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The Rise of Gemini

Orbital Apocalypse

By Brin J.Published 10 months ago Updated 10 months ago 24 min read

Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say. But I wouldn't be surprised if Annel's battle cries reached the other side of the astral war zone.

"Nel, you know I love you, but it's kind of hard to pilot when you're roaring in my ear," I say as I make a sharp turn to evade colliding with another combat cruiser.

"Sorry, Gem. You know how passionate I get."

I snort a laugh. Passionate's an understatement. She makes blasting our enemies out of the void her purpose in life, resentful after losing both her parents to them at a very young age. This isn't a war for her; this is revenge.

"Detecting an enemy dreadnought targeting your spacecraft." Our AI, Zips, warns in her robotic voice into my implanted earpiece. It's temporarily synced with Nel's so we can ascertain the same data while in combat.

ZIPS stands for Zenith Intelligence Progression Server. It's one of the most advanced technologies humans have been recognized for. It can translate alien languages, calculate certain events, and regulate our bodies- essentially strengthening our survival. The device is for political and astral military use only, making civilians envy our advantages. Despite humanity's breakthrough, this technology barely places us in league with highly-evolved otherworlders.

I look to the screen on my right and sure enough, there’s a Demolisher chasing us. Our enemies gave their space crafts names that'd intimidate their foes. Too bad for them Nel and I've been hardened by tragic, orphaned childhoods, military training, and years of active service.

"What's the plan, Major Orion?" Nel teases using my new title.

I cringe. Some would think it's an honor to be ranked the youngest female Major out of an entire space fleet. Not me.

"Oh, you know how I love to dance," I say with a devious smirk.

I pull the cruiser left, scarcely missing a meteor. We decided to take this fight in an asteroid field. Since we're slightly behind in our space advancements compared to other alien species, we humans make up for it by strategizing and playing dirty. Though if it weren't for Zips, I don't think we'd have even made it this far.

Our silver combat cruisers are sleek, two-person seaters, with cutting speed that's classified as immeasurable in the invariant gravity of space. But that's where their favorable attributes end. They have no defense shields and require a skilled shooter to navigate the weaponry. Luckily, I have Nel, who's never missed a shot.

I swerve with ease past the massive craters, effectively losing the bulky Demolisher. "Pft. That was too easy." I grumble in disappointment.

"Major Gemini Orion, this is your Captain, please check in." Captain Daniel Everson's voice blares through the intercom. Ugh, good lord.

"You're in trouble," Nel sings. I cast a sideways glance to see her tapping the arsenal holograms. Probably checking our reserves.

My thumb grazes the control screen to unmute the cruiser's receiver. "This is Orion."

"Is there a reason you're in a cruiser and not commanding your station?"

Nel snorts beside me while I roll my eyes. My 'station' is overseeing the negating war drones we send out to bombard the enemy's lesser ships. They might be small, and slower compared to the speeds crafts can travel at, but if enough of them latch onto the enemy's vessel, they can successfully drain it of power.

"I'm handling it from out here," I answer. Technically, I'm not lying. I'm luring our adversaries to where I've commanded clusters of drones to lie in wait. It's a tactic I've used many times before, which earned me recognition for the promotion. My superiors were 'impressed' with my wit, engineering, and ability to be resourceful. Realistically, I'm competitive and really like to win.

I also love to fly. Piloting has always been my dream and I poured everything I had into the rigorous aviator training at Nebmore's Aeronaut Forces Academy, or NAFA. Nebmore is a planet located 9 light klicks from Earth. In layman's terms; the closest habitable galaxy. It was discovered by humans a little less than 300 years ago in the year 2194. Upon their voyage, my ancestors learned they weren't the only life in the universe. They befriended the Nebmorains, who gave them land to maintain a diplomatic alliance where they built our embassy/academy. This war against the Sudnauns is theirs, not ours, and has been ongoing for two decades. But as their allies, we're expected to offer support.

Daniel heaves a sigh. "I can see that. However, you're supposed to be handling it from the Nightbringer. Return to your station, now."

Oh, he's pissed. I've never been good at following the rules. Everyone knows this and I've earned a reputation for it- that, among other reasons. But Daniel likes to flex his power, especially toward me, since I often challenge his misuse of authority.

"I'm sorry Captain, I didn't catch that, you're cutting out," His protests fall on deaf ears as I switch the receiver back to mute.

"You're going to lose this promotion as quickly as you got it," Nel says with mild amusement.

