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The Search for Power

Take the plunge into a new world

By Grace Gettys Published about a year ago 12 min read
The Search for Power
Photo by Marco Molitor on Unsplash

The wind tousled my hair causing it to whip in my eyes as I stood at the edge. The dark clouds approaching me were signaling that it was time. Soon the skies would open up and let loose a torrent of rain. I wasn’t paying attention to that now, but to the dark waters stretching out in the horizon. I was alone, but this was the only place where I was didn’t feel insignificant. The growing storm and the mighty water below surrounded me in power that I couldn’t possess on my own.

I could feel the thunder reverberate through my body causing ripples of ecstasy to course through my veins. The wind from the waters rushed around me causing my hair to float in the air. My limbs became weightless and my breath stopped. My eyes closed and I could feel the raging power of the earth rush through my body. I let out a giddy laugh and threw my arms out and spun around like a joyous child in a meadow. The power I needed to feel alive hit me right as I stepped off the edge.

I had done this numerous times to know exactly what to expect, but each time was just as exhilarating as the first. My body plunged towards the rocks that were barely covered by the rising tide. I closed my eyes, an unconscious reflex right before I would smash into pieces. The point of impact came and went with no collision. I was suspended in zero gravity for what felt like hours until my feet landed back on the rocky cliffside. I could still hear the thundering storm, but this time it was beneath me. I could still feel rain on my cheeks. Except it wasn’t rain this time, it was the spray from the waves that were now above me. My adrenaline was still pumping as I took in my familiar, but not so familiar settings.

I had landed in a mirrored world of my own. The waves and the skies became inverted. The ground remained the same, but what was on it had completely changed. After allowing my heartbeat to slow, I checked my watch: 06:00. I had jumped at six pm. I smiled breathlessly as I traversed across the changed landscape. The ground was covered by a fine layer of green algae instead of grass with different colors of coral that represented different flowers. The trees above me were not really trees, but Giant Kelp that reached taller than the pine trees I was used too. Schools of flying fish played a game of tag as they jumped from one Giant Kelp to the next.

I could hear the echo of the thunder behind me as I chose a familiar direction. Once the storm was settled in the now waves of this world was only when I was allowed to travel back to my own. The theory that I had was that the disturbance in the air had allowed me to slip through a portal that landed me in this inverted dimensional world. I once tried to jump back to my own world when the storm was still raging, only to find myself floating back towards the surface without ever hitting the rocks below.

This place had become my sanctuary. I had no responsibilities, no stress, no one asking too much of me; I had this new place that was only mine. I used to be extremely cautious about what I would run into, but now I was more curious. I had searched and explored this place, but had nothing to validate my discovery. One place that I hadn't explored yet was a seemingly normal cave, but I could feel something was inside, something valuable. I could see glowing lights from the cave beckoning me to explore it. They wanted me to discover what lies within. I courageously made my way to the opening to the cave when I heard a scratching noise grow louder.

I let out a startled gasp and hid behind a large growth of coral that acted like a bush. Four giant crab-like creatures made their way across the rough stone of the entrance. Their spindly legs carefully stepped over small isopods that were crawling on the rocks. I knew that they were probably no threat to me, but seeing their elongated legs sent shivers down my spine. Once the entrance was clear, I quickly darted through the invisible door in order to not take the cowards way out and go back the way I came.

The cave grew brighter once I was inside. Different bioluminescent creatures lined the inside of the walls. Different algae and mushrooms grew along the walls while glowing insects that looked like plankton floated through the darkness. A small path composed of stepping stones that were covered in blue and green moss created a trail down towards the center of the cave. I reached down and lightly touched the first stone with my hand to gauge how slippery they were going to be. The moss was soft and warm to the touch. I stood up and tentatively took a step on the stone. The stone became firm under my foot and lit up with a glow that illuminated the air around me. A flurry of colored sparkles swirled around me creating a light show for just a few seconds. I jumped to the next stone and looked back at the one I had left. The stone had become dull again without a trace of light. An excited laugh escaped me as I turned and sprinted down the stones as the light show followed me down and into the abyss. I lost count of how many stones I stepped on as I got closer to the core of the darkness. The last stone ended in a large expansive cavern.

“Hello?” I shouted into the darkness. A small group of flying plankton lit up next me to as a response to my voice. It gave me just enough light to see the next stone. Except this stone wasn’t covered in moss, but had a carved insignia that looked like ocean waves on the top with interlocking tentacles underneath. I blew the dust off of the stone causing more plankton to light up next to me. It looked like there was something in the distance, but I couldn’t get the creatures around me to make enough light. I stood up and took a step on the stone. But nothing happened. A small jellyfish floated in the air in front of me. It kept flashing colors almost like it was trying to communicate with me. I took another step forward, but this time it was onto a larger stone that seemed to stretch the length of the cavern. A small glowing light glowed behind me: the insignia. One by one different points of light started to glow around the room. Each light formed a pillar and shot up towards the ceiling of the giant room.

