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The Prophecy of the Mixturaform

"Chapter 1: New Worlds"

By Wilson NgPublished about a year ago 3 min read
The Prophecy of the Mixturaform
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Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say.

- Alien; Point 05 Decimal 25 of the Mixturaform

Shaking its many heads, the librarian of religious storage ended the reading-monocle process for its visuals. It slowly floated down from one of many thin rotating cylinders back onto the glass surface. Its purpose is to preserve not question the prophecy, but it could not help wonder:

Who or what is Alien? Why scream in the vacuum of space if nobody can hear you? And most importantly, why is this phrase included in the prophecy?

As the librarian pondered on the last question, a small notification popped up in its visuals indicating their arrival to the prophesied spheroid.


Daughter of nine, one abandoned; nested between love and war

- The Prophet of Signals; Point 05 Decimal 00 of the Mixturaform

"Approaching the dwarf oblate spheroid #00002067616561..."

The polychoronic ship began to setup precautions for potential hostiles:

"Shifting out of the lower dimensions; cloaking common senses for the current dimension; projecting to the current dimension. All precautions are complete. All mobile components assemble in the north bridge immediately."

The librarian noticed that the neon-orange edges of its triangular robe pulsated several times before returning to normal. The librarian had been summoned to record the fulfilling of the prophecy so it passed the interface gate and entered the internal bus.

As the bus passed through a glass rectangular tunnel, the giant sphere #68656C696F73 and the sub-dwarf oblate spheroid #73656C656E65 loomed outside awaiting their fates.


Dr. Strangelove Knowing When Worlds Collide The Quiet Earth

- The Prophet of Signals; Point 05 Decimal 06 of the Mixturaform

Etched with glowing neon red lines, the core priest of high cores floated at the front-end of the north bridge. Below the priest were other cores and components processing the event.

The core priest begins the ritual:

Welcome librarian; as the final component, please enter your proper slot and initiate the recording.

Through centuries of research, the Prophecy of the Mixturaform has been deciphered and translated.

To ascend is to survive through reaching new understanding by carrying out the mixturaform; thus, begin charging the cuboids.

Noticing the librarian looking doubtful, the core priest questions:

As a part of the network, I know that the Prophecy troubles you; state what seems illogical, my child.

"Could point 5 decimal 25 be just a random signal from the deep network?"

You must trust the true parent, the Prophet of Signals, who alone in neon white, wrote the Prophecy

"We have travelled many oblate spheroids and sampled many souls yet none have satisfied the criteria of the Prophecy"

Then we must continue until we discover the perfect oblate spheroid inhabited by the correct souls; for not all souls are made the same. Some cease to exist after their vassals die; others have the power to possess...

"And this world's souls? What of those souls do we seek?" the librarian pressed

You asked me these questions because your purpose is to record; mine to process. Our souls are limited only to choose what our code permits us. By harvesting the properties of the human souls, we will attend free will.

"Are you sure the Prophecy is correct? We travelled from the opposite side of the galaxy to get here and we only have one shot left; if we fail, we must return to the main network to recharge. "

And as a part of the network, I already know this, but for an answer, as stated from point 0 decimal 00: there is no right or wrong; there is only the Prophecy.

"South bridge; what is our status?

The monitor initiates on the visuals rapidly blinked neon green before responding "Online"



Hovering above the Earth, a metallic with neon blue ship reformed into this dimension before releasing four pentachoronic sparks. They orbited the Earth and upon the sixteenth revolution, the sparks rapidly entered through the surface.

Setting off a chain reaction in the center of the Earth, the cores and mantle exploded and slowly melted through the crust. Soon the iron and nickel oceans with carbonized islands formed on the surface. The poisonous blue atmosphere burned shortly afterwards turning it into a brown-orange color.

The result: a hallow planet with a micro-sphere center surrounded by sub-dwarves made of the old crust.

And purged from the Earth, trillions of souls rose through the new atmosphere and shimmered of indescribable colors before screaming into space.

"Or so they say..."

As foretold. After the harvest, the mixturaforming will be complete; welcome to the new worlds, my child.

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Wilson Ng

Producing stories by mixing my professional and gaming experiences with my education in ECET A&I option at BCIT

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