I hope I do. I wasn't even interested in it. It was falsely presented to me with assurances I'd still be able to pilot in the event of a skirmish when in fact, it was Daniel's way of "putting me on a leash". So I'm retaliating to educate him about what happens when someone tries to double-cross me. Nel's aware of his underhanded scheme, which is why she's here.

My grudging thoughts are lifted when my screen alerts me of another Demolisher trailing us. I smirk as I deviate from the battlefield toward where I assembled a colony of negating drones hidden deep within the asteroid belt. The unsuspecting enemy vessel falls prey to my trap as the drones magnetically hitch onto it. Within seconds, the dreadnaught loses power. Ha!

"Incoming dozen enemy warships," Zips announces placidly, cutting my self-awarded victory short.

"Dozen!?" Nel panics.

Crap. My fingers tighten on my control column while nerves eat at my stomach. This was supposed to be an easily won battle. We had the numbers, the advantage. Reinforcements shouldn't have been able to respond so quickly to their squad's distress signal. Their perfect timing raises suspicions.

"All cruisers return to the Nightbringer immediately. Abort. I repeat. Abort." Control shouts into the intercom.

I veer right to revert to the mothership when I'm intercepted by another Demolisher.

"Zips, what's our situation look like?" I demand while letting the cruiser drop to duck under the enemy vessel.

Nel fiddles with her holographic control board, firing at them. "Got ya," she chants absentmindedly.

"Calculating." Zips pauses. "Your craft is the furthest from the Nightbringer. The estimated distance predicts unlikely to reach before it ascends into hyperspace."

"What?" Nel shouts in alarm.

Damnit, I shouldn't have strayed so far. "Zips, how much time until they hyperjump?" I ask, feeling an adrenaline rush from the challenge.

"Forty seconds."

"Forty seconds?! We're not going to make that." Nel says worriedly, looking at the stretch littered with massive rocks between us and the ship. "If they abandon us they're securing our death."

She's right, but there's no way they'd stay. Why risk thousands of lives for two? But it's my fault Nel's out here. For her, I have to make it.

I flip on the emergency thrusters and the cruiser propels forward. The force pins Nel and I to our seats.

"Some warning next time!" She yells, brushing loose strands of blonde hair from her face.

"Oh, right. Sorry." I smile savagely. "I'm just concentrating on saving our asses."

Ecstacy injects into my veins as we zip past asteroids and enemies in a blur. This maneuver would've been impossible to pull off for an amateur. Luckily, I'm a daring and skilled pilot who does stunts like this for the thrill.

I pull up on the lever to even out the cruiser as I guide us to the mothership. We're a few paces away when I unmute the receiver to signal my craft's arrival. "Control this is Orion requesting a delay in hyperjumping. My vessel's approaching the Nightbringer."

"Too late Orion," Daniel responds with malice. "Had you obeyed orders and stuck to your station, you wouldn't be left stranded with our enemies approaching."

"Daniel, please just-"

"Sorry Orion, I didn't catch that you're cutting out." He interrupts before disconnecting, and not a second later the Nightbringer initiates into hyperspace.

"Fuck!" I scream and slam my hand on the control panel.

"What a prick," Nel grumbles, watching as our enemies emerge from the asteroid belt. Her blue eyes stare at them vehemently, not a hint of fear to be seen.

Guilt sours in my mouth. "I'm sorry, Nel. I didn't mean for this to happen."

"Don't be." She turns her blue eyes on me. "I'll always have your back."

I snort inelegantly. "Well, that won't be an oath you'll have to uphold for long."

Suddenly, the twelve enemy colossal warships appear out of thin air.

"Holy shit." Nel rasps.

My eyes widen as the hulking metallic Annihilators loom over us, making my cruiser look like a spec of dust in comparison. Movement from the nearest Annihilator captures both our attention and two dozen Demolishers quickly surround us.

"Incoming transmission," Zips informs me.

I tap the control pad to grant permission for foreign communication. "Humans," A male's voice comes in. Zips translates. "I'm sure you're aware of your jeopardizing situation. You can surrender without a struggle and cooperate with our demands, or refuse, and we'll forcefully detain you. I suggest you choose carefully. We generally aren't this merciful."

I switch the receiver to mute and scowl at the dreadnaughts encircling us. "How kind of them." There's no avoiding our fates now, my emergency thrusters are spent, and we have no defense shield to wait them out. I doubt help would come for us anyway. I turn to Nel. "So, how do you want to play this?"

She pulls a face. "Zips, have the Sudnuans taken human prisoners before?"

"Processing... No. Sudnaun's don't take prisoners."

