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The policy is tricky

by yibal 2 months ago in family
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Chapter 10

I looked at her calmly, "To be honest, I don't care if you want to marry Zhang Yun."

This is a sincere statement, but unfortunately, she doesn't believe it.

"You think I'm easy to deceive?" Ren Xue sneered at me, revealing a hint of intention in the hesitation.

I lowered my voice and persuaded myself, "Do you think I'm the kind of person who will endure her husband's cheating? Even once, I feel disgusted, so this marriage must be divorced."

For this meeting, I deliberately wore the best clothes. The clothes I liked, and I wore the most expensive watches and bracelets, all bought before marriage. A whole set is calculated a full two hundred thousand.

Zhang Yun also took pictures of these things for me, and they were also displayed in Ren Xue's circle of friends. I think she likes them too.

To be honest, there are some younger girls who are better looking than me. If they want to cheat, they can find a few pictures on the Internet, isn't it better?

Why make a whole seemingly real circle of friends, and update it regularly?

From the very beginning, I could see that Ren Xue yearned for me and was jealous.

If there is a chance, she will definitely enter the room without hesitation and take everything I have.

After the meeting, I became more sure of my thoughts.

From dressing style to hairstyle, she has my shadow all over her.

"You can do whatever you want, marry him or live together. I'll pretend that I never knew about the relationship between the two of you. But there's one condition - you have to tell everyone honestly in court, and you The person who made the transaction is Zhang Yun. Isn’t it difficult? It’s just telling the truth.”

Although there is a record of the news, the two often use WeChat calls, so the evidence chain has a lot of loopholes. I can't prove that the money is what Zhang Yun got from selling photos.

This is also the reason why I came to Ren Xue especially.

"I didn't think about marrying such a waste as Zhang Yun, and I'm not interested in testifying."

At that moment, I saw the greed in her eyes, and I knew that although she was still refusing, she was already thinking about it. Edge offset.

In other words, it is biased towards interests.

From now on is time to negotiate the price and strive for maximum profit.

"I can give you money! As long as you are willing, to tell the truth. My family is still a little rich, even if it is divided into two parts, there is still a lot left. If you promise me, the rest..."

She interrupted me, " What kind of condition is this? As long as you get married, the difference is mine?"

"If you follow the normal procedures, Zhang Yun will not get a few cents. If you are willing to help me, I am willing to give up part of it."

Ren Xue finally let out a sigh. "What are you thinking about?"

"The people in that house can't hold my daughter, I just want to take her away from them smoothly." After thinking for a long time, she finally reached out to me, "You can no longer be in my live broadcast room. When it comes to my pregnancy, I can't tell Zhang Yun that the child is not his. If I agree to this, I will agree to testify."

"Okay." The two hands clasped together, it was a consensus.


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