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The policy is tricky

Chapter 9

By yibalPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

That's all, I even want to use dumplings to deceive insurance!

Needless to say, the money in my mother-in-law's card was definitely "sold to me"!

No wonder the eyes of my classmates are so strange, I am the one who was sold to support others, a living Lei Feng in the 21st century!

I added the WeChat user named "Photo" with a trumpet, and by stalking her circle of friends, I was shocked to find that she was Ren Xue, a good-looking anchor of a certain platform.

Just this face, but also a good-looking anchor? Too ironic.

I went to Ren Xue's live broadcast room, and she used my photo to cover her face, revealing only her proud figure.

While twisting his body in front of the screen, he made all kinds of tempting movements, and added an artificial voice, giving him a lot of rewards.

Of course, more people let her show her face.

. As for those who say the photos are not mine, please leave, Xiaoxue is not welcome."


pregnant, so twisted, aren't you afraid of miscarriage?" As soon as

I said these words, the live broadcast room exploded instantly.

The speech was polarized.

Some people said that I spread rumors and asked me to get out of the live broadcast room, and some people started to privately message me, asking whether it was true or not.

Ren Xue's tongue was obviously flustered, which deepened the suspicion of the majority of netizens.

There was chaos in the live broadcast room for more than ten minutes, she couldn't bear it anymore, and the broadcast was off.

I sent her a message on WeChat, asked her to meet, and threatened her. If I didn't agree, I would go to her live broadcast room every day to make trouble.

She quickly confessed and made an appointment with a coffee shop near the hospital.

Considering she was pregnant, I ordered her room temperature juice.

Seeing me, Ren Xue understood for a moment.

After sitting down, she went straight to the topic, "I just bought your photo, and at most I was fined for using my identity. Don't think that you can threaten me with this. If you have time, why don't you go back to your husband? , is it better to ask him why he wants to sell it?"

"Whose is the child?" I looked at her belly, it was not my style to be led by others, "Don't say it's Zhang Yun's, you have to dare to say, I dare to press you to do a paternity test right now."

She avoided my gaze, "Although it's not your husband's, he said he would be responsible."

"Responsible? Are you sure?" These words made Zhang Yun a fool. The momentum, I couldn't help but laugh.

I know him so well! If it really doesn't matter at all, let alone go to the hospital with you, you won't even be able to see anyone.

"Paternity test or something, I have already done it. It used your daughter's hair. You don't have to think about trying to stir up trouble. I have already thought about what to do if you find out.

" Raising my eyebrows, I smiled with interest.

Well, it turns out that Zhang Yun wanted to be a father wishful thinking.

For the sake of her playing a good game of chess, I don't plan to bother her. Where did Tang Yuan's hair come from?

Pushing the cake that just came over, I told her with a smile, "It's fine even if I'm born."

"What?" Ren Xue was surprised, "I'm pregnant with a boy. Doesn't your mother-in-law want a grandson the most? Aren't you afraid... I'll replace you?"


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