My throat constricts tightly. A disquieting realization occurs to me- they want something. I sigh, feeling resigned. "Well, if we cooperate maybe they'll go easy on us?"

Nel gives a grunt, which I assume means she agrees. I collect my thoughts before unmuting us. "Alright. We concede."

It's silent on the other end for a moment before the male speaks again. "You're... Female?"

I exchange a look with Nel. I'd think advanced Sudnauns who also have female pilots would be free of gender prejudices. "Is that a problem?"

He clears his throat. "Not at all. Follow our Demolishers, they'll guide your passage. Remember your agreement to cooperate." He disconnects and the dreadnaughts surrounding us begin to ascend. I reluctantly, albeit obediently, followed them.

I try not to slip into dark thoughts about what they want with us as I direct my cruiser into their warship. I try not to shake as I lower my craft to land. And finally, while shutting down the engine, I try not to dwell on the fact our people abandoned us to the enemies.

"Registering alternate life force," Zips announces. "There are 41,760 Sudnauns aboard this warship. Of those, 41,547 are trained fighters."

I mentally swear. Damn AI. Like this isn't terrifying enough, she has to go and remind me I'm grossly outnumbered.

Nel gives me an alarmed expression, likely reacting to the same overshared information.

With turbulent hesitancy, I open the hatch and unfasten my seatbelt. Before I even get to my feet, a group of armed Sudnauns wearing their standard jet-black tactical uniforms storm into the cockpit. They aim strange yet lethal weapons at us.

I bring up my hands and Nel does the same, glaring at the intruders like she could melt them with a look. If our situation wasn't so dire, I'd applaud her backbone.

"You're to come without resistance. If you fight then we'll subdue you." One of them says. I'm not sure which one exactly, since they're all wearing densely shaded helmets.

I give a two-finger salute, feigning intrepidness. "You got it, chief."

One cocks his head, indicating he's the speaker, and I get the impression he's also the one who spoke to me over the intercom.

A few stream out, and the one who spoke gestures with his weapon for us to follow. We trail them, keeping our hands lifted in the universal language conveying we yield. Or I hope it's universal.

I gawk as we debark the combat cruiser, finally taking in the layout of our enemy's landing pad. I had been distracted by my unnerving thoughts when I entered. I'm still anxious about what lies ahead, but now that I've stepped foot on it, I'm able to appreciate the dark sheeny design of their vast spacecraft platform. There are lights throughout the open structure, but due to the glossy pitch black, it all gets sucked into the void.

"This way," The male says and steers us to the right. It isn't until we're nearly upon it that I realize they're leading us towards a dim corridor. The repressed trepidation I've felt since seeing the Annihilators has finally caught up to me, and I shudder violently.

Nel's steps falter, experiencing the same consternation, but I urge her with a nudge to keep moving. I already feel responsible for our situation, if something were to happen to her, I'd never forgive myself.

Once we enter the hall, I expect us to keep walking but everyone freezes. Nel and I share confused looks. Then, without warning, the floor shifts.

I nearly shout a curse as the abrupt movement causes me to lose balance. "A warning would've been nice," I grouse. Nel glares at them, sharing my sentiments. Even without seeing their faces, I can tell they're getting a kick out of our startlement.

After a minute, the floor finally comes to a stop. The Sudnauns advance forward, forcing us to move as well. They take us past a series of doors blending in with the polished obsidian walls. I notice they don't hold a reflection. And I only know there are doors because of the simple yet high-caliber security pads located on the outside of each one. My guess is they require a handprint, or a keycard to gain entry.

The one leading the group unexpectedly halts before hovering his hand over a security pad in front of him. It unlocks even though he didn't remove his gloves. Hmm.

The door slides open and he steps back, gesturing for us to enter the room. I peek inside, not shocked to find the same sheeny design as the rest of the ship. Then I notice it's not a prison cell, but a room with two beds, a table, and chairs. "What is this?" I demand.

"Your room."

I stare up at him, biting back the string of curse words I wish to throw for being so vague.

"You cooperated, so this is your reward," he adds condescendingly. "I suggest you make yourselves comfortable, it could be a while until the General sees you."

I swallow. What would a Sudnaun General want to speak with two lowly humans about? Seeing no other choice, I step into the room. Nel sticks right behind me. I scan the decent living space and notice it also has what looks to be an attached bathroom, though the mechanics of it seem incredibly alien.

"The door will remain shut unless one of us opens it," he says, regaining my attention. "But if somehow you succeed to get the door open, just know there are five of us stationed out here eager to remind you of your critical position."

