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The peril that waits among the clouds

by Terrence about a year ago in Sci Fi · updated about a year ago
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Zaigon-Science Fiction- Page 1

The 3 Kings sons. Listed from left to right Dutt, Sushil, and Rana

Scientists say for there to be life on another planet, the ecosystem will have to be similar to our earth. Far away in a solar system called Zaigon there’s a planet called Uhuru , and this is a major story of the planet. Planet Uhuru has 20 hour days and they record time exactly like we do on Earth. The wildlife is similar to our jurassic period and the animals have similarities to ours but are unique to their planet.

The year is 6004 and the planet is being overrun by a regime named “The Flock”. They are composed of humanoid type creatures who can be described to have human like bodies with bird heads.

They used to have a nomadic nature but fell in love with war once they realized their advantages . They have 10 year term presidents. Their presidents name is Falklaw and he is just 2 years in.

The story starts off located in a medium sized country called Tuskas. Compared to earth this world is less divided. The land on this planet is divided between 6 different countries. Tuskas is the third ranking power in the world. They can be described as humanoid elephants. They have a modern peaceful outlook with an old school monarchy. Their Kings name is Gargantuan , age 42 .Both his trunk and his tusks are large. He's tall by all standards at 6'5, has a normal but strong and sturdy build under his robe that he wears. His robe looks more like a dark wizards instead of a kings robe. With its pitch black color and the fact that it's missing the flashy designs that a kings would usually adorn.

The palace and the buildings in the country have a classic Indian style to them. The palace is called Pear Palace. Specifically having similarities to the Taj Mahal . Above the door is an elephant symbol that is only shown on the palace. Their main symbol is that of two tusks in a circle.

Wherever you see the king you will usually see his 3 royal guards. Their names are Altho age 29 , Portho 31, and Aram 34. Atlho is an average sized elephant (6'1 240 lbs) with a large head. He has below average sized tusks and trunk with big beady eyes. He's quiet, predictable and likes to be organized in his free time, but in battle he can be loud, fast and unpredictable! Portho is average sized as well, albeit a little bigger than Altho at 6'2 250lbs . He walks around with large scissor like tusks that surround his average sized trunk. He has small fiery eyes and vein ripped arms. He keeps to himself but he never turns down a fight. Aram is 6'3 240 lbs so he looks slightly slimmer than the other two. Everything else about him is average except he has small tusks with a large trunk. A born leader that's really stern, loud and obnoxious . He usually means well and has already calculated the outcome of said situation.

King Gargantuan has 3 sons, 2 from birth and 1 was adopted. Their names are Dutt age 18, Sushil age 17, and Rana age 20. Dutt is 6'2 300 lbs , he has a big belly although he's very athletic and healthy. He has a large head with very focused eyes. Both his trunk and his tusks are large. He's a determined elephant , that's motivated by his inability to lose weight. Sushil is the adopted son. Due to his high talents and caring nature he surprisingly became the kings favorite. Which the king expresses publicly. He stands at 5'9 and weights 180 lbs . With a small head, small beady eyes and small tusks he's often underestimated. He dresses sharp , and is very philanthropic. As a war orphan he's empathetic to the poor. Rana is pretty much considered a giant. Standing at 6'9 and weighing 375 lbs of pure muscle. A hulk of an elephant who loves to jog , hike and adventure. He has average sized eyes, tusks and a large trunk.

Page 2 available here on vocal by 8/25

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