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The Pulsing Path

An Expedition into the Unknown Realms

By Roy HuffPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 3 min read

The smooth, polished surface glinted in the sunlight. Purple and red hues danced, mesmerizing all who laid eyes on the spire.

The air hummed with low, pulsing energy that emanated from the rod itself, drawing in curious onlookers with its vibrant aura.

The crowd gathered. A few touched the surface, only to recoil at the electric tingling that flowed through their skin. Others couldn’t resist its allure and ran their hands along the gleaming surface. It cast an eerie glow, illuminating their expressions of confusion and awe. Some shielded their eyes, while others stared straight into its hypnotic radiance.

Beyond the spire lay the stone, a giant monolith that bore strange symbols and patterns etched upon its shifting surface. It pulled and beckoned them. They crouched lower upon their approach as if flattened by an unseen force.

Past the stone lay the great wood, a dense thicket of tangled trees and gnarled branches. The trees writhed in the darkness. Deformed fingers inched near those who staggered nearby. The wind spoke but only to those who listened.

Further out still rested the epic sphere, a monstrous orb that pulsed with a changing glow. Crowds traveled deeper into the wood beyond the orb and came upon a clearing that revealed a circle of translucent, white ground encircling mammoth pines in three rings. Its surface drew confusion and wonder.

The horde marched forward into a vast expanse of trees stretching out as far as the eye could see. As the people roamed farther, they came upon a soaring wooden tower made of dark, aged wood that blended seamlessly into the twisted trunks and contorted branches of the surrounding trees.

Deep grooves and knots decorated the rough, textured wood that told of its long history. Narrow slits for windows cast a dim light within its depths. The door, a thick, heavy thing made of the same bark, reinforced with iron bands, was slightly ajar. The peaked rooftop hailed towards the heavens.

Tension thrummed around the tower, drawing people closer and tempting them to come inside.

“It’s watching us,” one man said, unease creeping up his spine. He couldn't shake off the feeling that it was beckoning him to ascend its heights, so he did, his steps steady.

Others followed, their steps slow and hesitant. It drew them, unsure of what to expect. As they climbed, the wind quickened, making the locks on their napes rise.

The man summited the object and peered over the edge, his heart racing. A vast expanse of trees stretched out as far as the eye could see. Wind whipped through his hair while the others clambered to join him on top.

The people gazed around, taking in the stunning view. One of them pointed to a faint path that led deeper into the forest. Once they descended, The wind murmured secrets, unvoiced but warned them of the dangers that lay ahead.

Without a word, they followed the trail. As they ventured, a trickle of running water led them to a stream reflecting the sunlight filtering through the trees. A few stopped to drink before they continued their quest.

They journeyed through the narrow, winding path and cut through dense forest, yearning to uncover hidden truths yet to be discovered and determined to unlock them. The path opened up a league ahead, returning them back to their origin. It closed behind them.

The people departed, unsure of what they had experienced but knowing that they had been a part of something larger than themselves. They returned changed, unable to fully understand or explain the mysteries they just encountered.

They carried the weight of the forest with them, the images and sensations ingrained in their minds forever, the call of the wind still whispering in their ears.

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Roy Huff

Hi! I’m Roy Huff, a huge sci-fi/fantasy lover! I also happen to be an award-winning, best-selling author. If you like, please share. Read my latest here

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