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The Revenge of Alien

by Smile Sachdeva 5 months ago in Sci Fi
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The Revenge of Alien
Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

A long time back, there was a boy whose name was Splash Kumar. He lives with his parents in India. He was a single child . He was very good at studies. Now let's come to main story.One day, he was going to a jungle with his friend. He saw something different happening. He noticed suddenly intensity of light increased. He asked his friend, "Did you noticed something". His friend replied,"What!! I noticed Nothing, What are you talking about?" After listening his reply , Splash feel in deep thoughts. But he has seen Splash of light. Then they both went to their house. But Splash hasn't forgotten the incident. He was trying to figure out what has actually happened. But after thinking for nearly 2 hours , he decided to leave thinking about this. But he was unaware of what was going to happen with him. He just slept.

Next day when he woke up and went to his school. The day was going well until he decided to go to jungle again. He saw a weird creature lying there , He decided to go close , but he found the creature dead. Going near to it and touching it was the worst mistake which was done by him. He then returned to his home , he decided not to tell his parents. Slowly it became night. He was just going to sleep , he heard a noise. Splash to himself," what was that". He just spoke God's name and went to check outside. He found nothing. Then he saw some light coming from top floor. He went to top floor of his house. He was scared. But he heaved sigh of relief when he saw his father. Splash," ohhh papa it's you, I thought it was some ghost." His father said," why didn't you do what I told you to do". Splash,"what?? What work??"

Suddenly his father started laughing in very strange way. And Suddenly he disappeared from there. This incident

scared hell out of him. He tried to run away but he found his mother standing in front of him.

Mother-"Where are you going? Son"

He hugged her tight. She pushed him and he fell and she started laughing. And she changed into same creature that he saw in the jungle. It scared hell out of him. He asked him ,"who are you". Alien said," You killed my wife , Now I will make your life hell, I will punish you. You will die every second". (Actually when splash has touched the Alien, his finger prints were printed on her. And aliens are very ahead in science. So from his finger prints Alien whose name was Shibo reached his house)

Splash-"I Iiiiiii did did didn't killed your wiiii wiiiife"

Shibo-"Don't lie"

Splash was about to say something but before he spoke something, Shibo took him to his planet in just one second.

Splash-" Where did you bring me"

Shibo-" This is my world child hahahaaa"

Splash-" I want to go home , please send me there , my mom dad would have been waiting for me"

Shibo-" only your dead body can go from here"

Splash-" Pleaseeee Please Let me go , I want to go to my mom dad"

Shibo slapped him. Splash's nose started bleeding. Shibo started laughing. Shibo," You killed my wife and now you will be killed". He started slapping him continuously. Splash just started chanting God's and Suddenly shibo's wife soul came there.

Tamara(Shibo wife)-"Shibooooo 😡 What are doing?"

(Shibo stopped hitting him)

Shibo-" Tamara (Emotionally), You are back dear."

Tamara-" You don't know what you have done"

Shibo-" What???"

Tamara-" He didn't killed me and you killed him"

Shibo-" But he is alive"

(Actually Shibo hadn't realized that mistakenly he has killed Splash)

Tamara(in sad tone)-" See you what you have done Shibo,,,, He was our son Shincho in his previous birth"

Shibo saw splash and started crying.

Tamara-" that's why I went to meet him and died due to fight with Tamraj who went there to kill him , I saved him but I died "

(The flash that splash saw was due to fight between Tamara and Tamraj )

Shibo was continously crying, " what I has done. Why God why , first my wife then my child whom I met after 200 years "

Tamara-" There is one way you can save him "

Shibo-" how How can I save him? I will do anything to save him"

Tamara-" It isn't easy"

Shibo-" I will do anything, just tell me"

Tamara-" Then go to Tamraj's planet and bring Kamal ka Phool from there"

Will shibo be able to save splash????

To be continued..........


Sci Fi

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