The door closes, locking Nel and me inside. I drowned my rising panic, it'd do me no good, and switched into survivor mode instead.

Nel searches the room as I quietly pace back and forth. I know what she's looking for, another way out. But if I've learned anything about the Sudnauns, it's that they’re always prepared, and one step ahead of everyone else. It's an enigma that has me both curious and suspicious. Our fight earlier led us to believe we had the upper hand. Now, it dawns on me that it was a trap. They baited us with a small fleet in a desirable location. And we fell for it.

A random beep startles me from my thoughts. Nel jumps back from where she had been snooping. "What was that?"

I give her an incredulous look. "You tell me."

Suddenly, the inky panels along the wall clear to reveal themselves as windows. My jaw falls slack and my feet inadvertently bring me over to stare out at the infinite universe. Strange to think just minutes ago this asteroid belt was a battlefield.

My focus snags on a shuttle retrieving one of the Demolishers ambushed by my negating drones. Good job guys, I think to my little robot savages.

"What do you think they want?" Nel asks, coming up next to me.

Without looking away from the countless floating boulders, I answer numbly, "I'm not sure, but it can't be anything good."

After what seemed like hours, the door to our room finally opened. Nel and I both rise from where we had been sitting on the beds as a female Sudnaun enters. "The General will see you now."

I toss Nel a glance before shadowing the female out of the room. The floor shifts again, this time I was prepared.

We glide in silence until we're deposited in a lobby. Our escort leads us towards the back where large double doors are held wide open.

The first thing I notice upon entering the room is the obscenely grand table in the center surrounded by oval chairs. Second, are the handful of assembled Sudnauns on its other side. I have to do a double take when I register they aren't wearing helmets. I've never seen a Sudnaun in person before. And now I'm discovering they're not monsters like the rumors portrayed them as.

They have the features of human men, but that's where their similarities end. Their skin's dusty bronze except for across their eyes leading into their hairline, which is dark as if they don charcoal war paint. They have deep gold eyes and pointy ears. Most of their ebony hair's cropped short except for one who keeps his long. They sit completely still, watching us with analytical stares.

It was difficult not to compare myself with them. I've heard once that it's innate to look for ourselves in others.

Then, I spot another male, standing separately from the rest. His back is turned to us, facing out the wide floor-to-ceiling window with his hands clasped behind him. He has wavy, shoulder-length onyx hair. His form appears to be athletic from what I can discern beneath his black tactical uniform, distinguishing him as a fighter. An emblem on his bicep stands out to me, but due to our distance, I'm unable to identify it.

I instantly peg him as the General. He has an air of superiority that dominates the room effortlessly.

"Have a seat." One of the males at the table says to us.

I keep my face impassive as I lower into one of the buoyant egg-shaped chairs. Nel takes the one on my right.

The four males continued to observe us with unreadable expressions, rivaling my mask of indifference with their own.

"I bet you're wondering why we chose to spare you, and bring you aboard even with the threat you possess." The male directly across from me says, watching me accusingly. His gold eyes are rimmed with green, making them appear lime.

I simulate shock. "Little me? A threat? How cautious of you."

The muscle in his cheek twitches. "We'd be fools to think you're harmless just because of your appearance."

I tilt my head. "Is that a compliment? If so, thank you."

"Ah, so the insolence is true then." The farthest male says. Streaks of sliver line his hair, reflecting he must be older than his youthful face misleads. "Your reputation as Anarchy precedes you."

From the corner of my eye, I see Nel stiffen. I wish I could tell her to keep it cool. They might be bluffing.

I twirl a strand of my raven hair. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

The male between the two scoffs. "Give it up. We know it's you. We weren't sure at first, we only suspected it when you lured a Demolisher into a cluster of your irritating little power-draining drones." He leans over the table. "But we confirmed it when you used your thrusters in the middle of an asteroid field and dodged objects with skill no mere human would be able to pull off."

Damnit. They were watching me. I have to play this smart. They obviously want something or I'd be dead by now. "Okay. And what if I am?"

The General uses that moment to turn around. Our eyes locked and my breath strangled in my throat. He was imposing, yet daunting. The scar running down the right side of his face only added to his allure. The eye it crosses is foggy white- the other's molten gold. His charcoal 'war paint' went lower than the others. But what was most disconcerting were shadows lurking beneath his hardened exterior. The hairs on the back of my neck stood in alarm, suddenly aware of the predator in the room.

