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The Rosewood Ruby

Taking on the Challenge

By Gail WyliePublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read

Stella swiped the screen, glancing at the photo, wondering why she had accepted this challenge. She had joined a dating site to find a rich man. Whoever found wealthiest, would win. Obviously, a waste of time. The candidates looked like losers.

A name caught her eye: ‘Rosewood.’ Where had she heard that before? Oh yes, Grandma’s story of attending a bride, presented with the rosewood ruby at the marriage of the oldest son. This priceless ruby was set in a gold pendant, surrounded by twelve diamonds.

Stella stared at the photo. He didn’t look great, but there was his name, this story. She tapped on ‘interested’.

Four months later Stella was a bride. Stephen had responded. He wasn’t handsome or rich, but he was the oldest.

Her friends thought she was crazy. It started as a joke. Now they were bridesmaids. Stephen’s mother entered with a velvet covered box. She opened it and removed the pendant, holding it up for all to see. Her friends gasped as it was placed around Stella’s neck.

Stella apologized. “I’m afraid I need the bathroom.“

She left the room and fled to her parked car. Soon she was speeding down the freeway.

Challenge complete.

Short Story

About the Creator

Gail Wylie

Family therapist - always wanted to be a writer. Have published books on autism. Currently enjoying trying my hand at fiction. Loving the challenges of Vocal. Excited to have my first novel CONSEQUENCES available through Amazon.

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    Gail WylieWritten by Gail Wylie

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