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The Punisher Rises: Legacy Of Thorn

The Punisher Vs Micheal Myers

By Victor Robinson IIPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
The Punisher Rises: Legacy Of Thorn
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These Stories are all a part of a new bracket of multverses this universe is a combination of Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes and The Dark Universe which consists of Horror Icons and Demons and Vampires. Thanks to The Creator for Forming New and Exciting worlds. This New World is called The Dark Violent Universe Aka DVU.

Chapter 1: The New Beginning

Frank Castle had never imagined himself living a peaceful life in the quiet town of Haddonfield. After all the chaos and bloodshed as the Punisher, he had found solace in the arms of his beloved wife, Jamie Lloyd. The nightmares of his past seemed to fade away as he embraced a new life filled with love and tranquility.

Chapter 2: The Awakening

But little did Frank know, a sinister force was stirring in the shadows of Haddonfield. Michael Myers, Jamie's uncle, the relentless slasher who had been in a coma for years, suddenly awoke from his deep slumber. Driven by an insatiable thirst for blood, Michael was determined to hunt down Jamie and unleash his wrath upon her.

Chapter 3: The Cult of Thorn

As Michael Myers set out on his deadly mission, he found allies in the most unexpected of places - the Cult of Thorn. A secret society that had worshipped the ancient curse that plagued Michael, the Cult of Thorn provided him with the power and resources to track down Jamie and fulfill his sinister destiny.

Chapter 4: The Return of the Punisher

When Frank learned of Michael's awakening and the danger that loomed over his wife, he knew he had to become the Punisher once again. The skills and instincts that he thought he had left behind resurfaced as he donned his black armor and armed himself with an arsenal of weapons.

Chapter 5: The Showdown

As the moon hung low in the sky, the final confrontation between the Punisher and Michael Myers drew near. The streets of Haddonfield became a battleground of good versus evil, as the two titans clashed in a brutal and relentless struggle for survival.

Chapter 6: Legacy of Thorn

In the midst of the chaos and carnage, secrets long buried began to surface. The true nature of the curse that bound Michael Myers and the Cult of Thorn together was revealed, shedding light on the dark forces that had haunted Haddonfield for generations.

Chapter 7: Redemption

In the end, it was not just a battle of strength and weapons, but a test of will and spirit. As the dust settled and the echoes of the final battle faded away, Frank Castle stood victorious, his love for Jamie proving to be the ultimate weapon against the darkness that had threatened to consume them.


With Michael Myers defeated once and for all, Frank Castle and Jamie Lloyd could finally find peace in each other's arms. The legacy of Thorn may have left scars that would never fully heal, but they would endure, stronger together than they had ever been apart. The Punisher had risen one last time, not just as a force of vengeance, but as a beacon of hope in a world haunted by shadows. One Year Later, A knock on the door at Frank and Jamie's house. Frank goes to open the door and it is a woman with long blonde hair she says her name is Laurie Strode and she is Jamie's mother. Jamie is confused, she always thought her mother was dead, Laurie began to explain she was attacked by the Cult of Thorn while she and her then-husband Ben Trainor were driving through Chicago and they were run off the road and she was thrown from the car and she saw that the people who ran her off the road saw the car explode thinking she died so she decided to leave Jamie along with the babysitter and disappear in the world. Thinking that she was safe but she was wrong.

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I am Victor Robinson II I am self publisher writer with Amazon. I enjoy writing books its relaxs my mind. I also work at wal mart been there 15 years hoping to survive as an author. I want to entertain the world with my awesome stories

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  • Test3 months ago

    Fantastic writing. Such a captivating story.

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