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The Return of the Hunters

Chap 2: The Battle Against the Hunters

By Nikki ClamPublished 7 months ago 5 min read

This Chapter 2 of Midnight Dance : A Tale of Magic and Adventure you can read it first!

Mariana had always known that the hunters would return, but she didn't expect it to happen so soon. One night, as the purple clouds gathered in the sky and the dancers began their nightly ritual, Mariana caught a glimpse of movement in the distance.

She squinted, trying to make out the figures that were moving swiftly towards them. As they drew closer, Mariana's heart began to race. She recognized them immediately as the hunters, their faces twisted with anger and hatred.

Mariana tried to rally the other dancers, but they seemed frozen in fear, their movements slowing and uncertain. The hunters were getting closer, and Mariana knew that they had to act fast.

She turned to the woman in the starry dress, hoping for guidance, but the woman simply nodded her head and stepped back, allowing Mariana to take the lead.

Mariana closed her eyes for a moment, trying to summon the strength and power she had gained from the dance. She felt a strange energy building within her, a combination of fear and excitement.

When she opened her eyes, she felt different. She felt as if she were no longer just Mariana, but a part of something greater, something more powerful.

She took a step forward, and the other dancers followed. They began to move in unison, their bodies flowing like water as they danced around the hunters, cutting off their path to the clouds.

The hunters were caught off guard by the sudden attack, but they quickly recovered, drawing their weapons and charging towards the dancers.

Mariana felt a surge of fear and adrenaline as the hunters closed in. She knew that they had to protect the magic at all costs.

As the hunters swung their weapons, Mariana and the other dancers dodged and weaved, moving as one. They were like a machine, perfectly synchronized in their movements.

Mariana could feel the power of the dance coursing through her veins, giving her strength and agility that she had never known before.

The hunters were strong, but they were no match for the dancers. One by one, they fell, their weapons clattering to the ground as they lay unconscious.

Mariana felt a sense of relief wash over her as the hunters retreated, defeated once again. But she knew that they would be back, and that the battle was far from over.

She turned to the other dancers, her face stern. "We have to be ready," she said. "They will come back, and we have to be prepared."

The other dancers nodded, their faces solemn. They knew that Mariana was right. They couldn't let the hunters destroy the magic.

From that moment on, Mariana and the other dancers trained harder than ever before, honing their skills and preparing for the next battle.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, but the hunters never returned. Mariana began to wonder if they had given up, if they had realized that they were no match for the power of the purple clouds.

But one night, as Mariana and the other dancers were performing their nightly ritual, they heard a sound in the distance. It was the sound of footsteps, coming closer and closer.

Mariana's heart began to race as she recognized the sound. It was the hunters, and they had returned.

She signaled to the other dancers, and they fell into formation, their bodies tense and ready for battle.

The hunters burst into the clearing, their weapons drawn. But this time, they had brought reinforcements.

Mariana felt a surge of fear as she realized that there were more hunters than before, and that they were better armed.

But she didn't let her fear show. She stood tall, her eyes fixed on the hunters, her body ready to move.

The two groups circled each other, tension building as they prepared to clash. Mariana and the other dancers were outnumbered, but they refused to back down.

The hunters charged forward, their weapons flashing in the moonlight. Mariana and the dancers moved with precision and grace, their movements perfectly synchronized.

The battle raged on for what felt like hours, neither side gaining the upper hand. Mariana felt exhaustion creeping in, but she pushed it aside, knowing that they couldn't afford to lose.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the hunters began to falter. They were exhausted, and the dancers had worn them down with their relentless attacks.

Mariana saw her chance and lunged forward, her body moving with incredible speed and agility. With a swift motion, she knocked the leader of the hunters to the ground, his weapon clattering to the ground.

The other hunters hesitated, their faces twisted with fear and uncertainty. Mariana stood over the fallen hunter, her eyes fixed on the others.

"We have won," she said, her voice ringing out across the clearing. "Leave now, and never come back."

The hunters hesitated for a moment, then turned and fled, disappearing into the darkness.

Mariana and the other dancers stood there, panting and exhausted, but triumphant. They had protected the magic once again, and proven that they were more powerful than anyone had ever imagined.

From that day forward, Mariana and the other dancers continued to protect the magic, training harder than ever before and remaining ever vigilant. They knew that the hunters would never give up, but they also knew that they had the power to defeat them, as long as they worked together and never gave up.

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