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By Hank MoodyPublished 2 months ago 5 min read

2022-2023 Summary

I acquired some belief in myself over the years of ‘22-’23. Granted that it required the discovery of a few psychic abilities roughly a year prior, along with the choice that I should begin logging my experiences from brain to paper for understanding purposes. That is, If I have any viable understanding of anything at all. Rightly so unloading my experiences to these chronicles is the only choice that reigns over my insanity.

This logbook is my assurance that my sanity is still built on a firm foundation that doesn’t seem to halt the fear filled frequency that this, down to its very core, is an illusion of my mind. This collection of events is in existence because I need to be able to secure myself to the faith of psychokinetic abilities. Therefore, with faith in hand, maybe I can grasp the rather cliché motto of there being a ‘reason for everything’.

My ability of Aerokinesis has strengthened my mind exceptionally, the faster the wind blows in my face as I pull it towards me, the more immune I become to any emotion that counteracts peace. It seems that I’m gaining more and more control over it each day, I have even begun doing some heavy research into the limited information on the internet regarding psychokinetic abilities. Below I have notes that I am keeping for my sake;

Note 1;

Note 2;

Aerokinesis, ‘the ability to manipulate the air and wind using the energy within oneself’

As I delve more extensively into attempting the psychokinetic’s listed on the website, then I will mark them off one at a time as I feel I have adequately performed the written technique to an acceptable standard. Even though I am having a rather difficult time believing that these techniques are a possibility of our own reality, I will humor the curators of When I feel I have performed each suggested technique to my highest expectations, I will then mark it as ‘begun training process.’ Below this entry will be a quick list of all psychokinetic forms as stated on the website;

Main Notes;

Telekinesis: Manipulate matter

Ergokinesis: Manipulate energy

Hydrokinesis: Manipulate water

Cyrokinesis: Manipulate ice

Aerokinesis: *Begun Training Process*

Atmokinesis: Manipulate weather

Umbrakinesis: Manipulate darkness

Electrokinesis: Manipulate electricity

Osteokinesis: Manipulate bone

Hemokinesis: Manipulate blood

Chlorokinesis: Manipulate plants

Ferrokinesis: Manipulate metal

Chronokinesis: Manipulate time

Geokinesis: Manipulate Earth

Thermokinesis: Manipulate Temperature

As I unveil the possibility of these spiritual abilities, I will mark off each of these kinetics as I feel the confidence that they hold accuracy to be firmly accepted within our reality. I am full of hope and optimism of the kinetics and their place in the world despite my skeptic mindset.

Note 3;

I feel this may be a lifelong process…

I will mention my need for therapy only because I found a suitable companion for my journey, a piece of medieval-styled weaponry on the ground beside the bus stop at my therapist’s office. It could have been let go by anyone. or anything…

Appearing as a very small but intriguing bulky staff-like object, green handle and the dullest blade I have ever come across. On the opposing side of the blade, it forms a uniquely styled hammer-like formation.

Note 4;

I cannot stress how hard it is to research abilities that simply do not exist in the external world. Or at least non-existent to most of the people’s knowledge…

Note 5;

This is simply impossible

Note 6;

As I write the word impossible, I think back to the posters in my elementary school stating that nothing is impossible, and I can’t help but think ‘they really weren’t kidding…'

A record of the facts I spent plenty of time gathering while I researched these phenomena. I have found that most of these facts hold some truth, even truth at its smallest scale. While some of them may seem like the inspiration for my future Sci-Fi novel it seems to be the case that they do hold even the smallest bit of realism. A truth or a work of fiction? inspiration for a piece of art inscribed for the deep thinkers, the skeptics, and the ones I have allowed to enter my vibrantly insane world of truth for them to see that these experiences are in fact… fact.

Note 7, summarizing notes;

Some interesting Psychokinetic discoveries from books, the web, etc.

-There are Twelve Universal Laws that allow this to exist, and all that simply need to exist for this to exist is the first Law of the Universe ‘The Divine One, The Infinite, The Universe’ what most religions refer to as God, etc. is the connection of all matter right down to their atoms.

-Chi Manipulation, the manipulation of the energy field of objects using one’s own mind power, could still be an active practice in societies long lost to modern day society.

-Akashic Records A.K.A. Past Life Regression and Progression*

-Everything in this universe operates at a vibrational frequency, and the frequency we vibrate at invites our experiences into our life. Therefore;

-if one vibrates at a frequency of positivity and love, one attracts positivity and love.

-If one vibrates at a frequency of self-doubt, negativity, hate, anger, secondary emotions such as most of the world does at this point in our journey one will attract only negative experiences, more self-doubt will come to light, possibilities up to and including death can occur from extensive negative thinking, and the only person that can change one’s mindset is simply the one that holds the mindset

-Law of Attraction*

-To perform any form of Chi Manipulation; from readings of the future; to Psychokinesis; etc. One must have peace in one’s own mind, body, and soul.


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  • Christina Nelson 2 months ago

    absolutely amazing! I love this

  • Kate Kastelberg 2 months ago

    Love this and it is very validating to read as I often feel a pull with aerokinesis as well as dream magic and it can be isolating that the rest of the world can be gaslighting regarding these correspondences. Have you read The Kybalion? It seems so based on the principles you list

  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Fantastic work! Impressed

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