"If you are Anarchy, then your crew members are idiots for leaving their best pilot behind." He answers. A prickle moves up my spine at the deep timbre of his voice.

Daniel would disagree with him about my aeronaut skills. I try not to let that sting of invalidation get to me.

He takes a few measured steps toward the table. "I guess I shouldn't speak ill of them since they did us a favor."

"If you think you can use us to negotiate some sort of deal with them then I hate to break it to you but they won't care." Nel spouts, not even trying to hide her anger.

The General's eyes never leave mine. "I'm not interested in deals with them."

I fold my arms over my chest. "Well, whatever it is, we can't help you."

Amusement lit up on his face. It was there and gone in a blink. "Oh, on the contrary. I think you're perfect for this."

"Nah, I'll pass."

"You haven't even heard what it is yet," Lime-eyes inserts.

I give him a bland look. Their request likely involves me betraying my people or something of the sort. And I'd rather rot here as a prisoner than become a traitor.

"Where are our manners?" The General says while rolling up his sleeves to reveal thickly corded arms. "We’ve yet to introduce ourselves. I'm Raiden." He places his hand on the chair of the man with long hair, who's been silently observing our interactions. "This is Thorac, my Chief of Defense." He nods to lime-eyes. "Belthow, my Chief of Diplomacy. Harding, my Chief Technical and Strategy Analyst. And lastly Oden, my Chief Naval Officer." My attention goes back to him. His oppressive gaze imprisoned mine. "As you probably already figured out, I'm the General. What you don't know is that I'm our Emperor's Primary General... and his brother."

My mouth dries with his revelation. It was a sobering moment. My luck just keeps getting better and better. Well, that explains his demanding demeanor.

"This is when you tell us your names." He urges with smug politeness.

Nel huffs dramatically next to me. "I'm Annel, but everyone calls me Nel."

All the eyes in the room cast on me, and I fought the urge to disappear under the table. "Gemini." I bit out.

"Gemini," Raiden murmurs, and my stupid heart does a little flip. "The real name of the notorious Anarchy." Just like that, it sinks.

"Yeah, well, I didn't give myself that title."

He nods. "I know, it was awarded to you by friends and foe alike. Says a lot about your character."

"It’s befitting given your impudent attitude and aggressive stratagems," Oden mutters.

I try not to let their judgment bother me. I've wiped out thousands of their dreadnaughts, earning their resentment. I shrug. "I'm a driven pilot. I can't help that my social skills are rusty from disuse." If I'm being honest, they were never good to begin with.

Raiden hums. "I have a proposition for you."

My lips curved into a wicked smirk. "Not interested."

His eyebrows climbed. "You're going to want to hear me out as this involves your fate."

A small snort escapes me. "If that's your play then you should know I don't care what happens to me."

"Oh, really?" His eye flicks to Nel. "What about her fate then?"

I felt a spurt of panic. Nel's only here because of my damn ego. She doesn't deserve to be punished because of it. Oh, how my poor life choices come back to bite me.

I keep quiet and wait with bated breath for him to continue. A cocky grin appears on his face. "Before I divulge your task, I must first share the events that led us to this point. For obvious reasons I can't give you all the details, but you should at least know what the true catalyst was that started this war." He turns to reface the window.

I lean forward in my seat, curiosity getting the best of me.

"It wasn't our intent to go to war with the Nebmorians, but they stole something precious from two of our Six Elite Houses. Artifacts considered sacred." He angles his body so he's half facing me. "You must think us all petty to institute a war for relics." He's right. That's exactly what I was thinking. "Only they didn't stop there." Oh? "When they attacked the Second House, the Nebmorians took their ambitions a step further- they abducted innocent children while slaughtering their families. Such an offense is deemed an act of war by every worldly race."

My forehead creases. This isn't the same story the Nebmorians told us. They said the war was brought on by Sudnauns becoming greedy, lording their enhanced superior progressions over weaker planetary beings, careless of who they affect in their quest for expansion. I lost my family at a young age because of their undertaking and became orphaned. My childhood on Nebmor was rough until Nel arrived. I'm thankful for her. Lord knows where I'd be.

"I see that you don't believe me," he says.

I bring a finger up to tap my chin. "Gee, I wonder why?" He expected I'd just take his word?

Belthow shakes his head. "So naive."

My brow twitches. Rude fellow, isn't he?

"Easy," Raiden mollifies him. "She grew up on Nebmor thinking she's human. We can't fault her for being led astray."

I expel a breath of disbelief. "Are you suggesting I'm not human?"

