her eventually and I’ll get my revenge.

My latest is in the barn right now, I’m waiting for her to wake up so the fun can begin. Amanda, the traveller from Ohio. What a shame that England is the last stop on her world journey, she is SO much like Sally. Flirting with every man in sight. It was easy to convince her to come with me after slipping something in to her drink. I just had to wait for the man who she was with to go to the toilet. She forgot about him quick enough when she started flirting with me though. Five minutes. It only took me five minutes to get her to come to my car. I think that is record time.

“Everyone from England is so trusting, I’ve felt so safe with everyone I’ve met.”

I’m sorry to be the one to break that trust but she needs to be punished. She can’t carry on in this world being the succubus she is. I’m curing the world of this disease.


Journal Entry 348. Amanda

I had so much fun with her when she woke up last night. I think I may keep this one for a while. The way she looks when she gets scared is exhilarating. The fear in her eyes is giving me that power feeling I haven’t felt since the first time. The poor thing thought she could escape last night. I went out to check on her this morning and she had somehow broken free from the rope I’d bound her in. You can’t get out of that barn. Many have attempted and nobody has succeeded. I wasn’t going to start this journey of healing the world of scum without being prepared.

Amanda is number 7. The ones before her were nowhere near as much fun. Except Lucy, number 1. I think I am going to start preparing the pigs for tomorrow. I can’t keep her for too long, I need to move on and keep relieving the world. I am the saviour. I’ll always be remembered long after I’m gone.

Journey Entry 349. SALLY?

The pigs are going to be well fed tonight. This one was easier to make into chow. I think she’d given up with fighting me and realised this was her end.

I’m pretty sure I’ve found her. The one who got away, Sally. She has both my sons and I will get them back. She will PAY.


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Shauna Mullen

I like to write about true crime and do small investigations. I also write fiction sometimes

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