The entire room exploded in color and light showing me a landscape that I could never have imagined. A whole ecosystem existed in this dark cave. Families of jellyfish flew together and around the pillars. The pillars illuminated the walls that were once dark, but now they were full of light. The walls were covered in glowing plants that swayed with the light moving around them. Spinning around, I counted six waterfalls that flowed from the top of the cave to a river that encircled me and the platform below. Somehow the shifting colors around me distracted me from the other worldly glow that was in the center of the platform.

A hoard of treasure fit for a powerful dragon overflowed the center of the platform. Rubies, emeralds, diamonds, and every other precious gemstone was mixed in with gold coins. There were open chests like looked like they should be from a pirate’s ship. Anything that was gold was thrown onto the piles: candelabras, jewelry, goblets, and statues. I was entranced by all the wealth, all the power that was at my fingertips. This is what I had been searching for. The rushing of the waterfalls competed with the pounding of my heart in my chest. I rushed towards the mountain of gold and fell onto my knees. My hands began to shake just from the excitement of the what ifs. I plunged my hands into the pile and grasped what I could.

It seemed to escape my memory that with a dragon sized hoard of gold there was most likely a dragon to accompany it. The gold became alive from the moment I touched it. The mountain began to cascade around me with rivers of jewels and coins. I jumped to my feet to avoid the avalanche that would bury me next. A large screeching noise shattered my focus. The calm moat that was around me turned into a violent storm. My eyes darted to where the sound originated from, but I couldn’t see anything. The glowing creatures that lived here sensed the shift in danger and began to flash their colors. I could see my surroundings in flashes. Another ear splitting screech filled the air as my eyes tried to adjust to the flashing lights. The platform began to flood with the waves roaring higher. I looked towards the entrance to escape when something long and green slithered though the water. My heart stopped in my chest. Was this some sort of sea serpent? Another screech answered my question.

The waves rushed towards the ceiling as a giant serpent lunged out of the water. Glowing green eyes met mine as I tried to comprehend what was I was seeing. Its head was at least twenty feet in the air. Its body melted underneath the waves making it impossible to see just how long it was. Two ivory horns jutted out of the top of its head. Shades of blue and green colored scales flowed down its body reflecting the lights flashing around us. Its body rumbled as it opened its mouth to let another screech fill the air. I had just enough time to see the rows of its razor sharp teeth before it moved towards me.

Without any plan I rushed towards the opening of the cave. The water on the platform made it hard to see where the insignia was to start the lighted steps out of here. The platform shifted again causing me to fall to my knees. My clothes were now soaked through as I fumbled for the carvings in the stone. Pressure suddenly grasped my stomach. I let out a startled gasp as I felt myself lifted high above the ground. I was being held at eye level twenty feet in the air. I could feel my lungs being constricted with every movement. I kicked fruitlessly at the tail that held me. I began to pound my fists next, but nothing. My hand was stinging, but not from the constant striking. Blood was running from my fist down my arm. I pried my fingers out of their cramped position. There was a diamond pressed against my palm. I must have grabbed it from the pile of jewels and didn’t let go. I took it and plunged into the smooth skin that was right under the hard scales.

The serpent screeched in pain and dropped me in the moat below. The cold water shocked me for a second before waking up my senses. I rushed up towards the surface wary that the serpent was most likely in there with me. I pulled myself onto a stone and felt the smooth carvings that I had been looking for. I somehow got to my feet and jumped to the stone that was in front of it. The lighted glow confirmed that this was the way out. I sprinted out of the cave with fear instead of the childlike giddiness that propelled me in. A roar filled the cave causing rocks to rain on my head. It was following me.

The lighted path provided just enough light to see that I was close to the entrance. The large crabs that I saw at the beginning were crouched behind the large clump of coral in fear. The ground shook harder as I escaped from the mouth of the cave and ran towards the exit to this world. I glanced behind me and saw its horns rising higher into the air. Another shriek filled my heart with dread right as I arrived at the edge of the cliff. The clouds below were still rough which mean the storm hadn’t passed completely.

But what choice did I have? I could see the serpent slithering towards me with such ferocity, I knew I didn’t stand chance. I turned and jumped off of the cliff without another thought. I sunk down through the air feeling the spray of the water on my face. I closed my eyes and felt my body suspend in the air. I stayed that way until I felt my body lay back down on the cliff. My eyes were still glued shut. I was waiting for another screech, but nothing came. I carefully opened my eyes and saw the familiar pine trees surrounding me. I sighed warily and rose to my feet. That diamond would have been the proof of my own power, of what I had uncovered. I started to make my way back home when something shiny caught my eye in the rocks. Laying on top of the cliffside was a broken scale that was the color of the sea. I held up it to the sun and watched the colors dance in the sunlight. I didn’t have the diamond, but I now had a reminder of what true power looks like.

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I am an avid storyteller that likes to write about anything that inspires me whether that comes from visiting the beach or blogging about what is on my mind.

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