"You're not," Harding answers crassly.

"We feel you're the lost daughter of the Second House," Raiden announces with delight, like he didn't just rip the rug out from under my feet.

"What? Gem? You think Gem's a Sudnaun?" Nel asks. I can hear the rising confusion and wariness in her tone.

I don't say anything. I couldn't. My mind had gone hazy from shock.

Raiden watches me carefully. "Her age fits the timeline, her impulsiveness, intelligence, and ruthlessness are traits of a Sudnaun. Even her honey-colored eyes are like ours. But to be certain we could just check her ears."

I know where he's going with this. Humans don't have pointed ears. But apparently, Sudnauns do.

"Unless... you're too afraid," he continues, and stares me down like he expects me to cower.

I know a challenge when I hear one. A smarter person would ignore it. But call me stubborn. Call me prideful. There's no way I'd let him think I'm weak.

"Gem..." Nel says softly. She knows.

I'm unable to look at her. "Fine," I move my long hair back to expose my ears. The room goes quiet.

"They're blunted." Someone says from behind me. I turn to see the female escort Sudnaun without her helmet. I blink in surprise at how human she appears. No charcoal war paint. "But not like a human's, they're cropped. The points were cut off."

Raiden looks at me with horror. "You mutilated yourself?"

I speared him with a dark look. "No. I didn't." After years of being bullied at the orphanage for them, one day my tormentors pinned me down to remove the tips with razors. I got my revenge for it.

Nel winces, remembering the event.

Raiden's expression suddenly morphs into fury. I thought he was unnerving before. He looks downright demonic now.

"So it's true," Nel says. "You're Sudnaun. I guess that means the story about this war's true, too, then.”

I look at her expecting to see revulsion. What I find instead is sympathy.

"I apologize for assuming," Raiden mumbles, regaining his composure.

"No need, just tell me what it is you want." I don't care about apologies or sympathies. I just want this conversation over.

It's the male with long hair, Thorac, who answers. "We want you to find out where the relics are being kept and retrieve them for us."

"Oh, is that all?" I ask with dry sarcasm.

His grin was half smile, half threat. "I'd like for you to inform on your 'allies' to help us win this war but I doubt you'd agree."

I click my tongue. "Bingo."

His smile grows. "Give it time, your allegiance will change."

The turmoil of my loyalties nagged at my conscience, forming a gnarl in my stomach. My shoulders slumped. Exhaustion ensuing. Looks like I'll be adding "thieving" and “lost-Sudnaun” to my Anarchy record. I wonder what'll be next?

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I never believed the sky is the limit, therefore my passions are expansive. My interest in writing stemmed from poetry but my heart lead me to Sci-Fi Fantasy. Consequently, my stories are plot-driven with splashes of evocative elements.

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  • Michele Jones9 months ago

    This deserves a full book. Possibly a series. We need to know what happens next.

  • Cathy holmes10 months ago

    This is great. Very well done, indeed.

  • Angel Whelan10 months ago

    Great characterization!

  • Kat Thorne10 months ago

    Wow, this is amazing! Loveeee your characters. Please write a full book, I would buy it!

  • Ashley Shiflett10 months ago

    So amazing! You should keep going with this story! I would love to read more.

  • Lena Borondia10 months ago

    This is stunning! Very well done!! Just subscribed and excited to read more!!

  • Heather Hubler10 months ago

    I am in love with this!!! Absolutely adore Gem and Nel (and feel a kindred spirit with Gem specifically, lol). This well thought out with great use of dialogue and action. You should definitely continue on with this story. It has so much going for it! My only suggestion is to go back and check it for tense usage. You switch from present to past and back to present. Otherwise, a fantastic piece of fiction!!

  • Danielle Tittle10 months ago

    This was great! I’d love to see more.

  • Babs Iverson10 months ago

    Splendid sci-fi story! Left a 💖

  • Rachel M.J10 months ago

    I love this. The description of the dusted copper skin and the lime-eyes - SO beautiful. Chilling discovery about the blunted ears, too.

  • John Eva10 months ago

    Great world building!

  • Nikki Little10 months ago

    WHAAAAAAAA SHE'S A SUDNAUN?!?!? I gotta say I'm very team Anarchy. (and I ship Gem and and Nel now). Such good action and dialogue, I'm in love with this!

  • Jordan Twiss10 months ago

    This was a lot of fun. You did a great job with the relationship between Gem and Nel!

  • Jori T. Sheppard10 months ago

    Fantastic idea. Great premise. Very creative and enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

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