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The Quest for WynGard

The City in the Valley

By Latoya Giles Published 2 years ago 3 min read

"There weren't always dragons in the valley." These were the last words of the Imperial Grand Wizard. With his dying breath, he sent me on a quest for discovery. A quest to find the hidden truth, locate treasure stolen by the dragon lords and to finally reveal the only true ruler of Wingard...

Wingard was a grand city! It was located in the Lost Valley of the Crimson Forest. It was surrounded by towering walls. The walls provided the citizens of WynGard with a sense of complete safety and security. The vast majority of the inhabitants of WynGard have never been outside of it's walls. It was forbidden by King Toko. King Toko has ruled over WynGard with an iron fist for millennia. All who have dared to challenge Toko for the throne have disappeared without a trace. Any sign of him erased completely; So completely, that we would question if they had ever existed. King Toko was tough, but he was it seemed. WynGard had only one rule: do whatever King Toko says. King Toko's rules were arbitrary and did not apply to everyone all the time. WynGard had a class system. This system was apparent and enforced. At the bottom were the peasants. Over half the WynGard population was peasants. The peasants were the physical workers of the city. They made everything we needed to live our daily lives. They made things like weapons, clothes, shoes, all the way up to building our homes. Above the peasants were the landers. The landers grew all the food and tended to all the animals in the city. A half step above them were the people that prepared all the food for the city. Only they are allowed to cook. This group is the crockets. The last group, which is also the smallest and the richest is the throners. This top group consisted of King Toko, his guards and his "friends". Among King Toko's friends was the Imperial Grand Wizard. He stood beside King Toko. Menlo is what they called him. Menlo was a master of potions and could look into the future. No one ever questioned the WynGard way of life. At least not until I showed up...

My name is Izzy. I wasn't born in WynGard. I do not know where I came from or who my family is. According to the story floating around. I was found at the door of the tower wall. Menlo found me there and gave me to a crocket couple. They had always wanted a child, but the Gods never gave them one. This is just a story though. King Toko has publicly denounced my origin story as simple rumors. King Toko says I was born in WynGard like everyone else. I believe the story because I feel different, like I don't belong in this position. Trapped is how I would describe it. My parents and I are to prepare four meals a day for WynGard. The routine is the same. Wake up and start preparing to cook. Cook. Eat. Then repeat. Sundown is bedtime. We all need to be rested to cook. After my parents fall asleep, I climb out of our one window. The whole city goes to bed at sundown. It is a rule. Sunrise is the time we all are to get up. I have started to wonder what or who is outside the wall. Why can't we leave? King Toko says it is dangerous. I would do anything to escape the monotony. After days of exploring the city at night and walking along the wall, I decided I wanted to leave. As a crocket, I had access to knives, mallets, picks and scoops. Also, since everyone sleeps while I am awake, I can use the tools of the peasants. Behind some bushes, I started to dig a hole. I know it is my destiny to venture beyond these walls and see what else is out there. And I will....

Short Story

About the Creator

Latoya Giles

I'm just a single mom tryna make it. Come with me on my journey through life in writing... "A dream deferred is not a dream denied"

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