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The Runaway Bride

The truth always comes out.

By Joonie NPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Running away.

Part 1

Everything was set. The venue, the deco, the food, the dance floor. Every single thing was done. All looked perfect. Harper couldn't have been more than ready to marry the love of her life. She had always talked about how she wished her wedding was going to look like, and today it looked exactly like she wished. It was all going so well till the actual day of the wedding arrived.

"Harper will you stop pacing around?! It's making me dizzy." Taylor hysterically complained to her best friend.

"I'm sorry okay! I'm just nervous. It's not everyday you get married." Harper said as she finally stopped pacing around.

"I don't know why you're worrying so much. The both of y'all love each other so much. I'm sure everything will be fine." Taylor said, reassuring her friend.

"What if it won't? What if the lights fall? What if I fall? What if the pastor doesn't show up? Or worse... What if Jordan doesn't show up!? What if-"

"Okay enough!" Julia, another one of Harper's best friend said, "Everything will be fine H, the decorators have double checked everything, nothing will go wrong. It's just the wedding jitters getting to you."

"Julia is right H. But just to make you feel at ease, Jules and I will go down to the venue to see if everything is set."

"Will you really!?" She asks,hopeful.

"Yes, if that will calm you down." Julia said.

"Okay, then go ahead."

"We will be quick H. We promise." Taylor said as her and Julia walked out of the room.

The door closed again and Harper was left all alone. Her mind was racing, she was full of questions. She also couldn't help but feel rather anxious. She had a feeling that something was gonna go terribly wrong.

Everything is fine Harper, everything will go well. I just need to calm down. She told herself as she took deep breaths.

This isn't working! Theres only one person I who can calm me down, and that's Jordan. I can't see him now due to wedding rules. But I really need to feel his touch before I walk that isle. Harper thought.

I can be quick. Julia and Taylor won't be back for atleast another five minutes. I can quickly run and see Jordan. You're a genius Harper! Harper told herself as she made her way to the door. Quietly opening it, she exited and quickly ran to her almost husband's room.


"Gena we need to stop! I'm getting married for crying out loud!" Jordan said as he pushed away the determined woman in front of him.

"Who cares if you are getting married? As if that's special." Gena said scornfully as she crossed her arms.

"It is special Gena. I am marrying your daughter. That's a good enough reason."

"My daughter is nothing special. She doesn't even have to know about this Jordan." Gena said as she moved closer to Jordan.

"No! I can't keep on doing this to her. It's been going on enough. Harper will be crushed if she heard about it."

"Except that she won't. If you're willing to keep this a secret."

"I can't Gena, I can't do that to Harper." Jordan said as he faced the other side ready to walk away from the assertive woman in front of him.

"Jordan wait!" Gena shouted. "Please don't leave. Listen to me first." She pleaded.

"What is it?"

"I know what we are doing is wrong. Ever since we started we agreed to no strings attached. But we both know that the strings are there Jordan."

"I know there are but there's nothing we can do about that Gena."

"Yes there is." Gena said.


"We can continue in secret. No one has to find out. Not even Harper."

"No Gena. Thats even deceiving her even more."

"I know that Jordan but you and I will be together, even if it means it should be a secret. I can't stay away from you Jordan, I've grown attached to you way too much. I want you so badly." Gena said as she moved even more closer to Jordan. She wrapped her arms around him and whispered, "And I know that you want me too."

And with that, Gena pressed her lips on Jordan.

And with that motion, Jordan kissed back.

This should be his room. Harper thought, as she looked at the huge door in front of him. Let's get in and surprise him. Harper concluded as she opened the door.

Huh? It's unlocked? Maybe he was waiting for me. Harper thought, smiling.

Quietly opening the door, Harper entered the room and she could not believe her eyes. In front of her was her beloved mother, and her fiancé locking lips. And they both seemed to be enjoying it. Harper was feeling many things, pain, confusion, sadness.  But the most dominant emotion taking over her was... anger.

"What the hell is going on here!?"


Part 2

"What the hell is going on?!" Harper screamed furiously whilst her mother and fiance backed away from each other.

"Harper,you're here..." Jordan said awkwardly whilst trying to find an excuse.

"Didn't you hear me the first time Jordan? I asked what the hell was going on."

"Well you see....I....Gena here wanted to..." He said struggling.

"Use your words Jordan, I don't have time for this. Please explain why I found your tongue in my mother's tongue?"

"It wasn't what it looked I swear!"

"Oh really?" Harper mocked whilst laughing.

"Well dear ex fiance," Harper started, "This wedding is over!"

"Please don't cancel the wedding over a minor issue like this. I swear it was a mistake."

"Minor?" Gena said whilst crossing her arms. "It wasn't minor when you were in my bed for the past six months"

”Six months?!” Harper exclaimed, “This has been going on for six months?!”

”I never meant for it to go on for this long.” Jordan explained.

”And yet it did.” Harper responds as she crosses her arms over her chest.


”Thats enough Jordan! I’ve heard enough.” Harper said, cutting him off, “Now you listen to me. This wedding is over! You and my mother can continue whatever you have without the fear of getting caught. So have a nice life you two.”

And with that Harper exits the room and made her way towards the church’s exit. On her way out, she ripped her veil off her head in front of the guests who looked at her confused.

”What‘s going on?” A lady asks.

”The wedding is cancelled.” Harper simply answered and walked out of the venue.

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